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Where did Lars say we were going? Tegel Manor?

The Market village of Tegel, that's where.
Tegel lies about 15 miles north northwest of the now razed village of Eros. It is less than a mile from the coast of the Winedark sea, and they maintain a small lighthouse to support a small group of local fisherman.
 In town you will find the White Horse Tavern, run by the jovial Hasnovar. Travelers can find a place to sleep that isn't a bench or the floor of the White Horse at Althronthra's Boarding House. She and her two sons run a quiet decent place. 10cp a head per night, 15cp gets you dinner.
Market day brings farmers from the surrounding area to trade with the merchants who set up in the square. Ternelmor the Mayor of Tegel is a retired soldier and keeps a well drilled militia on duty and is ready to defend his town.

Just to the south lies the Abbey of Law.
Arnthora the Abbess welcomes all who would seek peace and comfort. All the Gods of Law can be prayed to here, though it is Ulesh God of Peace that ranks highest here. For a small donation and a days labor about the abbey the small group of Sisters will feed travelers a meal and allow them to stay the night in the Chapel.
The Sisters can also provide limited medicinal services to those in need.

Southeast of Tegel on a bluff overlooking the sea broods the ancient Tegel Manor.
This once great manor house sits upon the remains of prior castles, forts and dungeons of a thousand year legacy. Many Warlords, Nobles, Bandit Kings and Sorcerers have made their home here over the centuries.
The manor stands unoccupied currently as its owner, Sir Robert lives in a lodge upon the grounds.
Rumors abound of ghosts, murder, treasure, magic and curses that await any who would trespass in Tegel Manor. Traditionally, the people looked to Sir Roberts family for protection. Now they wonder who will protect them from what is happening.

Characters III

Here are a few more of our stalwart adventurers.

                                          *Update from Characters I*
Tyrrian is the last member of his family, he wields the sword and dagger crafted by his father for his older brothers. He has vowed to avenge them and the other villagers who died.

Emily the parsnip farmer and her chicken "kate" are picking up the way of the Warrior. She is childhood friends with Chi and the missing Alan.

Unlike the wild-forest child Chi, Calis is much older than the humans understand. He is wise in the ways of the forest and took offense when the man-beasts razed Eros village. The loss of his friends doesn't weigh as heavily upon him as it would a human, but he does not want evil to flourish.

                                                    "Sorry Friar, I couldn't help it!"
Garrotte Denslinger, the halfling gypsy showed up in the village one day and never left. Friar Beavis must keep an ever watchful eye upon him because as you see if it's not nailed down, Denslinger will make off with it.

Chapter 2: Portal under the Stars

The survivors of the Starless Sea found themselves washed on the shore of the Winedark sea. They walked back to the charred remains of the village Eros. The group scavenged the last few useful items from the burned remains.

A pushcart, bucket, some chain, a cook pot, the sacks and backpacks were stuffed with the last of the meager harvest of parsnips, radishes and rutabagas.

"Honest" Lars rallied the survivors and convinced them that heading to the nearby market town of Tegal would be in the best interest of them all. Setting off along the mud track to Tegal the group was wary of possible lingering man-beast that might still live.

Camp was made a few hours before nightfall and Emily had her hands full preparing a repast of parsnip mash, rutabaga soup and raw radish supplemented with a few eggs and a loaf of unleavened bread. Tom was wary of Moep who kept rubbing "bessie" and muttering about bacon.

As Lars and Chi watched over their sleeping companions, Chi heard movement in the forest. Thinking it might be man-beasts Lars awakened Sven, Beavis, Sally, and Bull Zi to investigate. The rest of the group was awakened but stayed in camp.

Moments later an old man was discovered tromping through the underbrush. Eulin the wise; he said he was called, because he was so old. He was heading to a nearby group of standing stones where this very night the stars would align and just like 50 years ago, a portal would open to burial chamber of an ancient Barbarian Warlord.

"The gods have favored me this night and delivered you lot to aid me! Come with me and we share the Warlords treasures equally!"

Poor Eulin was killed soon after by the Iron Guardians. There was much running in circles and Friar Beavis felt the flames of hell! Moep found much "Loot!" and was very happy, though still hungry. Gods were called upon to not much avail. Ghost of warriors past were sent to the beyond, and the stars of the night sky were pried from the pool of night.

The group returned from the Portal under the Stars as the sun rose in the east, and the portal closed for another 50 years. Telling the tale of adventure to the few members of the party that had stayed outside to guard their camp they set out anew for the market town of Tegal.

Eulin the Wise. you led us to a bountiful treasure.

Those who died.

The World of Eroc is a dangerous place. This post is dedicated to the almost Heroes from the razed village of Eros that tried to make it through the Starless Sea.


Dirk the Hunter, stabbed in the chest by a man-beast spear.

Brewster the Alchemist, critical to the chest from the Ram-beast in the Gatehouse.

Morisa the Elf Sage, killed by a man-beast spear in the back.

Obama the Indentured Servant, shot in the neck by Chi (fumbled) during melee with man-beasts.

Alandra Moon Staff, trampled by the Horse headed man-beast in the courtyard.

Dodge the Caravan guard, brained by Jonathon Beavis in retalitaion for pushing Chi overboard to the tentacles of the Starless sea.

John Paul II the weaver, pretty sure it was man-beasts what did him in.

Galaleo the astrologer, hurled into the sacrificial pit atop the ziggurat by man-beasts!

The Man-beasts, whose attempt to revive the evil Chaos worshiping brothers Molan and Felan was stopped by the actions of the brave villagers from the village of Eros.


A couple of characters whereabouts are currently of undetermined status:

Alexander the Apprentice, he was last seen manning the tiller of the magical Dragon boat as the party escaped the catastrophic destruction of the Ziggurat!

Alan the cutpurse, friend of Emily and Chi. He was last seen clinging for life on the gunwale of the Dragon boat.

Characters Part II

Here are some more of our cast of characters that adventure in the World of Eroc!

Brother Jonathan Beavis has found his faith lacking of late, and he seeks to quench his thirst in the pious ways of Losborst God of Wine & Ale.

Bull Zi, lost his half-sister Dragona to the Manbeasts under the Starless Sea. As a Jester he picked up many interesting skills that he wants to put to use in his new adventuring career.

"easy" Sally the former Rutabaga Farmer has discovered it was quite "easy" to brain, maim, and slay man-beasts! She now brings the full brunt of her Duidess powers to the party.

Moep the Halfling Trader was saved from the paws of the Man-beasts, and he found that even parsnip mash with rutabaga soup and raw radish wasn't enough to fill his belly. He craves "Loot" and will warily follow the bigger folk to find it.

Chi was an elf forest child that lived on the outskirts of the village. Though she seems to be of about 20 summers in human years she is actually quite young in elf years. Her naive nature, and inability to fathom the ways of the rest of the Humans in the group causes a bit of turmoil.

Tom, was the best radish farmer in the whole village. When the man-beasts came for "bessie" his pig. There was no stopping him! Wielding his pitchfork like a madman the man-beast were driven back.

Watch for Characters part III

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Characters part I

Hey look, it's some of the people inhabiting this little corner of the mighty World of Eroc.

That looks like Honest Lars, he says he'll load all the coin in that chest he found. He throws a mean rock.

Sven REALLY likes that axe he got from that Bull headed man beast. Looks like Duck herding is not going to be his occupation any longer.

Young Tyrrian and his father. The hammer of the Blacksmith shall fall hard on the skull of evil.

World of DCC, look and feel.

The World Of Eroc, in the DCC campaign is not any common DnD world you may be comfortable with.

It is another place, in a distant time.

A place where an adventuring party will look more like this.....

A place where you are not going to meet Orcs or goblins, but these guys....

This is a world of Sword & Sorcery, more Conan than King Arthur. In this world Elves, dwarves and halflings are not common. There are not so much Kings as Warlords. There is no Elminster or Mordenkainen, or Schools of magic. There are Witches, Necromancers, dabblers of the Black Arts!
Priests, cultists and observers of many Gods. Those Gods pay attention too, and it's not always good that they do.

Friday, August 17, 2012

DCC Chapter 1: Sailors on the Starless Sea

This game took place Aug. 10th 2012.

I ran the Zero level adventure: DCC #67 Sailors on the Starless Sea
I had 7 players running 3 zero level characters apiece. Our group started as quite the motley band of peasants. Here they are listed by Player, then characters.

Brian: Sven the Duck Herder, Bull Zi the Jester, Dragona halfling vagrant.

Shawn: Tyrrian the Blacksmith, Dirk the Hunter, Tom the Radish Farmer.

John: Lars the Smuggler, Alexander the Apprentice, Fiery Sally the Rutabaga Farmer

Selina: Emily the Parsnip farmer, Alan the cutpurse, Chi the elf forester

Greg: Alandra Moonstaff elf Artisan, Jonathan Beavis a Monk (Name of the Rose style), Garrotte Denslinger halfling gypsy

Buck: Dodge the caravan guard, Brewster the Alchemist, Calis the elf forester.

Cary: Obama the indentured servant, Morisa elf Sage, John Paul the weaver.

*Note* I decide to not allow duplicate starting occupations except for Farmer, Herder and Demi-humans. I also decided the first player to roll the Blacksmith would be directly related to the Blacksmiths in the adventure. Since Shawn rolled a 7 for Strength he made Tyrrian the youngest son of the Blacksmith family.

The Monk was a variation on the Herbalist Occupation, as I wanted a spiritual center for the group. Greg decided his pound of Herbs were actually hops as Jonathan was learning Brewing at the Monastery.

I read the following aloud to the group:
"What started with a missing child, has grown progressively worse in the past weeks. Now entire families have gone missing from ravaged farmsteads. Messengers sent for aid have not returned!!
Last night however foreshadows that the worst is yet to come. Man beasts attacked the village proper, wounding many and carrying off at least thirty of your friends and family. You can no longer wait for the Duke to send aid. Gathering your meager tools and gear you few band together to save your people."

I then started with the group assembled at the path just outside the old fort near the bramble patch.

*In the excitement of starting play, I forgot to give out a rumor to each player!!!

More in the next post.

Peter Mullen ROCKS!!!

Pete Mullen totally rocks! His art really caught my attention in the past couple of years. I dig his style, I love that the adventurers DO NOT have a modern World of Warcraft type look. I have been very inspired to write up adventures and encounters based off his pictures.

This one in particular, is just so cool.

Pete I would like to say Thank you! I have honestly bought some gaming items solely because your art graced the cover.

The First Post

Today I have created my first Blog. My intention is to document my current DCC gaming sessions her for all to enjoy.

This is my first attempt at this whole blogging thing so bear with me as I learn what I'm doing.

Thank you, and I hope to see many friends here soon.