Hall of Heroes

Herein lie those who have fallen in their quest for adventure and glory in the Eroc-verse.

Dragona the halfling vagrant, punched in the head by a man-beast.

Dirk the Hunter, stabbed in the chest by a man-beast spear.

Brewster the Alchemist, critical to the chest from the Ram-beast in the Gatehouse.

Morisa the Elf Sage, killed by a man-beast spear in the back.

Obama the Indentured Servant, shot in the neck by Chi (fumbled) during melee with man-beasts.

Alandra Moon Staff, trampled by the Horse headed man-beast in the courtyard.

Dodge the Caravan guard, brained by Friar Beavis in retaliation for pushing Chi overboard to the tentacles of the Starless sea.

John Paul II the weaver, pretty sure it was man-beasts what did him in.

Galileo the astrologer, hurled into the sacrificial pit atop the ziggurrat by man-beasts!

Vos the marine, killed by giant squid in pursuit of scads of gold!

Luna elf Mariner, drained of life by Mephrekhet.

Jill the Navigator, drained of life by Mephrekhet.

Thora the Armorer: your skills will be missed. Mauled to death by a Bug-Beast.

Tom the radish farmer, Cleric of Limtram. Gutted by grey robed cultist.

Bull Zi the jester and Thief. Slipped and fell off the Enchanters roof and impaled himself on his own weapons.

Alex the cabin boy, Cleric of Tar-Ark the Monkey god and a member of Captain James' crew who fought the Mummy Queen Mephreket. He survived the destruction of her Blood Jewel and a couple of forays into Tegel Manor and upon death we discovered he, was a she!

 Sven the Duck Herder and Warrior
A survivor of the Starless Sea, Sven put his strength to great use in aid of his fellows. Never one to back down from a fight his bravery will be remembered as well as his staunch loyalty to his friends.
**Sven was brought back from the Underworld by a bargain struck with a Banshee.

The Dealer Who Dealt in Stardust:
Wraith Tombs, a gravedigger by day Necromancer by night. Slain by the spiders of Ygizz.

The Trouble with Istrobian:
Sparks Mcweathervane, dwarven blacksmith and Warrior. Laid low by a Racoon-man sniper from an alternate dimension.

The Balance Blade:
Tyrrian the Warrior, Garrote Denslinger, Brother Beavis, Erwyn Rockclimber and Randy Devereau were all killed by Alexander to prove his worthiness to join Sezrekan the Elder!
Through a deal made with five Gods Tarek was able to secure the resurrection of those who died at the hands of Alexander.

Attack of the Frawgs!
"hey" Yoo the Slave: killed by Frawgling.
Bry'an the Elven forester: killed by Frawgling claw.
Buck the Squire: killed by "sludge"
Tayne the Gambler: enveloped by slime/poisoned/ then set on fire.
Old Sagan the Astrolger: killed by Jenny Greenteeth
Trent the Farmer: Killed by Jenny Greenteeth.
Bale the Servant: ?????
Porthos the Dwarven Blacksmith: pancaked by Frawg herd.
Lucky 13 the Jester: swallowed whole by demon Toad.
Jack Lumber the Woodcutter: charged by flaming Toad demon and killed on impact falling with Toad from the waterfall cavern.

The Well Of Souls...
Halfling Chicken Butcher: eaten by cave lurkers
Corn Farmer: eaten by cave lurkers
Beadle: fell and broke his neck
Chuck the Outlaw: spiked pit trap
Tax Collector: arm ripped off by skeletons
Stephanie Swanson Rice Farmer: life drained by cursed skeletons
Grave Digger: tentacle
Steven Swanson Herder: Waterfall death
Halfling Dyer: Waterfall death
Danny Boy Caravan Guard: Waterfall death
Marcus Fumbles Ropemaker: Waterfall death
Tyrone Jackson Cheesemaker: incinerated by blue flame
Kong the Gongfarmer: burned by the Bronze Croc
Dennis the Urchin: burned by the Bronze Croc
Orphan: incinerated by blue flame
Ropemaker: smashed by tail of Bronze Croc
Fortune Teller: Croc tail
Woodcutter: Croc tail

Steet Kids of the CSIO
Roach the urchin: devoured by sink hole
Slick the urchin: devoured by sink hole
Piper the urchin: brained by sling stone
Benny the urchin: Sons of Apollo arrow
Kyon the urchin: Sons of Apollo arrow

Nebin Pendlebrook's Pantry of Peril
* all those listed below are halflings*
Harry Sackman the Ostler: transformed into tentacle mass and speared by Dr. Pepper
Cerberous Scentgrabber Houndsman: stabbed by dwarf skeleton
Logan the Farmer: bite of a purple toad-spider
Jeff the messenger: mauled by bone-hound
Ackbar the Cook: fell into a chasm
Bard the Doorbuster a Borderwarden: slain by dwarf skeleton
Donnie Brook the jeweler: slain by dwarf skeleton
Fifity-Two Pickup the fortune teller: ????
Chuck the Weaver: eaten by cave worm
Lucky the Dyer: killed by the transformed Harry Sackman as a tentacle monster
Arthas Winterchill: eaten by salamanders
Ariada the servingwench: blown up by magic
Sir Reginald the Gentleman: eaten by cave worm
Tiny the Burglar: fell from a great height
Master the Hunter: sucked into magical mirror vortex
Blaster the Pie thief: blown up by magic
Slick Leatherman the glovemaker: blown up by magic
Doctor Pepper the Healer: blown up by magic
Screwge the Duck a Moneylender: blown up by magic
Rillica the animal trainer: blown up by magic


  1. Wow, when you look at the list all at once, it is amazing to see just how many have fallen.


    1. I agree, seeing it before you really brings it home.