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Far Trek Play Report: Star Date 2017.18.8

Star Date: 2017.18.8

I ran the "Be Not Afraid" adventure by Roger Taylor II at my FLGS. This is the second time I've run this adventure. The first time was at Palm Con 2016 ( you can find the prior write up of it here on the blog). This time around I had five players, only my daughter had any prior experience playing the game. I tailored the Pre-gens a little to some requests and off we went to the Stars!

Argo Crew
Crew of the USS Argo (L to R)
Navigator - Maxine "Max" Holt , Lt. JG                 Player: Selina
Chief Medical Officer - Salec (Vulcan), Lt.             Player: Karen
Commanding Officer - Cade Grim - Captain           Player: Zachary
Exec.\Science Officer - Vesara Tes (Trill), Cmdr.   Player: Tahlia
Comm. Officer - Sun Capri, Lt. Cmdr.                   Player: Josh

Friday Night Far Trek: Players
I gave a quick run down of the rules, set up the Crew on the Bridge of the Argo and started the Opening Scene. I printed out the the image below on a standard sheet of paper to use as our Bridge.
Bridge of the Argo
(8-hour bridge ambient sounds playing)

Our Captain read aloud his Log entry which I typed up from the adventure and gave him. The Argo dropped out of warp at the edge of the system and headed for Tannos IV. Captain Grim asked Mr. Capri to hail the colony while Vesara pulled up the System & Planetary Profile from the computer. As the crew reviewed the log, communications revealed that there was heavy interference causing issue with hailing the colony.

Then the first shear hit! everyone failed to save but only by 1-2 points so no one was injured, but they were rattled. They quickly determined what happened and the Captain ordered Lt. "Max" to plot a course to avoid further issue. The Navigator has a little trouble getting the ship set and a second shear rattles them sending the Doctor off to Sick Bay to oversee injuries sustained by NPC crew. There was a remark about only having a "Learners Permit" before Maxine set in a course that brought the ship safely through to Tannos IV.

Once in orbit the crew set to work trying to contact Madsen's Hope, only to discover that the Gravimetric disturbances are messing with scans and comms! Mr. Capri is able to get a lock on the colony beacon so a landing party can beam down safely.

Captain Grim leaves Helmsman #1 in command of the Ship and orders the the others to the Transporter Room.


Scene 1 - Transporter Room / Planetside

The Landing party are assigned Type II phasers, communicators and appropriate Tricorders. A single security "Red Shirt" ensign Tar'get joins the party as well. Stepping up on the pads the Captain looks to the transporter chief and says "Beam us down."

The Landing Party materializes within walking distance of the Colony ( Space wind sound effect is played ) and they begin a search & scan pattern as ordered by the Captain. Team 1 consisting of the Captain, Salec and Tar'get search the exterior grounds and supply sheds, while Team 2 led by Vesara, with "Max" and Sun enter the Admin building to look for colony members.

Just about the time the crew are getting very worried about the state of things ensign Tar'get screams! The Captain and Salec are faced with the apparent disappearance of the "Red Shirt"!

Scans are taken, clues are found, Mr. Sun discovers the strange state of the duotronic memory chips. Salec worries that not only are there no life-signs, there aren't even any bodies. The Captain is about to call the ship when he gets hailed and informed of an approaching Klingon D-5 Raptor Class ship.
I.K.V. D-5 Raptor "puQmo'taj"
He orders the Argo to Yellow alert and for Comms to open a channel to the Klingon ship. After a few moments of silence he enters into a dialogue with the Klingons. The player makes a couple of really good rolls and convinces Commander D'kar that they should work together to solve the mystery surrounding Tannos IV.

The Klingons arrive planetside and are standoffish with the crew. They haphazardly search the area and their Commander blatantly accuses the "Federation" of being up to something and that he is watching their every move! Captain Grim is able to placate the Klingons with diplomacy while keeping his crew alert for treachery.

Versara Tes locates the source of the gravimetric emanations only a few kilometers east of the colony, so the two groups set off on foot to find out what is going on.


Scene 2  - Planetside / Ruins

The crystal mounds 
About halfway to their intended destination the groups find the body of Ensign Tar'get! Salec determines the man is not dead, but very near it. Medical scans show he is suffering from the effects of exposure to the vacuum of space! Captain Grim gets the Commander D'kar to agree to allow the crewman to beamed back to the Argo for medical attention. At this point the Captain decides to get a "Measure of a man" on the Klingon Commander.

Soon the parties come upon an area of ancient alien ruins, in the center are three 1.5 meter tall crystal mounds in a loose triangular pattern. A tipped over colony issue tractor and some digging tools are scattered about here as well. The two groups fan out about the scene and begin looking for clues and scanning with tricorders. Mr. Capri gets a gut feeling the Klingons are about to pull something and is able to alert his Captain of this without the Klingons noticing.

Meanwhile Salec and Vesara have approached the crystal mounds and two of them have begun flashing with a beautiful spectrum of lights emanating from within. They also realize this is the source of the eerie wind noises. Salec is intrigued with the concentric rings of what appear to be shards of glass hovering above the crystals. Vesara determines the crystals are not native to the planet and each one is like a giant icicle in shape speared deeply into the crust of the planet. The five Klingons are maneuvering into position to attack the crew, while D'kar and Captain Grim stare each other down.
 "It doesn't have to go like this." says Grim.
 "If you want to surrender then lay down your phasers, the Empire will have these crystals." sneers D'kar!

Salec decides to swing his tricorder at the rings above a crystal and causes a massive shockwave that blows everyone off their feet! No one is knocked out, however Vesara has disappeared and the Klingons are no longer under any pretense of being peaceful.

Vesara discovers herself in a region of extreme cold and wind. A quick tricorder scan reveals she has been displaced to the northern icecap of Tannos IV! She also sees a few feet from her a two-dimensional rift in space-time through which she can see the events back at the crystal mounds playing out. With not a moment to spare she decides to attempt to dive through the rift and hopefully re-join her crew!


 Scene 3 - The Showdown

Tannos IV Ruins
Vesara is gone, the Klingons are scrambling to get up after the shockwave but the crew reacts faster! Captain Grim holds D'kar at phaser point, "Tell your men to stand down D'kar!"
Mr. Capri and "Max" both take cover behind a low rock wall and draw phasers on the brutish Klingon Klag, whom they see is drawing aim on either their Captain or perhaps his own! Salec has taken position near the Klingon science officer holding him at phaser point while working his tricorder with the other hand. The Doctor thinks he can set the device to emit a focused sonic beam that might knock out the Klingons.

Mr. Capri and "Max" both fire upon Klag with their phasers on heavy stun and drop the big Klingon like a sack of tribbles! The two Klingon warriors level their disruptors to fire upon the Captain and Salec when just at that moment Vesara pops out of a rift and drops one of the warriors with a phaser blast! The remaining warrior fires at Vesara and she suffers a severe disruptor wound to her left arm. As the warrior draws down on the Science officer with the intent of finishing her off Salec points his tricorder in their direction and KO's him with a high-pitched sonic blast!

At the same moment D'kar lunges at Captain Grim only to take a heavy stun blast right in the face!

The Klingon science officer reveals he wants to defect to the Federation, and has a plan to get the Klingons back up to their ship, but the crystals must NOT fall into the hands of the Empire. The defector sets an auto-recall on the Klingon communicators that causes them to beamed back up to their ship, but not before he throws his communicator away. Captain Grim then has the landing party plus one beamed back on board the Argo!


Scene 4 - Finale

USS Argo
The Klingon defector is escorted to the brig by Salec, while the rest of the party return to the bridge.

The Captain orders Vesara to lock on the coordinates of the crystals for a full spread Photon torpedo barrage, and for "Max" to plot a course to a safe distance at emergency warp 8 to be implemented just prior to impact. The crew make their rolls, the Captain gives the order "Fire Photon torpedos!"

With the crystals destroyed, the Tannos system is safe to navigate and the Argo is able to do a thorough scan of the entire system. They are able to locate and rescue twelve missing colonists, but find no trace of the puQmo'taj. Was she destroyed by the final gravimetric shear that tore through the system when the crystals were destroyed, or did the Klingons get away?


We are looking to make this a Once a month thing, so look for more adventures of the Crew of the USS Argo!

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Galacta: Warbots of the Galaxy

Galacta 25 update: At long last the Warbots of the Galaxy have arrived! Though there are many types of standard size warbots and armed robots used by both the Galactan Empire and the Rebel forces, we are focusing today on the Ultimate in battle technology used by both sides in this conflict.

Galactan Empire Warbot:
RB-1 Warbot & Tech
RB-1 Warbot (Robbie)
Move- 6"   Save- 6+  / *Repair-7+
Close Fighting- 7+
x2 Blast Cannon: range 24" / 7+Hit

 The RB-1 can mount two weapons. Warbots can move without penalty outdoor and through rough terrain. A weapon mount can can be replaced with the Jammer effect (see Jammer bot).

Rebel Forces Warbot:
B9-AT Warbot & Tech
B9-AT Warbot
Move- 6"   Save- 6+ / *Repair 7+
Close Fighting- 7+
x1 Blast Cannon: range 24" / 7+Hit
x1 Repeater laser cannon: range 20" / 8+Hit, fires twice, targets within 4" of each other.

 The B9-All Terrain Bot was a heavy duty workhorse that was quickly converted by Rebel forces to match the power of the Empires RB-1. A weapon mount can be replaced with the Jammer effect as well. Sometimes the B9 can be found at Rebel bases being used for construction and general purpose work. Instead of weapons it will have Anti-grav lifters or possibly bore drills depending on the job.

*Repair 7+ - This secondary Save only comes into play if a figure has been assigned to the Warbot as a Technician. If the Warbot is knocked out of commission by an failed Save, the Technician can make a Reapair save to get the Warbot back online. If this Repair save fails the Warbot is destroyed.

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Far Trek RPG: stuff to make your game awesome!

So in a few days I will be running a Far Trek game for some first-timers. My last game was at Palm Con 2016. This post is really just about some of the stuff I use in my Far Trek games and how you can too.

Aquarium plants
Let's start with Terrain. So you want some quick and easy planetary terrain? Look no further than the aquarium section at Wal-Mart. You can get a bag of those plants pictured above for under $5 bucks. They are many others to choose from but I liked the three pack, I ended up buying 3 packs over the course of a few months. There are also little bags of clear plastic colored rocks, the best part is NO WORK needs to be done to them. Place on table and you are ready!

Plastic dishware & asst. crap
Nothing beats a few Plastic cups and bowls from the $1 Store. Add in an Ink Cartridge package, a shaving creme bottle cap, and half of a clear plastic ball and you have more items to make Installations or whatever out of.

Enemies & Creatures!
If you aren't using the Star Trek Paper Miniatures made by David Okum, you should! Unless you don't use minis then who cares. Little finger puppet monsters from The Party Store are great too!
Player Characters & more..
Besides Federation Crew, there are Klingons, Romulans and various creatures (Mugato / tribbles etc.). In the picture above you can see three beads that could be used for all kinds of things; alien lifeforms, weird plants or crystal formations. There are tons of things lying around your house you could use o jazz up you game without spending a dime.

If you already have miniature terrain for Fantasy or Sci-fi then by all means use that stuff as well. However if you don't have the time/space or money for the official terrain items then by all means go Cheap! It still looks cool!

Some other simple things I did was to get three sets of mini-poker chips in Blue/Red/Yellow. I use those to keep track of Fate points. Also color coded Six sided dice add to the flavor!

Until next time, set your Phasers for FUN!

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Wine Cellars of Marqest Update

Hear ye, hear ye! 

Let it be known that the newly chartered "Brothers GriMMM" adventurers group have blazed new paths and opened up the Beach Cave! They have traveled farther and deeper into the bowels of Marqest than any other group. The Viking warrior and his half-brother Sword-Slinger twins have thrown two of the biggest parties Marqest has seen in some time.
However, "The Glorious Bastards" still hold the record for most property damage and loss of life incurred in a single venture to this point!
It should also be noted that the "Red Arrow and her Quiver" are rumored to have actually penetrated the impenetrable Wizard's Tower, with the aid of a certain Sinewy Barbarian.
Be this true or not, take note for things are happening here in Marqest!
The ghost of the Duke dares one and all to brave his halls, prove your worth and gain your eternal fame or damnation!

Wine Cellars of Duke Marqest: Beach Party part 2!

After a short break from part 1 we continued playing:

Celebrating the success of their first foray into the Marqest dungeons, the newly chartered Brothers GriMMM set about making plans for the follow up expedition.

Wasting no time the party take on some new hirelings and a mercenary wizard. Shiro & Kuro are excited to add the Spell-caster to the group because his pointy hat and robe obviously mark him as powerful!
Dromore the old pack bearer is still employed by the party and they have grown to really like the silent fella.

New Hires:
Sorlof - mercenary Wizard of the first circle.
Rothsus - torch boy, wields Bentil's goblinoid bestiary.
Nuadeen - Elf archer, has a black cat.
Bryvay - Man-at-arms, crossbow & dagger, brother of
Bargrim - Master Torch bearer, sack of torches.

Gunnar and the Sword Twins feel comfortable with a party 10 strong. After consulting the map they made of their last expedition they set off for the Beach cave once again. They timed the entry this time to happen just after the giant crabs went out to the ocean for a morning hunt. They quickly descended to the second level and went back to the cave lair of the Ghoul-woman. Passing through that chamber they locate a pile of bones from previous victims, but no treasure. A set of natural stone steps descending to a third level are found and the group goes deeper!

Halfway down the natural steps the group hear shuffling footfalls coming from below and are surprised to see 3 zombies ascending the steps. One of whom is their prior henchman Uts!!! Rothsus the torch-boy says his book has no entries for undead and steps back so Fieneil can move up to fight. The young warrior fumbles his attack and slips down the steps directly into the arms of the hungry dead suffering terrible wounds to his legs from bites!! As Gunnar holds back the zombie advance, Kuro rushes forward and slices & dices the undead diners with exquisite sword-play!
Uts returns!
Though Fieneil clings to life by a thread, Gunnar fears he may slip over to undeath and puts his loyal henchman out of misery. His gear is stripped and the party continues its descent to the third level.
Reaching the bottom of the steps the party advances along a natural tunnel. It should be noted that Bargrim the Master torch-bearer is able to provide expert lighting for the group even from his position at the rear of the party. A sudden tremor shakes the ground and rock and sand fall from the ceiling, the group panics and runs forward as the tremors worsen!!!

Coughing and battered by falling debris, most of the party emerge from the tunnel into a well constructed chamber with two exits, stairs descending again to a lower level or a small single file wide tunnel to the southwest. Gunnar decides the stairs offer better options if they need to fight and the hand-made construction means they must be close to the actual dungeons. It is also at this time the group realizes that both Sorlof the wizard and Rothsus the torch-boy are missing! A quick search back they way they came finds the two were brained by rocks during the tremor. A bag of scrolls and the bestiary are recovered from the bodies.
pondering descent to level 4
Descending to the 4th level by Gunnar's reckoning, the party emerge in a large chamber already lit by guttering torches. A large archway opens to more stairs going down, and a single iron-bound oak door stands opposite the landing from which the party emerge. Gunnar notes that both portals show signs of heavy use and structural damage. "It's almost as if something too large forced its way through here multiple times." mutters the seasoned fighter.
"I think we should check this level out. The torches mean someone is already here." states Shiro.
Gunnar agrees and forces the dungeon door open to reveal a long hallway, lined with three doorways on the right-hand side. The furthest two are open arches but the closest is another iron bound door. the party move to and open the door and enter a short hall leading to a large square room with one exit opposite the way they came in. Too late the party smell the gas as members begin to fall into a drugged slumber!!! Only Gunnar is able to resist the gas and he awaits the inevitable arrival of those that have trapped him and his companions.

Tense moments pass and soon Gunnar hears the locks open on the doors to the room. A group of goblinoids enter eager to reap the rewards of their trap, only to be set upon by the vengeful fighter! Gunnar eradicates the little creatures before they can raise any alarm, and he quickly sets about reviving his party. Groggy but no worse for wear the group decide to back track to the long hallway and head for the arches when the whole area echoes with the sounds of a monstrous growling! "Maybe we should just go back up!" says Kuro.

The party make for the long hall and Gunnar with Bargrim open the door and step out first. Emerging from the arch at the far end is what Gunnar recognizes as a Manticore! The fighter and monster react simultaneously: Tail spikes are thrown and Gunnar fumbles with his Magical trident!!! Bargrim panics causing Gunnar to hurl his trident into the party instead of the monster. The group watches in horror as two tail spikes impale and kill Bargrim, one spike slices Gunnar and the trident sticks into poor Dromore the pack-bearer!

As the magical trident rips itself out of Dromore and returns to Gunnars hand, the old man now lying in Shiro's arms looks up and says... "aww, screw you guys!" then dies.

Shiro, overcome with grief rushes to the hall in order to aid Gunnar who is now locked in combat with the voracious beast! Shiro in concert with his brother use their sword-throwing ability to sever the tail of the creature! Sorely wounded in its struggle with Gunnar the manticore retreats back the way it came. The party give chase and run the beast down in the chamber just the other side of the archway. The beast is slain, but the party realize that they have only killed a baby when the deep growling rumbles through the chambers again.

Sorely wounded after fighting the "baby" the group decides to beat a hasty retreat back up to level 3 when they find themselves face to face with the rest of the goblins looking for payback!

Seeing what the group have done the goblins parley with the adventurers and ask to team-up and kill the mother manticore that has been terrorizing this level since coming up from below to give birth. The Bros. GriMMM accept in return for healing and a treaty of non-interference from the goblins on any forthcoming trips through here in the future.
Gunnar lures the Manticore
A plan is made to attack the mother manticore by using a passage the creature blocked off. Gunnar is able to break through and sets in motion a running battle through the halls, Bryvay and half a dozen goblins are killed and the Bros. GriMMM in a titanic battle bring down the Manticore.

The Bros. GriMMM return to town with loads of treasure and only one surviving hireling. Carousing is done and Shiro wakes up covered in slime, while Kuro had unscrupulous liason but saved vs disease. Gunnar counts his gold and ponders the next expedition to Marqest.

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Wine Cellars of Marqest: Beach Party!

Session Date: 07/01/2017

Nick - Gunnar son of Golvar & Fieniel (fighters 7 / 2)
Selina - Kuro & Shiro Sword Slinger brothers (lvl 1)
How they Know each other: 
Gunnar recently discovered the twins are his half brothers
Available Hirelings:  3              Status: hired all three
Marwin - M@A - human male, bald, hp: 4, N, mace & torch, kill orcs, fishing pole
Dromore - pack bearer - human male, old, hp: 2, N, dagger, oath of silence, vial of ?
Uts - M@A - human male, brn hair, hp: 3, N, sword & torch, woodsman

Gunnar is told by Golvar to travel to Marqest and aid his twin half-brothers in their quest to become adventurers. With his trusty henchman Fieneil in tow the warrior makes his way to the infamous Dungeon.
Kuro, Sword-Slinger
Upon arrival Gunnar confers with Kuro & Shiro and the trio decide to hire the Crier to seek hirelings for their first foray. Looking over local maps, Gunnar decides that they should make for the beach cave as no one has been there yet.
Shiro, Sword-Slinger
At dawn the group waits to interview hirelings. Pickings are slim and only three applicants show up. Two Men-at-arms and a single pack bearer who comes from a long line of bearers. All three are hired, a couple of Fast-packs are procured from the supplier and the group sets off on foot along the old shore road towards the ruins.
About a quarter mile from the cliffs, Shiro feels uneasy because of the rumors he has heard of man-eating goats. Just then Gunnar stops the party, "Look there's a goat in the road." exclaims the Warrior. "Oh, don't go near it they're dangerous!" cries Shiro.
"Ah, its just a goat, watch." grunts Gunnar as he slowly approaches it. The goat and Gunnar stare each other down, and the Warrior notices the goats mouth seems to be stained with a dark berry juice. Or is it blood? Keeping a wary on the little beast Gunnar draws forth some rope from his pack and makes a leash. Turning towards the party Gunnar pats the goat on the head smiles and says, "Now we have a pack goat, or at the least monster bait!" With a grin he turns and continues leading the group towards the cliffs so they can descend to the beach and reach the cave.

A natural path down to the beach is found and the group descends and walks along the shore towards the cave. Kuro notices there seems to be a collection it items washed up along the shore. They decide to look about and see if anything interesting can be found in the sand. After a short search Gunnar finds four empty wine bottles and stows them in his magical bag.
As the group sets to enter the cave, a pair of giant sea crabs emerge from the surf and  attack. The crustaceans are faster than anticipated and one tears into Uts the man-at-arms killing him! Marwin is wounded as well as Kuro, but the crabs are slain. Uts is laid to rest in a shallow grave by the cliffside, and Gunnar decides to leave the goat tied to a bush outside the cave entrance. As the group enters they come across many molted crab shells. "Guess these things grow pretty fast." remarks Fieneil. Gunnar takes a moment to fashion makeshift armor for Marwin from the crab-shells, "That should help you if we run into more of them."
Just then from the shadows of the cave, a humanoid crab-man thing emerges. The party is surprised, but the creature shuffles past them out onto the beach and into the sea.
"That was weird," says Kuro. "It was like it didn't even see us." The group continues into the cave with Marwin holding a torch, and Shiro holding his lantern for light.
In the first cavern of the beach cave the party discovers 3 tunnels leading into darkness, in the center of the cavern is a large algae covered rock.  Shiro casts about with his lantern and sees that more giant crabs are watching them from the northern most exit, and a pair of crab-man things watch them from the southeastern exit. The eastern exit is dark and appears clear of creatures. At the same time Gunnar and Fieneil take a closer look at the rock. Gunnar catches a ripple in the algae like muscle under skin. He reacts by stabbing the rock with his trident! Shocked, Shiro calls out, "It could be harmless why not poke it rather then stab?"
Gunnar replies, "Too late it rippled!" The algae moves and growls rising up to reveal itself as some type of creature unlike anything the group has seen before! With a pair of massive arms it bashes Fieneil to the ground, and smacks Gunnar who returns the blow with another jab from his trident! The party realize quickly that only the magic of the trident seems to harm the monster so they let Gunnar finish it off. Moving to the eastern exit the party notes they are trailed by the Crab-creatures. A naturally formed set of stairs descending is found as well as another small tunnel. The group decides to descend and notice they are no longer shadowed.

The descent ends in a small cave littered with hundreds of rotting shredded rats. The light reveals a single exit from the chamber and a handful of living rats scuttle out that way. The group follows the live rats and come to a fork in the cave system. The rats run off to the left down a tunnel while the right tunnel is unused. Gunnar elects to go right and soon the group enters a natural cavern with a single exit.
Lady Ghoul
Suddenly a  ghoulish woman in tattered finery drops from the ceiling and with a surprise attack kills Marwin by slicing his head off with her razor tongue! Gunnar stabs her through the chest pinning her to the wall and tells the brothers to chop off her head. Shiro and Kuro move in but fall victim to her paralyzing grip and fast reflexes. Fieneil uses his poleaxe and splits her head open killing the she-beast.
The ghoul-woman is discovered to have a nice bounty of jewelry, a signet ring and a key upon her.
"I think we just killed the Dukes wife, again." remarks Shiro.
 The group decides to go back to town and rest in safety. Exiting the cave they discover that the goat is gone and the rope used to tie him has been chewed through, but more disturbing is the fact that the hastily buried body of Uts has also gone missing.

The party returns to the town and carousing happens:
Shiro & Kuro end up owing money, that Gunnar covers for them out of their shares from the next foray.
Fieniel - got vd, but paid to have it healed by a local Cleric.
They paid Dromore 5gp bonus, and returned the body of Marwin to his family for burial.
The twins do a flaming sword show and earn 20gp as well as drawing the attention of a mercenary Wizard who asks to join them on their next expedition.
Gunnar, Shiro, and Kuro decide to form an Adventuring Group and "The Brother's GriMMM" is officially charterd at the town hall.

End part 1

Wine Cellars of Marqest: A foray to the Wizard's Tower....

Session date: 3/2017
This session served as an introduction to Old School style play for a 5e only player and as Two Player session.

PLAYER #1: Our seasoned veteran (Sal) was Cthoo the "Sinewy Barbarian" & his cohort "Sweet Lou" the Cleric of Cthulhu.

PLAYER #2: New player (Tahlia) rolled up her PC with 3d6 in order, chose Thief as Class and named her Quinn Cedar aka "Red Arrow".

The Dog-n-bone
Times had been tough lately in village Marqest. Cthoo had lost all his gold carousing and found himself and "Sweet" Lou in debt to the Innkeeper at the Dog-n-bone. Being the Bouncer wasn't too bad and Cthoo got to crack some unruly heads together every couple of nights or so. This night was different though, something about it made the sinewy Barbarian itch with anticipation. The crowd wasn't especially unruly or anything, and the chance of a flash fire was nothing to worry about for Lustmort was nowhere to be seen, then the front door swung open....

Art by Tahlia
 Life in the forest had become too complicated, well really it had become boring. The "Red Arrow" needed to become known beyond the county border. Everyone had been talking about the Marqest dungeons, and that this was the place to go where you either made it to the Big Time, or died horribly and forgotten in some dank corner of the underworld. Scanning the common room for some likely cohorts Arrow pretended not to notice the the strapping barbarian with the balding head waving vigorously in her direction, and why the hell is there a flaming green skeleton just standing off by itself in the corner of this place!? Moving quickly to a table, she ordered a mug of ale and turned her back on the obviously buffoonish lout and came face to face with ....
The recruiting Agent
Cthoo couldn't believe it, was it her? Quinn Cedar, his formerly betrothed from birth best friend ever!! The way she strode in to the place, the aura of confidence, the way she seemed to not notice him waving and locking eyes! Yes, it had to be...of all the taverns in all the lands; the "Red Arrow" had walked in to the Dog-n-bone. The fates had smiled on Cthoo, his indentured servitude was surely at an end this very night for she was now talking with the Agent. The barbarian knew what he needed to do.

The Agent slid onto the chair like a snake entering a rabbit burrow. "So I ah see you're new in town, and an accomplished adventurer by your gear. However my stalwart friend, no one goes to Castle Marqest without a proper Dungeon party, and that is what; for a modest fee; I can get for you."

Arrow pulled her hood a touch forward to properly shadow her eyes, "Keep talking." she said while thinking to herself. "He didn't see me, he didn't see me, please by all the GODS he didn't see me."

So for a mere five gold coins I can, by morning have at least six and no more than eight viable applicants all willing and able to join your expedition to the famed Cellars of Marqest. You can interview them, work out terms or turn them away at no additional cost to you. So ah, what do you say?

Cthoo saw the coin slip into the Agents hand. Yup, Cedar was doing it. She was going to be interviewing applicants for an expedition, an expedition that both he and "Sweet" Lou needed to be a part of. The trick was going to be getting close enough to win his way back into her graces. Well honestly, she should be apologizing to him, after all he was the one left standing alone on that spring day.... Cthoo began to form a plan.

 Quinn noticed that the barbarian had left the tavern, "He DIDN"T see me!" she sighed in relief. Moving about the room she attempted to get some local rumors and information from the patrons in the bar. After about an hour she began to realize that either nobody here had ever actually been to the damned place or they were messing with her. She decided to retire to her room and see who the Agent had lined up for her in the morning.

After breakfast Quinn sat in a corner booth as the recruiting agent presented her choices of hirelings. The archer had to admit she was impressed, a half dozen applicants was more than she thought a first time expedition leader would garner. "All right, whose first?" the young adventurer smiled and looked over her prospects.
Zagothoth "Cthoo" the Sinewy Barbarian.
In the middle of the interviews Cthoo forced his way into line incapaciting an applicant and convinced Quinn that they should team-up! It was only logical, he argued because he and Sweet-Lou had both survived a prior foray to the cellars and could impart valuable information. Quinn was finally overcome with Cthoo's use of "Glistening Gams" and agreed to let him co-captain the expedition. Together they looked over the applicants and decided on the following:

Passed over - Tooms, Man-at-arms, he was KO'ed by Cthoo.....
Turned away - Dar the Emerite. says he speaks with animals and his man-purse squeeked.
Turned away - Scar the Man-at-arms, Quinn had a bad vibe from him
Paid to not go - Mereza the girl-child torch bearer. Quinn paid her gold to NOT put her life in danger.
Otus, Man-at-arms with a vendetta against Orcs. Hand axe & dagger.
Halla, Tribal Amazon, necklace of teeth, fierce warrior. Spear & dagger.
Jon the Wanderer, Man-at-arms, scroll of cure wounds. Hand axe & dagger.

"Sweet" Lou, Cleric of Kuhthool
So Quinn, Cthoo, and "Sweet Lou" along with their hirelings head out for the ruins of Marqest.
Cthoo steers Quinn away from the shattered remains of the Brother's Tower, saying the Glorious Bastards +4 were responsible for the Demon Portal that now hangs open in the air, and it was best avoided as too many deaths occurred there. However, the Wizard's Tower was ripe for plunder if they could just get inside. Quinn compromised and pointed out exploring the main keep may lead to a way into the tower. Cthoo agreed and the group headed across the courtyard towards the keep.

Then the goat appeared...some 20 yards away.

Cthoo instantly began battering at the keep doors to get inside. "It's just a goat." said Quinn.
Sweet Lou paced nervously, as the hirelings became anxious not really knowing why. "That's what we thought last time!" grunted Cthoo as he forced the door open enough for the party to squeeze through one at a time. "Go now! Quick as you can!" urged the Barbarian. Quinn looked back and the goat was much closer than before. "How did it move that fast?" thought the Archer, as Cthoo pushed her through the doorway. Inside the gloomy foyer the Barbarian pulled the door shut just as the goats muzzle tried to poke in after them! "Not this time bastard!" cried Cthoo as the door closed with a deep boom.

The group headed for the stairs that would lead them up to the second story balcony, upon finding them just around the corner and down the hall, it was Quinn who noticed something odd about the wall. A secret door was discovered and soon opened leading into a long disused passage covered in cobwebs. By Cthoo's reckoning, this passage seemed to run inside the battlement wall and should he hoped be a secret way into the Wizard Tower!!

The passage seemed to be a way for guards to quickly traverse the keep without being seen, as there were ladders that led up to hatches that opened on the battlements above. Checking one out Cthoo was proven correct and they were headed towards the Wizard Tower, hopefully the passage wouldn't be just a dead end. Cthoo was greatly pleased when the following sight greeted them at the end of the passage.
Glowing dimly with magical energies, the portal beckoned them towards it. "I knew it!" exclaimed Cthoo, "We will be the first. Truly this is a secret way into the tower. Are these not arcane runes upon the door itself?" The barbarian stepped closer.
"How do we open it?" whispered Quinn.

Cthoo and Jon attempt to open the door using a prybar and Jon gets nearly fried by magical lightning. The Barbarian gets frustrated and unleashes all his might physically upon the doorway and breaks it down much to the surprise of everyone!!!!

The party entered the room beyond the Wizard portal and ended up engaging in a running battle with a horde of guardians empowered by foul sorcery! The group was forced to retreat back into the passage and up onto the battlements. Halla the Amazon had her arm severed in a critical blow and died from blood loss, Jon was lost and ended up pitching off the battlements, but not before Sweet Lou could procure his scroll. Cthoo and Otus made a final rush against the guardians and Quinn thought for sure he was going to be killed.
Techno-sorcery powered guardians 
After listening to the sounds of fierce battle from below, it got strangely quiet. Quinn and Lou stood upon the battlement looking down into the tunnel for some sign of life. A loud "Frazzpow!" startled the pair, and that was followed by the sound of metal on metal. A few minutes later a very battered Cthoo climbed up from below. He related that Otus had been killed, and the doorway resealed by the Guardians. This was what Cthoo saw kill Otus.....
What killed Otus
The party limped back to town and caroused. Quinn ended up in jail after being recognized as a wanted criminal, and Sweet Lou has been polymorphed by a witch until Cthoo can bargain for his release.

Thanks to James V. west for the Sinewy Barbarian Class, without which Cthoo would not have been as COOL as he is!!! check out the link below:

Old School with an old friend!

My High school buddy and I were finally able to get together and play some D&D! I put my awesome new DM screen from Richard J. LeBlanc to use and he was joined by my daughter on a foray into the depths of the Duke's Wine Cellars!!

Prepare for the adventure write-up coming soon! Many poor hirelings were killed in terrible ways!

Special thanks go out to James V. West and his Sword-Slingers character class which made its first appearance in the game tonight. You can find out more about Sword Slingers here:

Here are Shiro & Kuro the twin Sword-Slinger brothers! art by my Daughter.

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Far trek in Print again, ACT FAST!!!

Figures by Okumarts

For a limited time you can get a physical copy of FAR TREK! follow the link below!! This game is too much fun to miss this. Check out my Far trek session write ups from Palm Con on the World of Eroc blog.

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Call of Cthulhu: Two-Fisted Tales of Terror Episode 1 "The Appointment"

Location: Arkham, Mass.

Date: 6/11/192?    Time: 3:32pm

Place: Office of Nathaniel Carter Professor of Ancient Languages & History.

My name is Edward Billingsly, friends call me Eddie. I'm a twenty one year old undergraduate at Miskatonic University's Historical & Ancient Languages Dept. I am also a member of the Miskatonic Swim team and consider myself fairly athletic and in good shape. My parents live in Boston with my younger siblings, while I reside here in Arkham with my Uncle William Billingsly.

E. Billingsly
Finally I have been summoned to Professor Carters office for what I hope will be a chance to finally work directly with him and gain his confidence. This could be my only moment to show him how valuable I could be on his upcoming expedition to seek the home origin of the ancient tribe he has been studying these past months. Upon entering his cramped office I am overcome with the stale odor of unwashed bodies and alcohol. My bleary eyed superior gazes at me for a long minute before slurring.  "Ah, Millinglee...come in, set down."
"Um, it's Billingsly sir." I utter while moving a stack of notebooks from a chair in front of his desk. "What can I do for you sir?"

Prof. Carter
"Yes, what can you do for me?" rummaging through papers on his desk he hands me a card with a small note inscribed on the back. "Go to the address here, and get a book from the young woman there. This is of utmost import to my current work and could bring new light on my endeavors." The Professor eyed me quite sternly for a few seconds, then i realized he was lost in a daze.

"Of course Sir, you can count on me. I'll be back before you know I'm gone!" I started to stand, but he sputtered.

"Ah! Oh, yesh well um... no need fur all that. Just um, bring the booksh by tomorrow morning. Uh, no make that after lunch. Yesh, that'll do Millinglee..." he waved me off as he began looking for something in his desk drawers.

"Billingsly sir. Tomorrow after lunch sir, I will see you then." I stood and left the office as I glanced quickly at the handwritten note. The address was just across town, not too far. I could catch the trolley then walk the last block and be there in about half an hour. Even though it was early June, the rains had been keeping the heat at bay and it was quite a nice afternoon. The nearest trolley stop was just over a block away, I stuffed the card in my coat pocket and headed off.

As I turned the corner onto Turner street and was heading towards the trolley, an automobile suddenly turned sharply off the street causing me to dart into an alley to avoid being run down. "I say, you should watch where you're going!" I  began, then i noticed the car was still rolling forwards causing me to back deeper into the alleyway. The auto then stopped and two rather brutish fellows stepped out, the taller of the two muttered something along the lines of "That's him!" and they began to rush towards me. I turned not sure what was happening but knowing it couldn't be good. It was then I saw the alley was a dead end and before I could do anything the men had grabbed me, stuck a sack over my head punched me in the gut and then thrown me into the back of the car!! A third man held me tightly in the back seat as the car now sped off to wherever I was being taken.

My kidnappers.
I'm not sure how long we drove around, somewhere between 10-15 minutes I think, before the car stopped somewhere dark. I was dragged from the backseat and forced to walk down a long hallway. the two men who initially grabbed me were ahead of me and the third unseen fellow still held me in a vice like grip guiding me along. Finally after a few minutes we entered a room that was very cold, which I thought was odd. There was also a strange swooshing and chopping sound that followed an odd cadence. A new voice with a heavy Irish brogue ordered my hood removed. As my eyes became accustomed to the light I was taken aback by the man in front of me. He was easily six feet and a half tall, held the hood in his right hand and gently pushed me down into a chair with his left. I, however could not tear my gaze away from his face! A pair of dark lenses concealed his eyes from me, but his face.... His face!

The Scar-faced giant.
The giant leaned down towards me, patted my shoulder. Then moved so he was directly behind me while still holding me in place. My kidnappers sat just to my right leering at me. The odd sounds I heard were now revealed to be the physical exertions of a man in a butcher's apron directly in front of me carving a pig like an artist paints with oils. The man sliced a slab off pork of the carcass then turned to me while sharpening his knives and asked in that heavy Irish brogue "Do ye know why yuir here lad?"

"I'm going to guess this has to do with my Uncle?" I gulped. If rumor serves me right, i was sitting in the Meat-House owned by none other than Arkham's own Irish Mob-Boss Sean "the Butcher" Kelley. This day couldn't get worse.....

Sean "the Butcher" Kelley
 "Well Eddie, I can call you Eddie right. yuir Uncle owes me quite a bit of money. Now, Willie tells me you work over the Uni with those bits of ancient relics and books an such. So, where was it yew were goin' just before me boys picked you up?"

"I was headed, uh home. Home sir, I was going there yep." Oh jeeze I've bumbled that I thought.

The Giant leaned down and rifled my coat pocket, he then handed over the note card the Professor had given me to the shorter of the two kidnappers who then gave it to Kelley.

"Well what have we here, a wee address and a name. Oh and look look there boys a time. Four thirty it says. I think if the lads were to drive you, you might just make it on time." The Butcher slowly crossed the room to a closed door. He stood by it and turned to me and continued talking.  "See here Eddie, yuir going to make this appointment and pick up what ever it is the Professor has you after. Then yuir going to bring it back to me so I can decide how much of Willie's debt it will cover."

I made to stand but the Giant's hands kept me seated, "I couldn't possibly, that book could be...I mean, the woman I'm to meet could see your men and well..." I stammered trying to think.

"The book could what lad? Be worth quite a bit to the right "Collector". Of that I'm sure, ye see I've heard talk o' wot that lot gets up to over there. I'm going to 'ave a piece o' this whatever old Clark is up to. Because if I don't..." he opened the door to reveal Uncle William gagged and tied to a chair. He had been beaten too and his blood stained his shirt. "Or I'll be hand deliverin' parts o' yuir uncle to ya."

I lowered my head and sighed in agreement, there was nothing much I could do or say at this point. "I can probably get a hold of some other trinkets from the Professor's office. Things you could sell, just let me keep the book I'm picking up today, at least for a little while."

The two thugs began to laugh, and the taller one pointed at me saying. "Get a load of the balls on this one Boss!"

Mr. Kelley slowly closed the door once more concealing my Uncle from sight. "You'll do as I say lad, get the book and bring it to me." He set the knives down next to the pig. "I think I'll have the lads bring this woman back too."

"But she has nothing to do with this!" I yelled and caused the Giant to push down on my shoulders again.

"She has whatever I say she does to do with this Eddie. Now do as yuir told." The man known as the Butcher turned his back to me and began caressing the pig. "You boys get goin' now."

The sack was pulled over my head again, and I was escorted back to the car by the Giant. I was placed in the passenger seat and sat silently as we moved back out onto the streets of Arkham. The driver mumbled something that I couldn't understand. then I felt a large hand shake me. I reached up and removed the sack just as the car pulled out of an alleyway. I was sitting next to the Scar-faced Giant as he drove us to my appointment.....


William Billingsly, younger brother of Albert Billingsly owner and operator of Billingsly Imports & Exports.
He is a known gambler and carouser of some note. Always in the thick of it, William has become the Black sheep of the Billingsly Family. His nephew Edward has been trying to help his Uncle get straightened out and back into the good graces of Albert while staying with him and studying at Miskatonic University.

[ This is the first session of a Pulp Cthulhu game being run for me by my GM, Sal. Stay tuned for more pulse pounding action soon!]

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Galacta 25: Misc Forces!!

Here are more groups of various forces for the Galacta 25 rules. Or use these for whatever figures you have, this time around I add in some Star Frontiers minis!!

Misc. Alien troops (from L to R)

Greater Sauriod 
Move - 8"   Save - 8+
Close fighting - 6+ to hit
Lazer Pistol: 8" range / 8+ hit
The Sauroids come from heavy gravity worlds and are known for their hatred towards the Octopoids. If Octopoids are present in a battle the Sauroids will seek to fight them first. Greater Sauroids disdain armor of any type and will never wear it. There are rare instances of Greater Sauroid Psi-Knights wielding Energy swords.
Energy Sword: 3+ hit / 7+ to parry any melee, Lazer, or Blast hits.

Nautiloid Psi-Knight
Move - 8"   Save - 7+
Close fighting Energy Sword - 3+ hit / 7+ to parry any melee, Lazer, or Blast hits.
Nautilods are very rare, and Psi-Knights even rarer. Galactan Empire forces & Octopoids will always seek to destroy a Nautiloid if one is present in the Battle.

Lesser Sauroid
Move - 8"  Save - 8+
Close fighting - 6+
Lazer Pistol: 8" range / 8+ hit
Optional: Body Armor - Move - 6" / Save - 7+
Lesser Sauroids have no problem wearing armor when deemed fit. They also wield Lazer Rifles and like using grenades. Like their Greater cousins they will attack Octopoids before any other target.

Octopoid Collective (from L to R)

Section Leader
Move* - 6"   Save - 7+
Close fighting - 5+ hit
Lazer Rifle: 16" range / 7+ hit
Optional: replace Lazer rifle with Spitter Rifle: 12" range / 6+ hit cannot be parried by Energy Swords.

Grenadier Trooper
Move* - 5"  Save - 8+
Close fighting - 6+ hit
Blast Cannon: 24" range / 7+ hit
Grenades: 4" range / 5+ hit, carry 3 per Trooper.

Move* - 5"  Save - 8+
Close fighting - 6+ hit
Repeater Lazer cannon: 20" range / 2 shots, 8+ hit
Option: Repeater Lazer Cannon can be swapped out for a Blast Cannon.

2nd Grenadier Trooper
Move* - 5"  Save - 8+
Close fighting - 6+ hit
Blast Cannon: 24" range / 7+ hit
Grenades: 4" range / 5+ hit, carry 3 per Trooper.

Octopoid squads are a minimum of 3 (Section Leader & 2 Troopers), or maximum of 5 (Section Leader, 1 Cannonier, and 3 Grenadier Troopers). Octopoids are unhindered by rough terrain and never have their movement values decreased by such. They work with the Galactan Empire and are rewarded by being given prisoners to enslave back in their Collective.

Assorted Alien Rebel Forces (from L to R)

Yazarian Warriors
 Move - 8"/gliding*  Save - 8+
*Gliding: If a Yazarian begins his movement from a Higher elevation of at least 4" or more, the model my glide down to ground level within a range of 12" or less.
 Close fighting - 6+ hit
Lazer Pistols: 8" / 7+ hit / Lazer Rifles: 16" / 7+
Optional: May be equipped with  up to 4 Grenades: 4" range / 5+ hit

Dralasite Warriors
 Move - 8"  Save - 8+ / morph*
*Morph: A Dralasite may choose to "Morph" once per Battle which allows them to re-roll a failed Save.
Close fighting - 6+ hit
Lazer Pistols: 8" / 7+ hit / Lazer Rifles: 16" / 7+
Optional: May be equipped with  up to 4 Grenades: 4" range / 5+ hit

Vrusk Warriors
Move - 9"*  Save - 8+
Close fighting - 6+ hit
Lazer Pistols: 8" / 7+ hit / Lazer Rifles: 16" / 7+
Optional: May be equipped with  up to 4 Grenades: 4" range / 5+ hit
 *Vrusk do not suffer movement penalties for rough terrain.

These Aliens can be found in operating within existing Rebel Squads, or may even form their own race specific or mixed squads of no less than 5 models.

The "Bots"

Misc. Robot forces (from L to R)

Standard Warbot
Move - 6"(1/2 speed outdoors)  Save - 7+
Close fighting - 12+
Blast Cannon: 24" range / 7+ hit
Options: Cannon can be swapped out for different weapons.

Jammer Bot
Move - 5"*  Save - 7+
Close fighting - 12+
Jammer Array: 10" ** / 1+ hit
** Jammer array will render any enemy robot within range to lose a turn as its systems are scrambled.
*Jammer Bots do not suffer movement penalties as they hover above obstacles and rough terrain.

Standard Robot
Move - 5"  Save - 7+
Close fighting - 10+
Lazer pistol: 8" range / 8+ hit
Optional: May be equipped with  up to 4 Grenades: 4" range / 6+ hit
 These Robots are used as general purpose security in many installations and as disposable infantry when biological troops are scarce.

Security Bot
Move - 6"(1/2 speed outdoors)  Save - 7+
Close fighting - 12+
Lazer Pistol: 8" range / 8+ hit
Options: Lazer Pistol can be swapped out for Flame Pistol.

Robots come in many shapes & sizes from all across the galaxy. This is just a small sample of what could be encountered.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Galacta 25: Hired Guns

Stats for use in Galacta 25:

From L to R

Hired Gun I
Move: 6"  Save: 6+
Lazer Rifle 16" / 8+ hit
Lazer Pistol 8" / 8+ hit OR Flame Pistol 4" / 6+ hit
Close fighting 7+ hit

Mercenary Squog
Move 8"  Save 9+
Lazer Rifle 16" / 8+ hit
Close fighting 7+ hit

Hired Gun II
Move 6" / 12" RAAG Belt
Lazer Pistol 8" / 7+ hit OR Flame Pistol 4" / 6+ hit
Spitter Rifle 12" / 8+ hit cannot be parried by Energy swords
Close fighting 7+ hit

Hired Guns tend to show up in groups of 3 to 5 members of various mismatched types. They are known to use grenades & Zenan Bombs.

Galacta 25: Black Nebula Pirates

I forgot to post this here on the Blog awhile ago, so here.

Black Nebula Pirates: stats for play in Galacta 25

Movement: 6"
Weapons: Lazer Rifle 8+ hit; range 16" or Lazer Pistol 8+ hit; range 8"
Close Fighting: melee 7+ hit
Save: 7+

Pirate Robots:
Movement: 6" (1/2 outdoor)
Weapons: Lazer Pistol 8+ hit; range 8" (sometimes modified with a Flame Pistol instead.)
Close Fighting: 12+ hit
Save: 7+

The vile Black Nebula Pirates have shown up across the Galactan Empire and battle both the Empire as well as Rebels who oppose them. The Pirates commonly have various robots with them, usually chosen for the purpose at hand.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Galacta25: Planetary Striker Assault Team

Planetary Strikers are chosen from the ranks of Rebel soldiers that have seen plenty of action in the Galactic conflict. Strikers are known for their reckless bravery and daring attacks on imperial forces.

Assault Squad:
4 Planetary Strikers
Move 7"
Lazer Pistols - range 8", 8+ to hit OR Flame Pistols - range 4", 6+ to hit
2 grenades - range 4", 5+ to hit
Light Suits - saving throw 8+

1 Striker Officer
Move 7"
Spitter Rifle - range 12", 8+ to hit (cannot be parried by energy swords)
1 grenade - range 4", 5+ to hit
Light Suit - saving throw 8+

1 All Terrain Assault Bot
Move 8"
2 Repeater Lazer Cannon - range 20", 8+ to hit; each cannon fires 2 bolts at targets within 4" of each other.
Close Fighting - 12+ to hit
Armor - saving throw 7+