Saturday, November 28, 2015

Galacta 25: Update

Here is a little unit I finally finished tonight. I'm going to use them as a Special forces type unit for spaceship boarding actions and or Rebel base cleaning! These guys will see multiple uses in other Sci-Fi settings as well.

The unit is comprised of the following, and uses the original Heritage Galacta 25 rules:

5 Stormtrooper Officer/Leader figures
Move: 7" per turn
Saves on: 6+
Laser Pistol range: 8" ; Hits 7+ OR Flame Pistol range: 4" ; Hits 6+
Close Fighting 4+ ; Parries 8+

1 Warbot figure
Moves: 6" per turn
Saves on: 7+
Repeater Laser Cannon: range 20"; Hits 8+; fires twice, targets must be within 4" of each other.
Close fighting: 12+

*The Troopers are usually armed with grenades, and sometimes Flame Pistols instead of Lasers.