Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DCC Chapter 18 & 19: Doom of the Savage Jarl, Parts 1 & 2

Jarl's men
 Intrigued by tales of a ravenous creature terrorizing the Skandik village of Seastrand, Sally put together a small expedition consisting of herself, Captain Hookah, Gilligan, Faroud, L'lorlin the Elf Lady and a few newcomers; Vala the elf Sorceress, Mike Lee the most dangerous Halfling Alive, and Cyral Figgus a bondsman of Tarek.

 This small party set sail for the eastern shore just north of Tegal. There they beached the Dragon boat and left Gilligan and Faroud to await their return. Soon the group encountered a bunch of villagers ushering a
Circle of stones
bound young woman to a ring of stones to be offered up as sacrifice to the rumored Beast!
Not willing to let an innocent be used in this manner Sally asked if she herself could take the young girls place. The Jarl remembered Sally from her brief stay months prior when she and the others were travelling with the merchant Marcus the Decent.