Sunday, January 24, 2016

Galcta 25: Kat-men of Tarsus IV

The Kat-men of Tarsus IV:  stats for play in Galacta 25

Movement: 8"
Weapons: Lazer Rifle +8 hit; range 16" or Lazer Pistol +8 hit; range 8"
Close Fighting: melee +7 hit
Save: +8
The Kat-men are notorious mercenaries and have shown up in the employ of both the Galactan Empire and the Rebels who oppose them.

*These figures are from the Heritage Models Star Trek line as the Kzin.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cthulhu on the Orient Express!

A friend of mine has started a CoC Orient Express game. It is something he has wanted to do for a long time. So far the Party consists of 4 players (myself included).

We just finished getting our characters in order and played through the introduction adventure. The party is composed of the following characters:

Sgt. James Parker an ex British Soldier. James saw action in WWI and knows the horrors man can inflict
upon itself. After the war he traveled the United States where he met his soon to be wife Panacea Sullivan at a party in Chicago. They were both present during a Spiritual Seance that turned out to be a hoax of which the couple was instrumental in exposing. Enamored with Panacea the two of them traveled the US "Ghostbusting". The pair were married and spent their honeymoon in New Orleans where again they helped Police expose a ring of "supernatural" grifters. In the process they ended up adopting a young orphan girl that was used by the gang in their schemes.

James and his wife along with Anna have returned to England to meet Prof. Smythe an old friend who says he has come across something he thinks they would find interesting.
(My character)

Panacea Sullivan is the youngest daughter of Charles Sullivan the Chicago Magnate. She was always a bit of a party girl and troublemaker that Charles thought he was going to have trouble marrying her off. The girl
was always getting mixed up in all sorts of psuedo-scientific and spiritual nonsense that was all the rage with the young people. Panacea had actually already exposed about a half dozen cheap frauds who were taking money to "Contact the Spirits" and had taken her own Grandmother for quite a sum. It was however the New Year's eve 1922 when Panacea along with the dashing Englishman James Parker that her Father knew his daughter was destined for an unusual path. A Madame Gustavtra had been commissioned to entertain the guests with a grand seance early in the morning of New Year's Day 1923 where she would summon the revelers of years past to a grand "Ghost Party". Panacea and James were instrumental in exposing the Madame and her accomplices in their scheme. The young Dilettante proved herself to be quite the amateur detective/occultist and with the aid of James foiled a plot that made headlines. The pair were soon to become well known as "Ghostbusters".
Now married Panacea and James look to travel Europe and continue their adventures.
(Played by my Wife)

Anna Parker (adopted), was an orphan in New Orleans that was used by a crew of Grifters in schemes to gain money by promising to be able to return lost children from the grave. Little Anna was used in many
tricks and guises to play as long lost children to gain entry to homes and rob many grieving women. It was while on a Honeymoon trip that James and Panacea Parker looked into the local stories of  the "ghost girl" that they were able to deliver proof to local authorities and by proxy save Anna from her mis-use by the gang. Even though Anna is only 11 years old she is quite an accomplished lockpick and pickpocket. Anna has been adopted by the Parkers and helps her new family stop others from being taken advantage of.
(Played by my daughter)

Dr. Mufasa is an enigmatic young genius. He has a PHD in Archaeology and a BA in photography. The son of the British Ambassador to Egypt born in Cairo to his native mother. Mufasa studied at Harvard and
became friends with Prof. Smythe. Mufasa is a single man with OCD and a secretly repressed emotional pain. Mufasa has been invited to join Prof. Smythe and some others in an interesting investigation to which the Prof. feels his skills will be ideally suited.

Our first evening of play had the characters meet Prof. Smythe at a symposium in London where he spoke various topics. Little did we know the Prof. was fishing for secret occult clues to an ancient plot that was soon to become all to real! A strange murder of three men with the same identity in two different rooms in one hotel, a model train, and a secret summons to meet our friend in a east end slum has put us on the trail of the Sedefkar Simulacrum!

More to come soon.....