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Klingon Kill Team!

Stardate: 2013-27-12
We have surprised them!

A small group of Romulans were caught off guard as they plundered an M class planet on the edge of Q44 for dilithium. The Klingon Kill Team was able to destroy two ships and overtake the mining facilities on the planet below.

Kronos One and a D-7 overpower the Romulan
The Romulans fought to hold the planet to the bitter end, unfortunately they were unable to hold the line.
The Valdore held out the longest.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Lars and the royalty of Modron

  Marcus shook his head vigoursly, "No, no my friend. I cannot in good conscience allow you to present yourself to the court without proper attire. I know you love your sharkskin but this calls for something more... More refined." The Gish merchant stroked his beard in thought. "Lars, I'm calling in the experts!"

  A few hours later and the combined talents of reknown halfling Haberdasher Poncey Stitchenhose and the barbering skills of the girls from The Squirming Knuckle reveal :

Fancy Lars
  "Yes!" exclaims Marcus leaping from his pillow, "Now you are ready to be received by the court of modron!"

  It had taken many weeks, patience and a few greased palms to finally get an audience with the King of Modron. However, Lars found that once inside the Castle itself there were still more hurdles to overcome. He waited for an hour in a small sitting room with only a stern faced guard and a cup of wine for company. At last he was ushered into a sparsely furnished foyer and met Drawlin the Kings Chamberlain.

  "So you are the one known to the dockworkers and sailors as 'The Shark'," Drawlin slowly circled Lars taking his measure of him. " I know you as Lars the honest, a title used in the streets and a song or two as well. You arrived here from the eastern village of Eros where you and your fellows escaped the predations of a tribe of Man-beasts." The Chamberlain bid Lars to a pair of chairs near a window. "You and your compatriots took advantage of the local legends and a fortuitous sea-tremor to lay your foundation of the "Sea-Queen" adventure. A story I quite enjoy myself." Drawlin leans in toward Lars and speaks softly, " I have been able to verify certain aspects of your tales. It has been a long time since the land has had "Heroes" if you will. The city could benefit from having Heroes of its own in these times. Your gift for the King has passed inspection, the Captain of the Guard approves as do I of your other gifts. In a few minutes you will be introduced to the King, you will present your gift to him, he will respond in kind. You will accept the Kings thanks and we shall be in touch."

  Drawlin stood and turned quickly as he met two aides, spoke quickly to each then disappeared through another door. Lars took a deep breath........ it was about to begin.

  The doors opened to the main audience chamber and a page motioned for Lars to enter, he was followed by a pair of footmen carrying the chest he brought for the King. Another footman spoke aloud to the room.
"Now presenting, Lars of Eros, Trader, Bard, Slayer of the Roglaroon Devil, and founding member of the Adventuring band the Heroes of Eros."

  The nobles whispered to each other as Lars entered striding confidently along the red
King Anoethin and Drawlin
carpet to the designated spot about 20 feet before the King. Anoethin listened as Drawlin spoke in the Kings ear, his eyes never leaving the approaching petitioner. The footman deposited the chest to right of Lars and stepped back a few feet behind the adventurer.

  "King Anoethin, I hereby present myself to you and your honored court on behalf of the Heroes of Eros. We have traveled far and encountered many dangers since our journey began. Evils plague the land and a darkness creeps into the light of our world. So my friends and I have answered the call of the Gods themselves to stem this black tide. Our endeavors have seen the destruction of Man-beasts that would have resurrected the foul twins of Chaos Felan and his brother Molan. We battled the Undead and locked them away in the depths of the blighted Tegal Manor, as well as rooting out a cult of worshipers of the tentacled One! The Emerald Enchanter has been slain at no small risk to our band. We answered the call of the Mer-peoples ancient Queen who was cursed to living death by a foul demon. The giant hammerhead called The Devil of Roglaroon shall trouble your waters no more. We do what we must not only at the behest of the Gods but to bring light to the darkness, to give hope where it has faded, to lay to rest the souls of those who have been defiled. King Anoethin, I present this chest laden with the treasures we have taken back from the forces of darkness, who stole them from the people of our lands."

 Lars knelt beside the chest and opened the lid revealing it's dazzling contents. Gold, silver and copper coins were a bed for varied gems of all sizes and colors, 2 fine vases, 3 solid gold eggs and assorted other bits. Lars picked up a velvet bundle and opened it revealing  finely jeweled scabbard holding a long sword of exquisite make, its golden hilt catching the light of the sun. "This sword I present to you as a token of our fealty to you and the people of Modron."

  A footman took the offered sword and handed it to the King. Anoethin drew the blade with the skill of a man who knows how to use a sword. He placed it back in the jeweled scabbard and then stepped towards Lars.

 "The people of Modron thank you most graciously Lars of Eros, as do I. Your gift is greatly appreciated. Not since the time of the Tharbrian Kings has Modron had Heroes to call her own." The King stepped down off the dias so he was directly in front of Lars who still knelt beside the chest. "But now our city and its people need fear no more! The Gods have delivered to us Champions, those we can rely upon in times of need, those who can aid us when all seems lost!" The nobles, guildmasters, priests and commoners who could crowd the audience chamber clapped and chittered in excitement. "On behalf of the people of Modron, we accept the honor the Gods have given us this day and by my authority as King I decree that from this day forward The Heroes of Eros shall be the Champions of the people of Modron as well as my own!" a great cheer erupted from the gathered crowd.

  Drawlin moved up and handed the King a scroll. "Rise Lars of Eros," Anoethin unrolled the parchment and read aloud for all to hear, " You shall be known henceforth as Count Lars, Kings Champion Adventurer & Hero. The Spire of Shadankin and the land within half a mile shall be yours. Yourself and the rest of the Heroes of Eros shall have the honor and respect due to those who now serve officially as our rightfully appointed Champions, and we look forward to a brighter future with you all at our side!"

  Bowing low, Lars turns and leaves the audience chamber. "Count Lars of the Spire." he said to himself smiling.

   All current members of the party now have an effective Social Level of 10 as Gentlemen; while Lars has a 10 as a Noble, when in or around the immediate vicinity of Modron. This can become helpful when dealing with merchants, looking for certain items or even in legal situations. Look for more about Social Level in the House Rules Page.

Tarek and the Gods

  Tarek had never really placed much faith in the Gods, he would invoke Corrno now and again, after all he was mortal and tricked the Gods to become like them. If ever there was a scam to look up too, that was it. However in his time with the Tyrrian and the others he had seen that Sally and Beavis had both been successful in channeling the powers of those beings.
  The demise of Tyrrian as well as his other friends; Beavis, Garrote and the newly met Randi and Erwyn; at the hand of one of their own was almost prophetic. Tarek never liked all that wierd magic Alexander kept clinging to and now the blood on the Wizard's hands was all the proof he needed.
  If not for the strange dwarven Journal of Woe which had appeared in the hands of Erwyn's brother only moments after the slaughter, Tarek would never have known what happened to the small party that disappeared during breakfast a week ago.
  Taking a deep breath the thief entered the Great Temple to the Gods in Modron. A statue of Sashu dominated the center of the chamber. The four corners of the temple were devoted to the following dieties in turn; Umannah, Mesha, Trameron and Modron. The walls of the inner temple were lined with small alcoves where shrines to other various dieties were ensconced. Standing before the blind God of Justice and Beggars Tarek felt a bit foolish, but no one else was around so he spoke aloud.
  "Sashu, I come before you to ask nay, to beg that you find it in your power to return the bodies of my comrades. They were led unwittingly to a foul betrayal by one of our own who we... well everyone but me, really trusted. They are beyond my ability to retrieve them, as they were struck down outside our world in a place known as the Tomb of the Colossus. Sashu, you were worshipped more by my friend and brother Tyrrian than me. I have never really been given to calling upon the gods; more to cursing them I suppose, especially Corrno. I wouldn't ask if I thought I could accomplish this myself, but I know I cannot."
  Sighing heavily Tarek's gaze wanders about the temple, " I need your aid Sashu, bring my brother and the others back here so I can at the least put them to rest." Walking to one of the alcoves dedicated to Losborst, Tarek points at the marble goblet. "Losborst, your power has aided us in the past, and Beavis was a boon follower of yours. I have never asked much of the Gods before, but I ask now!"
  "Sashu, Losborst, Mesha, Corrno, Mabont, hear me now and grant me this favor!" Tareks cry echoes in the temple hall. The touch of a hand on his shoulder causes him to turn quickly facing an unheard visitor.
  A blind beggar had placed his hand on Tarek's shoulder to steady himself. "You have called and I've come. "Tarek looked into the filmy eyes of the man and felt himself slip away........

   A pattern like unto a chessboard made up the floor upon which Tarek now found himself standing. Squares of alternating black and white marble seemed to stretch off a hundred feet all around him. The sky was hazy and grey like a thick fog. As the thief peered into the swirling mists five figures approached from the gloom, as they neared he realized each was over a hundred feet tall and he recognized them from their effigies in the temple.
  Sashu, Losborst, Mesha, Corrno and Mabont surrounded Tarek. His breath sucked out of him at the sight of them. Sashu was the first to speak, his voice echoing in Tareks brain.
  "I heed you Tarek of Eros, and find you not so much worthy as I do your brother/friend. However Corrno and Mabont have sided with you and bid me hither. Losborst as well as Mesha are known to the surviving Heroes of Eros and have investment in your cause."
  Kneeling so as to be closer to Tarek, the Patron God of Thieves winks and speaks aloud, "You owe Mabont and myself for this. "
  A loud belch draws Tareks attention to Losborst as the God settles to the ground in a cross legged position. "Sezrekan pushes his luck too far! The Balance Blade is no toy for him or his lackeys to wield wily-nily. I will aid Sashu in your request and in bringing home those who were lost to you. I will enact my own price from them, as Sashu and I would see you given the chance for justice."
  "I stand neither for or against what transpires here," Mesha says as her hair fades from autumn red to raven black, " my faithful has walked with you since the begining of your journey, and she will continue with you as the whims of change see fit. You have entered autumn before the long winter Tarek, there is much more change to come for you and your friends."

  Sashu speaking aloud now says, "Mabont has shown us all the events that transpired, we all agree to use our power to not only return your friends to the Prime World but also to restore life to those who wish to return from the beyond. In so doing each of them will have a price to be paid, as well as this quest we bestow upon you and those who return."
  Each of the gods was then enveloped in a shimmering aura and disappeared and the mists cleared affording Tarek a view that twisted his brain.

 The God Ark hovering above him made the mortal realize how insignificant he could be to the Gods and as the pinpoint of light grew to blinding proportions Tarek dropped to the floor hands covering his head. He felt the swirling sensation begin to overtake him as it had in the Temple and Tarek faded from consciousness once more.

[GM] So, Tarek has called upon the Gods. He invoked the names multiple times and was answered. For his efforts the Characters that were killed by Alexander have been given the Choice to return to life upon the mortal world if they so chose. The choice is for the Owner of those characters to make.

1) If you choose LIFE: the character awakes in the Temple of the Gods in Modron. You owe a Debt to your Primary chosen God to called in at a later time. Each character has also gained a 1 point increase in their Luck ability from Corrno, God of Thieves. You must also go on a quest that has been determined by the Five Gods in the never-ending battle of Law Vs. Chaos.

2) If you choose Death: the character will go to the afterlife and be quite happy. This PC could be contacted again by Speak with Dead spells or other supernatural means. He may also choose to become a ghost and haunt the place where he died.

The characters that are eligible for these choices are: Tyrrian, Beavis, Garrotte, Randi, & Erwyn. You can post your characters answer in the comments or notify me directly.

** Tyrrian has chosen LIFE! He has been tasked with a debt to Sashu, increased his Luck by 1 point and will be learning just what this Quest of the 5 Gods will be!

** Brother Beavis has chosen LIFE! He owes a favor to Losborst, increased his Luck by 1 point and will be learning just what the Quest of the 5 Gods will be!

** Garrote Denslinger has chosen LIFE! He owes a favor to Mesha, increased his Luck by 1 point and will be learning just what the Quest of the 5 Gods will be!

** Erwyn Rockclimber has chosen LIFE! He owes a favor to Losborst, increased his Luck by 1 point and will be learning just what the Quest of the 5 Gods will be!

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Cleaning house with Lars & Calis.

  While Sally is away investigating the rumors of a wild beast in Seastrand, Lars takes it upon himself to organize a small expedition back to the Spire of Shadankin. He and Calis visit Dose Dode an inquire about hiring the services of a group of ordinary gentlemen for the job.
The Spire

   Returning to the spire is simple enough as it is just a half mile down the beach, and the group makes the walk there well before lunch. Entering the the place itself is also quite easy and Lars can see that no one else has attempted entry since he was last here. The first hurdle to be crossed however was the turtle shell bridge. Two shells are now missing from the ten that spanned the chasm and a safe way to cross had to be set up. The magic is clearly fading.

   Once the chasm was crossed the gentlemen were split into teams to begin cleaning while Lars and Calis descend the stairs to the lagoon scouting out any lingering fish-men or other new occupants that may need to be ushered out. Finding naught but dried fish-men guts and their rotting foodstuffs the companions stepped out into the lagoon to be confronted with a sight neither of them were truly prepared for.

  The grotto where the climactic battle against the giant hammerhead shark had taken place had indeed been claimed by new inhabitants. The lagoon itself was clear as glass and a new living giant clam claimed the central spot of the aquatic garden, schools of multi-colored fish swam through the virtual forest of sea-fans and coral that bewildered the eyes of the dumbfounded adventurers.

"I can scarcely believe it!" exclaimed Lars, " Who or what could have done this in so short a time?"

"Our answer, I believe would lie with them." Calis nodded to the base of the steps which led into the lagoon.

Lars smiled and brushed his hair back as he dropped to one knee, "Greetings Ladies, I am Lars slayer of the hammerhead, and this is my friend Calis."

  "We know your name and the deeds of your fellows, the Sea-King has told us what you did for our ancestor. We all thank you and your friends for that as well as removing the Fish-men from this abode. We have long missed our garden since they came and forced us out." The mermaids giggle and whisper to one another while shooting glances at the men.

  A different mermaid swims forward speaking, "If you look to live above as Shadankin did in his time here we would ask only that you let us keep our garden and we will aid you as we can," slowly pulling herself up on the lowest step and gazing directly at Lars she continues, " and we could perhaps swim together and hear how you defeated Devil the hammerhead...." just as Lars was within a breath of her she dips back into the water as the others laugh.

  "Seems a fair bargain to me." said Calis as he touched Lars on the shoulder, "Perhaps you should not be so close to the water."

"We need to get those jelly-suits back here pronto!" says Lars as he winks at Calis.

  The spire has been cleaned and made usable. It is a small place, but could serve well as a retreat for rest and recuperation. No more than four characters could stay there at any given time. Supplies will need to be delivered from the city to keep it livable.

Until the magic turtle shells can be replaced or a bridge built to span the chasm, a block and tackle elevator has been put in place to facilitate movement to the lower level without harm.

Both Lars & Calis have earned 1 xp point for this endeavor.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Quadrant 44

Q44 on Klingon scanners

 Eroc is one of many 'M' class planets in Quadrant 44 of the galaxy, where most of the worlds still practice magic heavily and rely on it rather than technology. Many of the natives of Eroc are unaware of the galaxy at large except as rumors of angels and sky demons, etc.

 Technology came to Eroc when the Markrab Empire established a starport there to begin trading and DNA experimentation, but they were careful to present themselves as supernatural visitors from the heavens, and the starport came to be known as "God City". For centuries there was peaceful trade for swords made of god-metal (Erocian Steel) and similar trinkets, while the Markrabs shipped away starships loaded down with native gold, gems and untainted DNA for the empire. The starport grew and God City became a mighty metropolis, but one very difficult for all but the most intrepid adventurers of Eroc to reach safely, since the journey was treacherous and full of dangerous cracks leading to the netherworld.

 All was well until Galactic-Mega-Distortion disrupted the phasic intergalactic power beacons, robbing God City of its ability to provide a safe navigation beam for starships, and shutting off communication with the rest of the Empire. The fate of the Markrab Empire itself is unknown on Eroc, and for ???? centuries there has been no communication outside Q44. Millions of galactic citizens and traders were stranded in God City, forced to learn more local ways and to try to get along (even with the *Klengons). Trade began to slow, since the supply of advanced goods has dried up along with the phasic power beams.

 The spread of aliens into Eroc society caused interesting races of people, and while nobody really believes God City is the home of angels anymore, those displaying advanced technology are still regarded with a mix of fear and mistrust, especially in the more rural regions.

 In recent times outside of Q44, many different space faring races constantly battle for the chance to either protect, destroy, explore or reap the potential of this strange quadrant. The area is constantly ravaged by spacial time-rifts, black-hole mutli-storms, neo-thorbic wave streams and other dangers that make even entering it an almost 100% chance of instant death. Yet there are always those who believe the rewards to be gleaned in Q44 far outweigh the dangers of trying.

 As of Star Date 2013-23-11 a force from the Klingon Empire in collusion with Dominion Pirates attempted a foray into Q44. They were barely stopped by a Federation peacekeeping force that was aided by a small group of Romulan ships.

* Klengon = as the race is known on the planet Eroc. Outside of Q44 they are known as Klingon.

Klingon incursion into Q44
Romulan force arrives.
Battle for Q44

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DCC Chapter 18 & 19: Doom of the Savage Jarl, Parts 1 & 2

Jarl's men
 Intrigued by tales of a ravenous creature terrorizing the Skandik village of Seastrand, Sally put together a small expedition consisting of herself, Captain Hookah, Gilligan, Faroud, L'lorlin the Elf Lady and a few newcomers; Vala the elf Sorceress, Mike Lee the most dangerous Halfling Alive, and Cyral Figgus a bondsman of Tarek.

 This small party set sail for the eastern shore just north of Tegal. There they beached the Dragon boat and left Gilligan and Faroud to await their return. Soon the group encountered a bunch of villagers ushering a
Circle of stones
bound young woman to a ring of stones to be offered up as sacrifice to the rumored Beast!
Not willing to let an innocent be used in this manner Sally asked if she herself could take the young girls place. The Jarl remembered Sally from her brief stay months prior when she and the others were travelling with the merchant Marcus the Decent.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DCC Chapter 17: Father Beavis returns & the Balance Blade

The sun rose on Villa de Marcus. Workers were busily repairing the roof where the fire had blazed. At some point during the night Father Beavis had arrived with a dwarf warrior in tow. Breakfast was served and the following members of the group welcomed the good cleric back into their midst.

Tyrrian, Alexander and Garrote were accompanied by the elf Randy. Father Beavis introduced the dwarf Erwyn whom he had recently saved from death upon the moors of Tegal. Erwyn had sworn a Life-oath to the good Friar and promised to follow him until the debt had been paid back in kind. Never one to turn away a strong right arm, Beavis had brought him along to meet his fellow Heroes of Eros.

As the conversation was taking its natural course, Alexander thought back to the dream he had awoken from just that morning. The young wizard was reading a tome when a twisted little homunculi appeared in front of him.
"Sezrekan has a mission for you wizard." the creature hissed. "Another of your ilk, a human called Nekron has defied the great one and seeks to steal something the Master would see left alone."

Alexander raised his eyebrow, "What would Sezrekan have me do?"

"You will take your friends and stop Nekron, then bring the item back to the Master."

Laying the tome on his lap and leaning close to the little creature, the Wizard inquired. "What is this item, my friends and I shall be retrieving?"

The creature hopped from one foot to the other wringing his hands, " A sword it is. Not just any sword, but the fabled Balance Blade. Should Nekron steal it he would throw the cosmic balance out of alignment. This is what you will stop from happening."

It was at that point the Wizard awoke, the noise of the workers begining the day had roused him. Sitting at the table he wondered to himself when or even if this task would come to fruition.

"Oh Garrote!" exclaimed Beavis, "Only you could find such adventure in a single night! Tell me where is the delightful Chi and her newly discovered Mother?"

"You know the elves Beavis," smiled Garrote between mouthfuls of bacon "off in the woods or something. We haven't a clue where they've gone. But the cloaked Randy there is a sort of relation too!" The halfling waggled his grease tipped fingers in the direction of the quiet figure at the end of the table.

The tall figure was wrapped from head to toe, like a desert warrior. Only his crystal blue eyes howed, as he nodded and uttered a greeting that was unintelligible to the Cleric.

"He said well met sir Priest, in dwarf." Erwyn translated for Beavis, then nodded towards the stranger.

[under construction: As I can I will fill in the adventures with fancy write-ups. Until then I will add a quick rundown of the overall adventure itself for each Chapter going forward.]

  The party was whisked away by the magic of Sezrekan the Elder, they fought and puzzled their way through the Crypt of the Colossus and did indeed find the Balance Blade.

  The party Wizard was then faced with a choice, if he pledged himself completely to Sezrekan he would become the Elders left hand of Doom, if he declined his fate was sealed. To join the Elder though he must first claim the Blade for his Patron and kill ALL of his companions.

 The Wizard contemplated, then complied.
The Balance Blade

Alexander has left the mortal realm as a PC, and become the first World Of Eroc player created NPC/Villian/whatever the DM needs.

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I apologize....

I have been remiss in updating the last couple of play sessions. I will be getting to them.

Palm Con is this weekend and counts toward the total public games as I quest for the Brass Demon faced Belt Buckle!! I hope to see you there and hopefully some new faces will be destroyed by me!

In the meantime gaze upon the following items and wonder what it means.........

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Epic Spell War Returns!

On a parallel World of Eroc, the mightiest Wizards did gather for an :

The competing Wizards were as follows:

At the base of mount Skullfyre spells were slung and blasted!

Zanzabart won the second round!

 Pisster was finished off in the first round and did not return!
 Fey Ticklebottom actually won the fourth round!
 Krazztar showed dastardly use of stealing others magic items and inflicting damage with them in return!
 The new comer Hogs handled himself valiantly!
It was Princess Holiday that won out overall, she came out with two wins in the First and third rounds!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

DCC Chapter 16: The trouble with Istrobian

Well it turns out the Wizard Brain in the Jar wasn't dead. And he opened a rift in time & space right inside the house of Marcus the Decent. As some of the characters were off dealing with a midnight robbery only a select few were able to handle this situation.

Chi, Garrote, Sally and Tyrrian found themselves in transmogrified landscape of twisting corridors that went niether up nor down, or left nor right!!! They were joined in short order by two stalwart employees of Marcus. The first a large Gish bodyguard named Raj and a dwarven smith called Sparks McWeathervane.

The twisted halls of the house before them the disoriented party make for what they believe is the front door. Chi opens the portal only to find herself face to face with an alien landscape and a dark rider upon a
Come back, come back...
nightmare steed that rears and begins to advance upon the small elf! "Come Back! Come Back!" hisses the rider, "To Mordor I will take you!"

Chi slams the the door and turns to her companions, "We aren't gettin' out that way fellas!"

Turning to survey the bizzare paths before them the party is surprised to see a metal and glass container that they recognize as the "dead" wizard Istrobian fly out of a doorway on the left wall. "At last! At last the time is right, all the dimensions shall be mine to rule!" screeches the brain in a jar as it circles about the hall. Just then a strange portal opens up in the air and Istrobian, laughing manically drops into it and seemingly disappears!

"Istrobian has broken free and may have harmed Alexander! Follow me to his chamber. We must be sure our Wizard is alive." Leading the way Sally navigates the wild stairs and sideways doorways. As the party enters what they believe to be the chamber of Alexander they are surrounded by a blinding white light!


In quick succession our Heroes are swept across time and space, stopping for short intervals and dealing with strange creatures, allies, and enemies! And with each jump our heroes age a random number of years.

The first stop is an ancient city where the party is met by a duo-demon. The two headed being tries to trick the group/or does it! They come face to face with a giant demon from a bottomless well before being whisked away to.....

A giant arena, surrounded on all sides by a cheering crowd of humanoids of many types. They find an ally in a wise warrior-monk that bids them to be calm and they could escape the Arena of the Death! Drawing a magical blade the monk turned to face a beast unlike any other.....
The Star Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Massive beast attacked killing the friendly monk in one stomp
of its clawed foot. Sally attempts to banish the beast only to have her magic actually banish herself and friends!

Next they find themselves on a vast plain before a volcano erupting a fountain of blood! A beautiful blonde princess astride the meanest looking unicorn you've ever seen appraises the group. "None of you are worthy of the title Battle Wizard!" waving her hand she summons a portal and sends our heroes whisking away again!

In the blink of an eye the group finds itself standing along a rampart, with a rag tag army of warriors, below facing them is a vast army of swerting. Battle horns sound and the vile army charges the battlement.
Just as battle is engaged our heroes hear a voice call out in their heads, "You do not belong here."

There is a flash and they find themselves in a richly appointed salon, a distinguished Wizard gives them a meal before sending them on through the vortex of dimensions!

Landing in a thick jungle, the party soon finds themselves aiding a mighty amazon Queen in battle against a tribe of skull-men intent on sacrificing the princess to a dark god!

At the height of the battle vs. the skull-men, the shaman opens a gateway that allows our heroes to use it for their own purposes! Bidding farewell to the Amazon Queen the group travels on......

At last they track down Istrobian in a strange blasted landscape. He has hidden in a metallic and stone fortress to work his dimensional magics!

A titanic battle raged within the citadel of the Dimensional merging mad-wizard, waves of alternate reality
versions of the party had already attempted to stop Istrobian and had failed. Now our group, the last hope for the multi-verse attacked! Battling the mutant minions of the evil mastermind our heroes were able to stop his plan and everything returned to normal........

Or did they......

In the end the y made it back, some forty years older physically. Also Sparks was fatally wounded in the final battle and died in Sally's arms. Emerging from the house as a fire raged inside the sun rose on a new day, with new adventures in store......

**This Adventure is a Cross-Over with Gamma World 4E, and events in Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards!

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One year ago today....

One year ago today I began this blog. In honor of the World of Eroc I present you with something that has influenced me greatly. At some point in 1981 on NBC I was lucky enough to see this pilot for a series that would unfortunately never happen. However, in my fevered brain the secrets of Lazar-Sa have remained!

If you have never seen this, seek it out. If you're one of my friends and I have yet to force you to watch this, then remind me to show it to you!

I give you:

THE ARCHER: Fugitive from the Empire!

There is really so much cool stuff in this movie, I still love it.

The snakemen! a nice departure from the standard Orc/goblin and very weird!

Messed up wizards with magic magic items that caused bad skin afflictions!

The Heroes, ones that looked more like what I envisioned my own D&D characters looked like.

The Villian, Gar the Drakian. This evil Fighter sought our hero and looked to use any and every cursed item or creature to achieve his goal. 

Gar has the Death Dealer axe, watch out!

Uh-oh! now he got some evil magic!!!

SO thanks everybody for allowing me to run a game that has lasted a year, and hopefully another.