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Palm Con Far Trek Report Part 3:

The Game now has three players - Brad: Captain Church, Nigel: Helmsman Gregg, and Salvatore: Communications Officer Ciano.

The scene begins with the Captain and Helmsman Gregg returning to the Bridge of the Xenophon. I tell them that the Doctor is tending the severely injured Red Shirt Jones, and the Engineer is now and NPC.

Captain Church requests an update on the Klingons, and puts the Ship to Yellow Alert. As the NPC Science Officer I paraphrase the info on page 10 about the Klingon vessel and her Captain. I also tell them that their shields are up, weapons HOT but not locked, and that they are scanning Tannos IV.

Captain Church requests a hailing frequency be opened with the puQmo' taj. He then introduces himself, and asks why they are here. As the Klingon Captain D'kar I answer with questions of my own! We do as we please Captain Church! What are your people up to here in the Tannos system anyway?
We had a little roleplay back and forth, ending with the Klingon Captain beating Captain Church's Diplomacy roll by + 5 and ending the transmission. (I figured if the Klingon failed he would continue the conversation, otherwise he cuts comms, because Brad did a great job RP'ing)

Captain Church realized that the Klingon scans would be as inconclusive as thier own and would be beaming planet side shortly. He decided to beat them to the punch, and with the info the party had pulled from the base logs they triangulated the dig-site location and beamed down first.

The Landing party this time was Capt. Church, Helmsman Gregg, Comms. Officer Ciano, and NPC Red Shirt Smith. All armed with Phasers, set to Heavy Stun only by Captains orders.

For the Crystal mounds I used a set of four LED Ice lights from Christmas a few years back. You can set the to a single color of red/blue/green/purple or to slowly rotate colors or to blink madly through rotation.

The Landing party approached the crystals and began Tricorder scans. With Investigate rolls they determined these were the source of the Shears that were emanating from the planet, as well as the theta-radiation distortions that teleported Jones earlier.

The party moved within 1 square of the crystal (Red one in picture) and I set it to blinkey mode, and described the floating panes of glass. Mr. Ciano tempted fate and reached out to touch a pane! I had him teleported away! He made a TN 15 test to stay awake, but was hurt and barfing! The Captain called him on his communicator, then had the ship locate him by his signal. They found him on the night-side of the planet, Mr. Ciano could still see the portal was open from his side and jumped back through! The party figured this is what must have happened to the rest of the Survey team and now knew how to try and locate them.

At this point the Klingons arrive, having traced the landing parties communicators. Captain D'kar, Lt. Klagg, Lt. Kral and a Klingon Red shirt, appear with disruptors drawn. "I knew you were up to some kind of weapon test down here!" sneers D'kar.
Captain Church proceeded to Roleplay the HECK out of this encounter. As he related everything that had happened to the crew of the Xenophon up to this point, Gregg positioned himself to have Line of sight on Klagg whom he noticed was itching to blast somebody. Brad made an excellent Diplomacy roll and he got the suggested +3 bonus for RP as well. D'kar agreed that perhaps they might work with the Klingon Science officer Kral to figure out what was happening.
In the process of talking Church moved towards the Klingons with his palms raised getting within 1 square of the Crystal (the green one in the picture), I turned the crystal on to blinkey mode and described how it was now surrounded by ragged floating panes of glass!

At this moment I had the Klingon Red Shirt disappear in a "POP" with a strangled cry!

I secretly rolled a TN 15 test for the Klingons to stay cool, which they failed, and Klagg fired on Church who beat Klagg's attack roll and dodged away. The disruptor shot however struck the crystal and caused the shock wave which blew everyone off their feet!

Phaser fire and disruptors were flashing everywhere! Helmsman Gregg took out Klagg with a heavy stun shot!, D'kar severley wounded Red Shirt Smith, Mr. Ciano hit D'kar with a heavy stun but failed to the Klingon captain down. Church got the drop on D'kar and disarmed him by kicking the disruptor from the shaken Klingon's hands. Kral related that the damage to the crystals by the battle had started a chain reaction that was building to exponentially and the ships in orbit were urgently calling both captain's reporting severe shears and they could not maintain orbit!

In the confusion D'kar dove for Klagg's disruptor and blasted Kral for not joining in on the fight and being weak like the humans. Church had his party as well as Kral beamed up to the ship as things were getting worse planet side.

Back on the Bridge, Helmsman Gregg expertly piloted the Xenophon away from Tannos IV using the technique he perfected upon arrival at Warp 2, with the Klingon vessel following close behind them.

The crystals destroyed themselves in a massive implosion of gravimetric energy, D'kar vowed that captain Church and the crew of the Xenophon had not seen the last him before warping out. Doctor Randallia related he was unable to save the Klingon Science officer Kral, but that both Red Shirts Jones & Smith would recover from their injuries.

The Captain then set the crew to the task of locating any survivors on the surface of Tannos IV, which would be easier without the interference of the crystals. In the end, only 4 of the survey team had died from exposure after being teleported to random locations upon the planet, and Dr. Randallia was reunited with his friend Geologist Stewart.

The adventure ended here, everyone loved it. Salavatore thanked us for a great Star trek adventure and left to join a panel at the Con. Both the Captain and the Helmsman asked if there was more, and I suggested we try a Ship to Ship battle. They agreed and we broke to have lunch and then come back for a match between the Xenophon and the PuQmo "taj!!

Some of the cool players that made the game and day great!

Far Trek Palm Con 2016, Part 2!

Adventure report Part 2:
At this point in the game I only had 4 players - Brad: Captain Church, Nigel: Helmsman Gregg, Randy: Dr. Randallia, and his son Oren: Engineer Joseph Oren. All other crew were NPC's.

The players all made their TN checks to remain at station when the first shear hit the ship. The NPC science officer is asked to scan and confirms what hit the ship and that more are coming and they are emanating from Tannos IV itself, he also relates that shields will NOT reduce the effects.

The crew scrambles rolling Investigate & Engineering checks to work out the Gravimetric distortions, they survive a second shear with only minor hull damage from buckling ( i played the sound effect of disruptor hits to simulate hull damage). I then relate to them how the shears are like ocean waves in space and they are sailing directly at them. The Captain and the Navigator get the hint and proceed to ask about other ways to Navigate through. Helmsman Gregg gets the spotlight and rolls a total of 17 to steer the ship into orbit without suffering any more ill effects.

Once in orbit the Captain requests that Engineer Oren set repair crews to work, has Comms attempt to hail Madsen's Hope and he congratulates Helmsman Gregg on an excellent job piloting the ship.

Once it was determined that atmospheric interference was rendering scanner and communication almost useless the Captain decided to beam down. The neutrino beacon was located and locked on to.

The landing party consisted of the Captain, Helmsman Gregg, Dr. Randallia, Engineer Oren, and 1 Red Shirt: Ensign Jones. The party is outfitted with communicators, phasers, a medical tricorder ( the Doctor), and a standard tricorder (Engineer). I did prompt this allocation by asking the Captain player how he would equip his landing party.

Madsen Hope settlement is pictured above. A couple of aquarium plants, two plastic bowls from the $1 store with a few stickers, a clear plastic dome, and two Reaper Bones Starship Generators.

I asked the Captain to place the figures for the Landing Party on the table where he would like them to beam in. (I then played the sound effect of transporter materialization, followed with the space wind sound effect). The party immediately scanned for life signs and found none within range and proceeded to the habitat with the dome on top, after asking if there was a difference between the two. (I changed Madsens Hope to be a Geological Survey Team of 20 members.) The party moved into the main hut and looked about for clues. The Captain ordered Red Shirt Jones to stay on guard outside (perfect!), they found Head Geologist Stewart's bunk and a picture of him and the Doctor from school. Engineer Oren went outside to check the generators so they could have power for the admin computer. The Captain and the Doctor related their concerns about the missing personnel, they and Helmsman Gregg were investigating the old food etc. and determining just how long everyone had been missing.

Outside Oren waved to Red Shirt Jones, then set about getting the generator running, which he did with little difficulty. Oren returned inside with the others and Gregg used his computers skill only to discover the odd damage and Electronics checks were made to recover the records. ( I opted to drop the time-limit suggested in the adventure, and opted for success gets info, failure and "event" happens then give the info.) I had Gregg make a Computer check and Oren make an electronics check to get the records. The info from Records Search page 11, were paraphrased to them as though I were Geologist Stewart making Log entries.

Then the Red shirt screamed!

The party bolted outside phasers drawn, only to discover Jones was gone!?!?! The Captain tried calling the missing security man by communicator, the Dr. did a life signs scan at maximum ranges, while Oren and Gregg searched the other building. The Theta-band radiation was discovered. The Captain then called the ship and had them pinpont Red-Shirt Jones by his communicator. This was a great idea by the player as on page 8 under Eye of the Storm - communicator signals can be locked on to from the ship for Transporter purposes. So within moments the missing man was located then beamed back to the settlement. Much to the horror of the party,(sound effect - dramatic que) the man had suffered severe trauma and needed immediate attention or would die! At this moment the ship called and relayed the fact that a Klingon ship was inbound fighting the shears. ( I changed the ship to Klingon D-5, but used the stats in the adventure). The Captain requested the entire landing party be beamed back up to the Xenophon.

At this point the Father and Son playing the Doctor & Engineer said they really liked the game but wanted to go walk around more and return later, I thanked them for playing and they left. We decided to take 5 and continue the game.

I was feeling really good at this point, the system was working brilliantly, everyone loved the simplicity and commented about how "Original Series" the game feel was.

Upon return from the break we had been joined by a new player. He had chosen to play the Communications Officer - Mr. Ciano. We placed all the figures at their stations on the bridge along with a few NPC's and started the scene with the Captain and helmsman Gregg coming out of the turbo-lift!

Stay tuned for Part 3!
Here is an adventure log of the FAR TREK game I ran at our local Convention in September 2016. This is also posted in the G+ community for Far Trek as well, but I wanted to put it up here on the World of Eroc Blog for all those who may not browse the G+. 

Palm Con 2016 Adventure report Part 1:
I ran the adventure "Be not Afraid" from the Danger of Peace booklet, I used the Xenophon crew as Pre-gens but only the Race, stats / skills / talents. I left the names blank and added no personal background info. My friend asked if he could be the Captain and created his own character, I allowed him 12 skill points (no skill above +3), and 3 talents of his choice. He created a Human with a 3 Charisma and zero in all other Stats (he chose point build). He took Inspirational Speech as a Talent and put it to good use, he was a great diplomatic leader and left the bulk of the physical action to others.

The Landing party picture shows the initial players, from L to R they are:
Dr. Randallia Chief Medical Officer, Helm Officer Nigel Gregg (the players real name), Red Shirt Security Ensign Jones (NPC), Captain John L. Church, and Chief Engineer Joseph Oren.

The Xenophon information from Appendix II on page 18, was read aloud to everyone so they understood the "cursed" history of the ship. Which, after reading the Captain gave a talk to the crew and told them how he believed they would overcome this and prove the worth of the Xenophon.

I played the Star Trek intro music then handed a printed out copy of the "Captain's Log" from the beginning of Act 1 page 7 to Captain Church to read aloud as the music faded.

I then asked how they would like to enter the Tannos system. Would they Warp directly to Tannos IV or would they enter on impulse at the edge of the system and make their way to the planet?

The players agreed that entering the system on impulse would be okay, and give them time to have a "Bridge Scene". I then placed the figures on the Mega-bloks bridge and we had everyone introduce themselves.

I was asked what they knew about the Tannos System and I handed out a hard copy of Appenix I - the Tannos system profile. As the group looked this over I rolled randomly and determined that the Doctor was an old friend of the Geologist Mr. Stewart. I informed the player of this and he turned to the Captain and said, "You know I will be pleased to see my old schoolmate on Tannos IV, we have not spoken to each other for some time."

That was when the first Gravimetric wave hit!! "Boom!" I exclaimed, then I asked everyone to lean hard to the left, then Hard to the right, I played the "Red Alert" sound effect! The captain asked for a ship status and that shields be raised!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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Wine Cellars of Marqest: A Solo adventure

A lone traveler from far away approaches the ruins of castle Marqest. His name is Icarus, and he is a Magic-User of the 3rd Circle. Research and tales have led him to this treacherous place in search of lost & hidden magicks used by the Wizards of the Duke.

The Square Tower
Icarus decides to start his investigations in the large square tower to the east of the old gatehouse. As the robed adventurer reaches the breach in the castle wall nearest the tower he hears the sounds of fighting from within the courtyard. Icarus spies a lone Dwarf fending off a handful of naked goblin-like creatures. Though the hardy axeman lays into things with vigor his blows seem to have little if no effect!

"Ho there Dwarf, do you need aid?" cries Icarus.

The tiring warrior shrugs off the lunging assault of a naked creature and looks to the robed stranger. "Aye, you bet your bloody arse I do!"

With a wave of an odd feathered wand the stranger intones a series of bird-like hoots and a cloud of golden sand appears around the heads of all five of the hunched attackers, and just as quickly they all slump to the ground in a deep slumber! The dwarf takes advantage of this and strikes each monster in the head with his axe, each hit creating a sound like a rotten melon being dropped from a great height.

"Tell me," intones Icarus, "do these creatures have magical defenses? hey seemed immune to your axe."

Removing his helmet the dwarf looked over his handiwork. "No, not magical per say. Just bloody tough is all. They took me by surprise and were trying to subdue me I'm sure. Any way I am in your debt stranger, what is your name?"

"I am called Icarus, and you are?"

"Tic Tok you may call me. I am in your debt and will accompany you on your journey until you reach a place a safety. By the way, what manner of man are you Icarus, for you are surely not human."

The spell-caster flips back his hood to reveal himself in the full days sun, his great eyes looking down upon Tic Tock like great saucers. "You are correct dwarf, I am not human. I am of the Owl-men a most ancient and almost forgotten race. I have come here to seek old secrets hidden in this place."

Icarus speaking with some halflings.

Icarus cries out in the language of his people and in moments a handful of large vultures appear and begin feasting upon the corpses of the naked creatures. The Owl-man and Dwarf then turn their attention to the Square tower. The pair decide to attempt entry through a door set in the base of the tower facing the courtyard. Tic Tok attempts to break the door down after the pair discover it is either barred or barricaded from the inside. Icarus then decides to use his magic and raps upon the door in a rhythmic pattern while hooting softly, which causes the portal to open all on its own.

The Square tower door.
  An ancient guardroom is revealed within, thick with cobwebs and dust. The pair can just make out some racks of weapons and a door to another chamber within the tower. Icarus summons a sparrow from his "Birdhouse" Staff and has the little bird carry a candle into the room and ignite the torches they see on the walls. The room now lit and most of the cobwebs burnt away, Tic Tok enters warily with his axe at the ready scanning the ceiling for spiders, when suddenly a pit opens beneath the dwarf plunging him into a dark pit!
"Are you alright?" cries Icarus.
"Yeah, just a little bruised. Quick look for a lever or latch before.." the dwarf is cut off as the pit closes.
Staying away from the pit, Icarus scans the wall looking for some sort of mechanism to open the pit. After a few frantic moments he finds a rusty pull rod near the closed door in the room. The Owl-man works the iron rod until it moves and the pit opens again. He then ties off a rope to a torch sconce and lowers it to the Dwarf. Tic Tok in the meantime is searching the bones and debris in the pit, when Icarus hears a strange gurgling bubbling noise from below. "Quick my friend, get out of there. I do not like those noises!"

Once out of the pit the pair decide to set the pit so it will not open again and lock the trap in a closed position. Tic Tok reveals he found a key on a long dead body in the pit. "Look what I found on an unfortunate soul down there."

Key from the pit.
"Mayhap it shall open this door to the rest of the tower." says Icarus pointing to the rooms only other exit. The pair try the door and discover it is not locked at all and opens to reveal a long hallway with a single door on the left and right sides about halfway down its length. The hall ends in an open archway leading to another chamber, but it is too dark for either companion to make out anything but the slightest hint of detail. Icarus lights a lantern and Tic Tok takes the lead as the pair head along the hall and decide to try the doorway on their left.

This door is locked and the key is put to use. Surprisingly it unlocks the door and the dwarf pushes it open to reveal a bunk room. Two sets a bunk beds lie rotting along one wall and an old table and a couple stools lie strewn about the room. A musty odor assails the pair and something stirs in the chamber...

Skeleton guardsmen
The old guardsmen attempt to fulfill their duty and rise to attack the adventuring duo. Tic Tok holds them at bay in the doorway so only one can attack at a time. Icarus encourages the dwarf with positive banter, and soon three of the four creatures are smashed to shards. However the last skeleton gets a good strike in on the dwarf slicing him good across the ribs. The flat of the axe quickly dispatches the last undead guard and the pair enter the room. As Icarus searches the chamber, Tic Tok unslings his pack and proceeds to drink the contents of most of a small keg he had with him. Icarus discovers an ols map-case beneath one of the beds and brings over to the table to check it out. In the lantern light the pair find a tattered and moldy map within. It is an outdoor map of an area unfamiliar to both of them. Icarus then hears that same gurgling noise from before. Looking about he determines it is coming from a small side chamber. "That sound again from in there!" he says pointing. Tic Tok shines the lantern there to revel the doorway to the guards privy, and the fact the floor there is covered in a slimy coating.

"I believe we should go, before whatever is making that noise reveals itself." say the Owl-man quickly rolling up the map.

Shouldering his pack and backing towards the hallway Tic Tok whispers, "I agree."

The two adventures left the bunk room closed and locked the door, then scouted out the chamber at the end of the hall. It turned out to be a mess hall, with a large fireplace and two sets of spiral stairs. One flight ascends to the upper levels, while the other descends below ground. Icarus uses wood from a bench to get a fire going while the pair decide what to do.

Tic Tok the dwarf.

  What will become of this pair of adventurers, stay tuned.....


Monday, August 22, 2016


My TWILIGHT PHANTOM ULYSSES arrived today, and he is one sweet action figure! Zoloworld comes through again with an awesome figure and I really dig his "Glow in the Dark Action" as well!!!

Here is Ulysses in a face off with Archterrus!! If you are into crazy Appendix N mythical action Heroes and villians you can't go wrong checking out the selection of figures from ZOLOWORLD!!


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Far Trek RPG in Print, but not for long!

In case you were unaware, C.R. Brandon has opened the wormhole today only 7/30/2016 for you to have a chance to pick up Far Trek in print form. The latest cover is an amazing collection of scenes from the Animated Series; check it out below:

So warm up your Transporter Pads and follow the link and get in on this action!


I highly recommend this game as a fun and easy way to play adventures in the Classic universe. Actually there really isn't anything stopping you from placing your games in the Next Gen, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise eras either. This little game really captures the "feel" of the television universe without being overly "Crunchy" in its rules. I realize that may not be for everyone, but the skeleton here could easily be added to if you want. For an item that Mr. Brandon threw together from his love of Trek and wanting to spread that love I think it is worth the look.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Star Trek: Mega Bloks Captains Log supplemental.

Here are a couple of pictures with the Mega Bloks figures and Okum Arts paper Star Trek minis. More likely than not I will be using the Mega Bloks terrain with the paper minis. Once I have the Bridge and Transporter room, I may run a game and use the Mega Bloks figures, we will see....

The Mega Bloks figures are quite a bit larger than the 28mm paper minis, but I think they are both cool and work well with the terrain pieces.

The Mega Bloks figures do come with a variety of equipment. The "Guardian" set has 2 phasers, 1 communicator and 1 tricorder, while the "Day of the Dove" set just has 4 swords. I'm thinking hard about getting a 2nd "Guardian" set so I have more equipment and the ability to have a few extra crewmen if needed. I hope this helps you make a decision if these sets would be a good fit for your own Star trek games!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


So I discovered that MEGA BLOKS is doing a series of TOS sets for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek! Besides the fact that I was going to own these regardless, I also saw the potential for use in my Games.

 Here are a couple of shots of the two sets I just got. Above is the "Day of the Dove" Engine Room console with a pair of OKUM ARTS paper figures. Below is the "Guardian of Forever".

Here are some shots of the MEGA Bloks sets themselves:
Day of the Dove

Guardian of Forever
The Mini-figs are pretty cool, I'm thinking of picking up a second "Guardian" set as the heads can be swapped on the little bodies so I could make "New" crewmen for an RPG session.

If you weren't aware C.R. Brandon has a limited Print run for FAR TREK rules and a 2in1 Adventure book for same available now, so go check that out here:


Needless to say the next items on my list are the Enterprise Bridge and Transporter room! After setting up the OkumArts paper figures with the sets above I feel confident that the Bridge set will function perfectly for what I want.

I don't know how many different sets they are going to make in total, but I hope there are a few more Iconic episode sets (Space Seed??). They also have the Enterprise itself as well as a Klingon D-7. Though both are cool, I don't see any use in game for those.

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News from the Front Lines!

Things are moving along with The Front RPG! If you are in the G+ group you can pick up the one page WWM's (or Weird War Missions) I've put together as well as loads of other cool stuff from the guys there. Mark recently released the DOC (or Department of Creatures! This adds a class to the game that lets you get into some Creature Commando action!
The Class is called the Combat Construct, you play a Frankenstein monster soldier! Plus there is more info for other monsters and creatures etc. Check it out here:


I recently picked up the 80's movie Zone Troopers:
A group of US Infantrymen trapped behind enemy lines come across a spaceship that was shot down by the Germans. They befriend an Alien survivor and must stop the Nazi's from using the technology to turn the tide of the war!

So if you haven't checked out The Front RPG, or if you just want to watch a cool WW2 Sci-fi fantasy movie then check this stuff out!

Get moving Private!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Front: WWII RPG!!!

Mark Hunt delivers a fantastic OSR WW2 themed game that screams out to be played! I've been dying to pull off some Weird War style games for awhile now but was not satisfied using any existing RPG rules to do so. Then this popped up and I KNEW it was just what I had been looking for! Plus, I have another reason to use my BOLT ACTION miniatures!!!

You can get the PDF here:

Check out the G+ plus group: THE FRONT WWII RPG

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Galcta 25: Kat-men of Tarsus IV

The Kat-men of Tarsus IV:  stats for play in Galacta 25

Movement: 8"
Weapons: Lazer Rifle +8 hit; range 16" or Lazer Pistol +8 hit; range 8"
Close Fighting: melee +7 hit
Save: +8
The Kat-men are notorious mercenaries and have shown up in the employ of both the Galactan Empire and the Rebels who oppose them.

*These figures are from the Heritage Models Star Trek line as the Kzin.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cthulhu on the Orient Express!

A friend of mine has started a CoC Orient Express game. It is something he has wanted to do for a long time. So far the Party consists of 4 players (myself included).

We just finished getting our characters in order and played through the introduction adventure. The party is composed of the following characters:

Sgt. James Parker an ex British Soldier. James saw action in WWI and knows the horrors man can inflict
upon itself. After the war he traveled the United States where he met his soon to be wife Panacea Sullivan at a party in Chicago. They were both present during a Spiritual Seance that turned out to be a hoax of which the couple was instrumental in exposing. Enamored with Panacea the two of them traveled the US "Ghostbusting". The pair were married and spent their honeymoon in New Orleans where again they helped Police expose a ring of "supernatural" grifters. In the process they ended up adopting a young orphan girl that was used by the gang in their schemes.

James and his wife along with Anna have returned to England to meet Prof. Smythe an old friend who says he has come across something he thinks they would find interesting.
(My character)

Panacea Sullivan is the youngest daughter of Charles Sullivan the Chicago Magnate. She was always a bit of a party girl and troublemaker that Charles thought he was going to have trouble marrying her off. The girl
was always getting mixed up in all sorts of psuedo-scientific and spiritual nonsense that was all the rage with the young people. Panacea had actually already exposed about a half dozen cheap frauds who were taking money to "Contact the Spirits" and had taken her own Grandmother for quite a sum. It was however the New Year's eve 1922 when Panacea along with the dashing Englishman James Parker that her Father knew his daughter was destined for an unusual path. A Madame Gustavtra had been commissioned to entertain the guests with a grand seance early in the morning of New Year's Day 1923 where she would summon the revelers of years past to a grand "Ghost Party". Panacea and James were instrumental in exposing the Madame and her accomplices in their scheme. The young Dilettante proved herself to be quite the amateur detective/occultist and with the aid of James foiled a plot that made headlines. The pair were soon to become well known as "Ghostbusters".
Now married Panacea and James look to travel Europe and continue their adventures.
(Played by my Wife)

Anna Parker (adopted), was an orphan in New Orleans that was used by a crew of Grifters in schemes to gain money by promising to be able to return lost children from the grave. Little Anna was used in many
tricks and guises to play as long lost children to gain entry to homes and rob many grieving women. It was while on a Honeymoon trip that James and Panacea Parker looked into the local stories of  the "ghost girl" that they were able to deliver proof to local authorities and by proxy save Anna from her mis-use by the gang. Even though Anna is only 11 years old she is quite an accomplished lockpick and pickpocket. Anna has been adopted by the Parkers and helps her new family stop others from being taken advantage of.
(Played by my daughter)

Dr. Mufasa is an enigmatic young genius. He has a PHD in Archaeology and a BA in photography. The son of the British Ambassador to Egypt born in Cairo to his native mother. Mufasa studied at Harvard and
became friends with Prof. Smythe. Mufasa is a single man with OCD and a secretly repressed emotional pain. Mufasa has been invited to join Prof. Smythe and some others in an interesting investigation to which the Prof. feels his skills will be ideally suited.

Our first evening of play had the characters meet Prof. Smythe at a symposium in London where he spoke various topics. Little did we know the Prof. was fishing for secret occult clues to an ancient plot that was soon to become all to real! A strange murder of three men with the same identity in two different rooms in one hotel, a model train, and a secret summons to meet our friend in a east end slum has put us on the trail of the Sedefkar Simulacrum!

More to come soon.....