Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Galacta: Star Commandos

At the edge of Quadrant 44 a battle rages between the forces of the Galactan Empire and the Freedom fighting Rebels!
Astrolite by Hasbro
An ancient alien technological marvel is discovered and the battle to control it begins! The Galactan Empire seeks to control the strange edifice while the Rebels deem it must be theirs so they can unlock the secrets that lie within...
The Star Commandos marvel at the crystal architecture and strange glowing lights.

The Empire is here! Led by a dreaded Sorcerous Knight... Lazer fire is exchanged!

The Rebels are scattered and hunted through the alien base.

The rebel Psi-Knight faces the dread power of the Empire's Sorcerer Knight, phasic swords clash!

What will become of the Star Commandos? Will the Galactan Empire rule the Quadrant with alien technology? Find out next time in Part 2: Galactic Rebellion!