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DCC Chapter 14: A night on the Town with Garrote & Chi the elf child!!!

 As the sun sets we find Chi the elf child and Garrote the halfling plying the streets of Modron. They find the lure of the Waterdown Tavern to be too much to resist and enter.

 A platter of grilled shark and a pitcher of saltwater beer is ordered as our plucky duo enamors themselves of the sailors and dockworkers mucking it up in this rough and tumble joint. Little did they suspect what this evening held in store for them.

 As the golden rays of the setting sun bathed the Waterdown doorway, a pair of unusual characters entered the bar. The first was a tall and thinly frail looking elf with long white hair, her glimmering pearlescent dress billowed about her preternaturally, it was belted at the waist in silver and from it hung a long thin elvish blade. Beside her swathed from head to toe in black and gray cloth, was perhaps another elf. None could be sure for the outfit revealed only a pair of crystal blue eyes that scanned the tumultuous crowd. Chi took immediate notice of them and leapt from her seat, just as a bowl of boiled eel arrived. Garrote clasped a warm eel in his left hand and stood on the table to better watch his friend rush across the crowded bar.

  "Oh! Elves!!!" screeched Chi as she rushed headlong into the woman and clasped her about the waist. "I've only had Calis to talk with and most times he is too boring!"
At that same moment Garrote tosses a handful of coppers on the table and yells, "I bet the little one will win! She's a vicious fighter!!" The collected sailors and dockworkers are still awed by the sight of the elven woman as she slowly caresses the white hair of Chi. The cloaked stranger standing beside her looking at the smaller elf as well.
  "Bah! elfs! Weirdos!!" mumbles Garrote as he begins chewing on the eel, while watching.

  "Hmmm, she has your mother's eyes." The tall elf says as she separates herself from the clingy fairy.

The swathed one replies, "And your hair." He looks intently at Chi causing her to feel very apprehensive.

Taking a step back the little one squeaks like a mouse, "Would you like to join my friend and I?"

The two strangers nod in unison and Chi leads them back to the table where Garrote scowls and makes no attempt to hide his suspicion of these most unusual characters. "I'm Chi, and this is Garrote." motioning to the swarthy gypsy still standing on the table amongst the food. "Who are you?" Chi leans in close practically whispering to the newcomers.

 "Yea, who goes bout dressed like this," grumbles Garrote leaning in close to the blue-eyed stranger, "less they gots sumpthin' ta hide."

"I am called L'lorlin Chi, and this is Randy." says the elf woman as she nods towards her companion, "We are your parents, and have come to see how you're faring on this mortal plane."

"My parents!!! wheeeeee!!!" the little elf squeals in delight, "I've been having an amazing time since the Man-beasts burned Eros to the ground. I have so much to tell you! But first you should come with Garrote and I for a tour of Modron!" Chi stands and motions for the door of the tavern.

"Oi! I've not finished my food yet!" gripes the halfling, still eyeing the cowled stranger.

After a bit of wrangling the two friends are soon leading Chi's new found parents on a tour of the town.

   Exiting the back door of the Waterdown Chi decides that taking the alley to cut across town and reach the main street of Rampant Real would be the best place to start the evening. About halfway there the party comes upon a two laborers unloading a cart. Garrote and L'lorlin notice the wobbly cart wheel just as it gives way! The young boy in the rear of the wagon pitches over and before striking the cobbled alley he is caught by the Elf. Garrote lies sprawled in a puddle of mire as Chi was able to push him away before the cart collapsed on him! An old baker thanks L'lorlin and begs the party to tack a sack of fresh baked breads in return for saving his boy from a cracked skull.

    As the group proceeds, Garrote continues to talk in a loud manner about escorting wealthy tourists through the more exciting parts of town. Just then the sound of heavy boots rounds a corner from an intersecting alley and the group is brought to a stop by a half dozen men in blue jerkins. The leader with a yellow star emblazoned upon his right breast introduces himself.  "Hellooo, I'm Sgt. Bracken of the Modron Constabulary. What may I ask are folks such as yourselves doing lurking in these back alleys?"

   Presuming the Elves don't speak any native tongues Garrote steps forward waving his hands about, "No fear good officer, I am just escorting these fine fay folk on a tour and they asked to see a bit of the "dirty" side if you catch my mean. I'm just heading them to the Real for a bit of window shopping now!" Garrote motions to Chi to get the others moving.
Before the party can move on the Constable steps to block them saying, "My good little fellow these alleys can be very dangerous, but I could assure you and your wards encountered no trouble tonight, if you catch my mean. A donation to the Widows and Orphans fund would be appreciated."

"What is going on?" asked L'lorlin to Chi.
"Garrote?" whispers Chi.
Turning to his friend, the halfling grumbles "Seems we are the victims of a shakedown. We may need a goldy or two to get out of this."
The tall Elf woman quickly stepped up to the barrel chested Constable, looked him in the eye and slapped him across the face! "Me-leth! Plummy kil-lili." She stared the shocked man down and he took two steps back. With a look of disdain L'lorlin turned and headed off past the befuddled watch men. Randy, Chi, and Garrote followed her. The Halfling turned to see the red-faced Sgt. bellow at his men as they tried to hold back their laughter.

The noise of the Real was close as our party rounded the last corner and headed straight for the lighted main street. Just as they were about to emerge onto the street they group found themselves blocked by a corpulent man in a furred vest, his oiled hair and curled beard almost as gaudy as his bejeweled fingers. Attached to his wide leather belt were ten young slave girls each tethered by a silver chain linked to a collar on each girls neck. "Oh ho, might I interest you in my wares? A night of pleasure you'll not forget! A mere ten silvers!" the fat man oozed as he twirled the curls on his chin, "Boaran's  girls are the best in Modron!"

"I am disgusted." stated L'lorlin as she stopped and looked at the Human flesh-dealer.
Chi, at first confused then noticed the girls collars. "Oh! Are they his... eww!"
Randy looked back down the alley to see if the Constables were near. Seeing they weren't he began to free his blade.
Stepping again to the fore of the little group Garrote knowingly winked at the Pimp, "No, not tonight. My charges have other entertainments awaiting them. Now clear the way if you please."

"Surely I could offer you a deal for the women, my little friend. Even the cowled one, some like a little mystery eh!" Boaran softly patted a coin purse on his belt.
"The girls are owned by you?" asked L'lorlin, "I would see your proof!"
"Oh my dear, you excite me! Slaves are not uncommon here, and I have papers of ownership." the man patted his vest near his right breast. "I could make us both a bit of coin if you'd allow me to represent you."
"I should kill this foul pig now!" hissed Randy in Elvish, hand clenched on his dagger.
Chi pointed at the girls, "Do you all serve him willingly? Would you rather be free?"
"Free! free is something they will never be. The girls are mine by law and you should not push me." Boaran shuffled deeper in to the alley. "Boaran, gets what he wants, and I think I want you." A bit of a shrill laugh dribbles out of his pursed lips.
With an unnatural speed Randy pins the scum lord to the wall with his dagger poking his belly. The Elf lady removes the folded sheets of parchment from his vest and looks them over quickly. Eyeing the oily man she slowly drops a few gold coins on the ground at his feet, then tucks the papers into her sleeve.
"You have been compensated, I now own these girls." a quick flick of her hand and the ten silver chains release from his belt and fly into Chi's hand.
"You, you can't do that!" squeals the Pimp.
Randy slowly shears the beard and moustache from the right side of the slavers face, "Hush pig."
"I have done it, and you will abide by it, fat scum!" looking at Randy, then back to Boaran, "If you object any more my companion will make sure you never find pleasure again."
"Eeeeeeppp...." the greasy pimp slides to the ground and begins picking up the coins dropped there.

Garrote calls over a street urchin, asks him if he knows the abode of Marcus the Decent. Confirming the lad does he gives him a silver and the leashes of the ten girls. "Deliver these to the Villa without delay, should I discover you haven't, you won't live past morning."

The coins collected, Boaran slid into the shadows cursing the party silently.

After an hour of window shopping along the Real, the group begins to look for something else to do. It is then that Randy catches sight of a small being stalking its way up the street towards them. Thinking at first it might be a street thief, he alerts the others. A grubby filth covered halfling in a leather butchers apron pops from the shadows, a bloody cleaver in one hand and the other stuffing a headless rat into a belt pouch.

Garrote nods to the fellow and says, " Benar darkmans, I be an abram rascal."
"I'm fly." the fellow responds then looks over the elves, "There's a blowen mot!"
"Well they stick together like cackling cheats, ken me?" Garrote winks and the two pass each other, the rat-hunter turning into a dark alley.
"I don't even want to know." sighs Randy.

A few stick-meats and cups of street ale are purchased from a cart vendor as our crew decide to look for a nice quiet venue for a proper meal.
"I think they would like the Kellarbari House, don't you Garrote? Slone has such yummy wine there!" grins Chi as her eyes twinkle in the light from the streetlamps.
"That's a nosh joint fer' sure. We can take the short route to get there, follow me." Garrote tosses his empty cups to the street and leads the group into another alley.

Five minutes later and the party is within a street of their destination when a high pitched giggle echoes from the shadows. The alley ahead and behind our group is suddenly filled by lean shadowy figures.
"Steal my girls, deface my person, then toss me coins!" a familiar voice says. "You thought I'd let that go, because you scared me? ME!" Boaran leans from a dark alcove, his half shaved face livid in anger, "Boys, skin the halfling, and beat the rest. Not too badly though, they'll need to be serviceable for later!"
Hemmed in from both sides with nowhere to go, Garrote faces the group at the head of the alley. Eyeing the largest of them and drawing out his dark bladed short sword  he remarks "Come wurp, ya cadgers, an I'll spit ya with me poker!" Chi at his back Garrote stands his ground as the thugs rush him. L'lorlin draws her thin blade and begins chanting a spell at the the same time Randy raises his hands shouting "Lustful Lances!"
A barrage of black spear-like missiles are cast at the thugs rushing the party and half their number fall as the inky lances tear into flesh! L'lorlin disappears from sight in a wisp of cool wind, now almost invisible she stalks thugs and slays them without hesitation. Chi covers herself in a deadly coat of quills and proceeds to make short work of her targets as well. The big thug and Garrote go toe to toe, Brass knuckles verses shadowy blade!

His hired goons falling like wheat, the greasy Pimp decides he better make a hasty retreat. Turning to run he is stopped as L'lorlin captures him in a magically summoned rope that binds the slaver.  

[missing scene]

With the coins reaped from the thugs and Boaran, our little group rents a private room and wastes no time in getting stuck-in to some fantastic food and wine at the Kellarbari House. It is well after midnight when L'lorlin announces she has a task that needs to taken care of. Thanking Slone for his hospitality the group follows the tall elf back across town to the alley behind the bakery where the falling lad was saved.
"ehhh, why we come back here?" mutters Garrote to Chi. The tiny elf-child shrugs and watches L'lorlin as she approaches the wagon with the broken wheel. Randy positions himself near the end of the alley and turns to give a sign to the Lady. Slowly, the lady lifts her hands and begins a sweet lilting song that seems to float on the night air. Wispy motes of light appear and weave themselves about the wagon and the broken wheel propped against it.Garrote and Chi watch in amazement as the wagon begins magically heal itself and become whole.
Smiling, Garrote looks to L'lorlin "Good work!"
"Of course it is." she responds looking down her nose at the halfling.

"Psst!" Randy calls attention to himself, motioning for the others to join him. "I've just seen something odd across the way. We should check it out."

Crossing the lane quiet as mice the four companions enter a winding alley between leaning tenements. A filthy dribble of sludge winds its way down the middle of the alley to a drain at the far end, while above twine and frayed ropes for laundry span the homes of the poorer folk. Crouching together near a pile of wooden crates Randy points to a nearby rooftop, "There it is look."

As the group peers up in the gloom they all see five small child sized beings wrapped in dark clothing and hoods scamper down the walls, swing along the laundry lines and then deftly break in to a third story window. Two of the little beings enter the room, while the other three position themselves as lookouts. One clings to a window shutter, the second on the sill and the third dangling one-handed from a line.

"What the hells, them aren't halfling thieves, they move wrong!" Garrote says gripping his dark short sword.
"Oh, their eyes burn like red coals." chirps Chi.
"Hmm, up to no good I'm sure." L'lorlin sighs, "we should stop them."
Turning to the elf woman Garrote asks, "Why, if they want to burgle let them. Who cares."
"They look to fill their ranks." says Randy turning to Chi and Garrote, "They do not reproduce as we all do. They have to make themselves."
"What does that..." gulping and wiping his forehead Garrote looks at Randy, "mean exactly...."
Everyone turns as the muffled sound of an infants cry catches their ear.
"NO?" blanches Garrote.
"NO!" squeeks Chi.
"Yes." state the elves in unison.

Moving as one L'lorlin and Garrote ascend the rickety steps of the tenement towards the guarded window. "What are they?" hisses the halfling.
"Swerting," drawing her thin blade silently, "dark fae, twisted by evil." Three strides carries the elf woman directly at the creatures who are caught off guard by her appearance, the slim blade cleanly slicing the throat of the creature hanging on the window shutter, his death spasm causing the closure to swing about knocking the one on the sill into the darkened room. Garrote leaps to the now clear sill and slashes with his blade cutting clean through the wrist and rope the third creature was dangling from, its scream is stifled as it hits the cobblestones below.

Chi and Randy position themselves in the alley just below the window through which they're companions have now followed the swerting through. Chi is disgusted as the two slain creatures begin to dissolve into an inky black smoke smelling of putrid waste, and the clothing melts into a sickly goo.
"Go up and help them, I'll cover us down here." commands Randy to Chi. The elf-child quickly ascends the three flights like a squirrel.

L'lorlin and Garrote find themselves in a small bedroom facing three of the vile creatures, one of whom holds a swaddled babe in its arms. Another mewling bundle now rests in the crib next to him.
"Interlopers!" intones Garrote as he glares at them.
"No children for you tonight!" spits L'lorlin at the one with the babe.
Blades flash and the three dark fae are sent back to wherever it they spawn from. Chi leaps in from the window and points into the crib, "What about that!"
Scooping up the baby and calming it before it cries out L'lorlin motions to slay it.
Chi's hesitation is almost her undoing as the vile thing leaps from the crib screeching!
Garrote is able to dispatch the hideous changeling before it can tear the girls flesh.
"Ugh, disgusting thing!"

The door to the room suddenly begins to open and a disheveled woman with a candle followed by a man with a cord of firewood peer into the room. "My baby, oh!"

In quick succession L'lorlin smiles at the parents as she places the babe back in the crib, as fog like darkness consumes the room. from the alley Randy sees the candlelight blotted out and then his three companions come shooting out the window. Seeing that they have had to make the jump without caution he casts a magical aura upon them to cushion their fall.

[more to come]

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Chapter 13: The Sea Queen Escapes part 3 FINALE!

The following is a first hand account of the actions taken by the Heroes of Eros, as dictated to Sage apprentice first class Elik by Moep the Culinary expert and Collector of baubles, trinkets and valuables of all shapes and sizes.

    After three days at sea the Lone Ait finally came into view, I quickly directed the party to prep all packs and sacks with appropriate rations as I knew that nothing keeps an adventurer in good spirits and health as much as a good meal. We all were suffering under a strange malady that caused shiny fish-scales, and patches of barnacle like growths to sprout in most uncomfortable parts of our anatomy. It also seemed to cause an urge to drink sea water, which I found strangely refreshing. However, the chance to get ashore was greatly welcomed.
     We could see as we got closer that the small rocky isle was surrounded on all sides by an oily black pitch, the scent of it carried upon the breeze! I could see my companions were put off by the thought of having to get covered in the icky stuff, so as our expert boat captain beached us I called attention to myself. Fear not my stalwart companions for Moep shall show you how to land upon yon rocky shore without encrusting yourself in the vile black mire! I then (with great ease) swung on a rope from the yard arm of our boat out over the sickly surf, flipped in a circle and landed like a cat! This brought great smiles out upon the faces of my friends and quickly Chi and Tarek followed my lead and each of them quite acrobatically made it to shore as well. The rest of the party in good spirits now, came ashore as well.
    A short walk up the beach we spied a large stone structure some forty feet in height and seemingly constructed of a giant single block of volcanic rock. A large opening in the face yawned before us, the stone door lay on the ground sundered in half by violent seismic activity. I knew that lighting torches would not be wise so I had young Alexander use his staff to give us light to see by as we entered the stony edifice.My tactical advise being second to none, the group was also positioned in ranks of two.
    The first chamber was flooded with the black goo, and I could feel its warmth as my feet sunk into it. The walls were marked in many occult symbols that seemed to overlap and repeat themselves. The eastern wall bore a large geometric carving that was defaced by a jagged crack running from floor to ceiling. IN the center of the carving was a word..."Qeel Ilsha aaha", this meant nothing to even the most learned among us. A slight tremor shook us and I urged the group on toward our goal to find and rescue Cealheewhalool, for time was surely against us. Two exits from this chamber left with our first choice and we decided to head for the one to the right, as we neared it both Tarek and Tyrrian suddenly dropped into the watery muck up to their necks!! With lightning speed, and no regard for my personal cleanliness I reach out and hauled Tarek to
the goop!
safety. Tyrrian was weighted down by his heavy breastplate and would have sunk beyond our reach had I not wisely directed Alexander to lift the young warrior from the goop with his magics. This small setback was nothing for one of my expertise and I was soon able to devise a plan that saw us all across the hidden chasm and on our way. I also suggested to Tyrrian that he should not wear his breastplate in case of further such mishaps, advice the boy was wise to follow.

    The second chamber we came upon posed upon us the "Riddle of Fire", the floor still covered in the ankle deep inky tar and my stomach grumbling like a golden mountain basilisk. I was awed by the amber glow that filled the room. A large inverted triangle had been etched into the western wall of this chamber and a fist sized oval of amber was inset at each of the triangles points. Each piece of amber glowed with a pale yellow light, this seemed  to frighten Chi a bit as she began to wail about the chance the room could fill with fire if we were to touch the amber. I calmed her with a reminder that she had fresh cookies in her pack and I took that moment of diverted attention to inspect the glowing amber for myself. I quickly validated my hunch with a second opinion from Lars that they were not trapped in any way, and seemed they could be pried from their setting in the wall.(I let Lars double check things for me so he gets a chance to feel useful, the guy has some skills but needs guidance. He is an expert rock thrower though!) Unfortunately, at that moment Alexander became overwhelmed with the same fear that Chi had extolled. So I reluctantly left the amber alone to ease the unreasoning fear that had begun to overcome my fellows. I noted to myself that the others seemed to be on edge as well, and I urged us all forward once again.

    The tremors had obviously taken a great toll upon the chamber we now entered. The ceiling was partially collapsed and the floor upheaved by the earthly forces. Mounds of rubble were strewn across the goopy floor leaving the narrowest of paths to an exit on the far side. What caught all our attentions though was a flickering emerald glow visible among the jumbled rocks along the wall to our right. Taking the weight of leadership upon myself I had the main group stay in the doorway where it seemed safest. Then I asked Alexander to accompany me to investigate the emerald light. (I had assumed it to be magical in nature.) I carefully led the wizard through the tumbled wreckage, pointing out danger areas to his untrained eyes. A slight tremor must have caused a large pile of rubble to loosen as we passed it, and though Alexander is strong in magic he is weak physically. I knew therefore, that he would suffer greatly and I used myself as a shield to deflect the jagged shards before they could do the poor mage harm!
I'm okay......
Dusting myself off and making sure Alexander wasn't harmed (as any good leader would) we turned to look upon our glowing prize. There propped up in a pile of rocks was a three foot long ovoid of clearest crystal that seemed to contain a swirling mud that emanated the green light, suddenly the rock pile upon which it rested came to life! My quick reflexes allowed me to scoop up the big crystal and deftly maneuver myself back towards the party. Alexander is not so spry and must have slipped in the rubble leaving him open to a vicious bite from the horrid reptile that revealed itself! I quickly dispatched Chauncey, Tyrrian and Max to deal with the reptile and aid Alex. As Sally tended my wounds, I was able to convince Chi to use her supernatural powers to summon a creature to our aid. Doing so at my behest she brought forth a large sea crab with mighty claws to aid our warriors who were struggling with the rock lizard! The lizard thrashed and began causing more debris to fall upon our heads and it was then I remembered that Sally can cause the very fibers of the land to restrain enemies. Under my direction she was able to pinpoint the creatures limbs and hold it in place so our Warriors could attack it! Chauncey the brave fellow leapt in with bravado and dealt the creature a mortal blow by piercing it through the skull! We rested a bit and looked at our options. I deemed we take it more cautiously from this point forward and in the safety of the hall we left the crystal ovoid covered by Tyrrian's breastplate. We also gutted the rock lizard and left the corpse for later retrieval. I then pointed out the most likely areas of danger from the rubble in the chamber and verbally coached Tarek as he scouted out a safe path for everyone to take so we could continue.

    We then entered a huge, yet bare chamber. Its sole decorations were eight pillars and a narrow alcove in one wall. The alcove contained a titanic door of hewn stone, the face of which was covered in the same repeating pattern of symbols we had seen in the first chamber upon entering this place. In the center of the mighty door was a large keyhole, from which flickered a lambent flame, illuminating the room with a flickering  ruby light. We had entered from the south and another exit lay in the far northern wall. I had Lars come up and kneel next to me as we looked upon the stone door. I placed my hand on his shoulder assuring him of my confidence in his journeyman skills. Lars was able to determine that the door was safe and not trapped. I called for Alexander to give the Red-Metal key to Lars as it was obvious this was its home. Thankfully, and from my prior tutelage on proper haberdashery, Lars had thought to wear his sharkskin gloves. It was those alone that saved his hands from severe burns as the key was placed into the hole where it began to warm with unearthly heat. Four turns clockwise and the now white-hot key was drawn into the keyhole as the heavy stone door rose into the ceiling. What lay in the next chamber surprised us all!

    A large octagonal chamber was revealed. The walls bore more carved symbols that flickered with silvery green light. Strangest of all was the thirty foot sphere of water that hung in the air midway between floor and ceiling. Within was not one, but three slender female figures! One of which bore a corroded diadem encrusted with barnacles. Alexander not used to direct encounters with pretty young women began muttering to himself and playing with his red glass wand (if you catch my meaning), myself, Tarek and Max ever aware of the plight of maidens in distress headed directly in to see what succor and aid we could provide to the poor creatures. At first we thought ourselves too late, but Tareks keen eye caught the supple movement of nubile breast as they lightly breathed, time was on our side! The silvery light from the runes on the walls was flickering and threatening to go out, I bid Lars to get some torches lit and bring me one quickly. I was about to ask Alexander for his thoughts on how to get the women out of the sphere, but he was yammering to Sally about evil hell-spawned harlots; the boy needs to get out more I tell you. I then saw that one of the young women seemed to be conversing with Tarek; now that lad can say a mouthful to a woman with a wink and a smile; he had drawn his sword and pierced the watery cell that held the girls captive. Now, in the next few moments there was a lot of confusion, the runes sparked and went dark just as Lars got two torches lit. The watery sphere collapsed, dumping not only the women on the floor but the rush of a thousand gallons of sea water swept Tarek off his feet. Tyrrian rushed forward brandishing his hammer and invoking the Gods Sashu and Sinakad while Max and Chauncey flanked the shirtless Warrior to the right. The Sea Queen did not need to be rescued you see. She needed help escaping. It was Tyrrian invoking Sinakad that clued me in, Sinakd burns with hatred for beings of chaos. I directed Lars to flank left of Tyrrian with me to aid Tarek whom we could see was now at the mercy of not a beautiful mer-woman, but vile lesser female demonette! Over my shoulder I signaled Sally, and she began to call forth the bindings of the earth! The demure Sea Queen herself turned to Chauncey who without hesitation brutally smashed and broke her jaw with his polearm! Infuriated by this she shed her mortal shape and became a horrid monster, ten feet tall with a giant shark maw where her belly should be, also from the waist down she sprouted four thick octopus like tentacles!!! Tyrrian held the Queen at bay while the earthly bindings took effect, Max was able to deflect the attacks of the second demonic handmaiden away from the shirtless youth. With the aid of lars who distracted the hellish female I was able to draw out my trusted blades Banquet & Tetanus and save Tarek from her clutches. We all gasped as the Sea Queen lashed at Chauncey with a tentacle that almost took off his head, the Warrior prepared to attack again but was blasted by a watery missile hurled from shark maw! The force of the blow cast him across the chamber slamming him into the wall so hard it cracked. Chauncey dropped lifeless to the floor. Max was able to rush to Chauncey's side as Alexander used his magic energies to take over attacking the vile handmaiden. With strokes so savage and quick I dispatched the temptress that assaulted Tarek and Lars and I were able to drag the wounded thief to safety. Sally looked to me worried about Tyrrian and his proximity to the Demonic Sea Queen. I knew the boy would not retreat, so I gave Sally the go ahead to do what must be done. Calling upon Mesha in our most dire of need Sally was able to open a portal that sucked the Demon back from whence it came!!!! The prison (for now we knew it for waht it was) began to crumble and shake all about us, we quickly gathered our wounded; Chauncey was clinging to life, and with the aid of Alexander were able to whisk everyone out the way we came upon a large disk of blue energy! We all suffered slightly from falling debris as we stopped to collect the items we had left in the doorway of the lizard room, but Chauncey suffered a skull shattering blow causing us again to fear he would certainly die. We emerged from the stone structure as it began to sink into a pool of bubbling pitch along with the rest of the island itself. Brave Captain Hookah awaited us in the Dragon boat and we all boarded safely. The Lone Ait sank into the sea leaving only a oily slick to mark it ever existed.

    We returned then to Modron four days later, and received a Heroes welcome. I have to say that all the members of our band under my leadership were able to perform admirably and defeat the Demon that wanted to escape and cause untold havoc upon the inhabitants of our fair lands. We also met a rather nice Mer-man chap called Brooshqual. He paid us a visit on behalf of the Sea Queens people and thanked us fro setting her soul free of the Demons influence. He also awarded us a huge black pearl! Oh and he cured us all of that nasty Sea-curse too. All in all I'd say it was a pretty good day for myself and my stalwart band of heroes. Why I hear Lars has a ballad or two in the works, no doubt it will regal my leadership abilities, so are you hungry?

[Later conversation with other group members seemed to cause quite a variation on the exact events and how they played out.]

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Encounters at Sea # 3: Flotsam & Jetsom

The morning of the third day finds our land-lubbers weary of the rolling seas. Captain Hookah jests that soon enough they will have proper Sea-legs!

It is Moep, puking over the gunwale that spots something in the blue waters......

"Oi! lookie here, I spotted the trail of the Golden Manta!" the little halfling points at what appears to be an almost golden trail of something just beneath the surface of the water.

"That my little friend, is Sargassum." states Hookah, letting Farhoud take the tiller. "We would be wise to steer clear of it too."

Moep spits some bile overboard then asks, "Sargassum, what is it?"

"A sort of seaweed, that drifts about the ocean pulled along by the tides. The odd bit is that when enough of it collects together it can become a sort of submerged island and prove quite dangerous to ships." Hookah, begins scanning the horizon with a spyglass.

The halfling sits down and wipes his mouth on his sleeve. "How is it dangerous, is it alive? Could it attack us?"

Hookah lowers the spyglass and turns to the party, "The Sargasso itself is not a beast, so it cannot attack us. Tarek has figured it though. It can become a floating home for many strange sea creatures, and in large enough conentrations it can even entrap ships."

DM: more to come soon.

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Encounter at Sea #2: What the!?

Still reeling from what they witnessed at the ritual of destruction, our heroes have set sail from Croy to the Lone Ait. The Jarl had the dragon boat outfitted with three weeks rations (halfling sized), and the party was surprised to find a small chest hidden among the supplies.

"Well, what have we here?" inquired Lars.

Upon opening, it was found to contain 500gp worth of random gems. Also a small note scrawled on parchment:

    Heroes of Eros, I hope this helps you along in your quest. I did what had to be done in order to bring the balance back, but it has still far to go. Your actions will soon determine moreso than mine how far the swing will go. May the Gods watch over you all.

"Seems the bastard had some to spare after all." Lars grins, "Nice box too." then he swats Moeps hands away.

"Oohh! shiny! ouch!" the halfling slumps down upon the sacks of rations grimacing at Lars.

DM: about noon Giligan raises an alarm.

"AH! Captain! There is something coming out of the water ahead of us it is.... AAHH!" Giligan drops to the deck covering his head.

The rest of the party in mid-scramble for weapons are all awestruck as giant yellow manta-ray leaps from the sea and glides through the air just off the port side. The manta emits a eerie high pitched wail as it flies around the aft and then flies directly over the boat! The group has to cover their ears as the wailing cause all cringe and wonder at what type of beast this is. Alexander is able to cast a spell causing a long line of pulsing lights to stream out from the boat some 60ft or so. He then causes them to blink in a repeated fashion to draw attention to yourselves in the boat.
The Manta swoops around and looks as if it will perhaps dive into the water beside you when it arcs around the boat for a final pass before screaming off into the sky in a northerly direction.

"The Golden Manta! In all my years at sea I never thought I would see that!" Captain Hookah watches the thing disappear on the horizon. "That my friends is as good an omen as any could hope for!"

DM: comment as you please..