World of Eroc

The campaign takes place on the world of Eroc. A planet steeped in mystery and ancient sorcery. It is a savage planet and we focus upon a small part, known by its inhabitants as the Wilderlands.
Wilderlands of Eroc
 It is along the northeastern coast of the central Pazidan peninsula that our first story takes place.

The Six Great City-States of the Wilderlands:

Viridistan - the City of Spice and City State of the World Emperor, is home to the otherworldly Green Emperor, believed to be the last of the green-skinned True Viridians.

City State of the Invincible Overlord - its real name is lost to history, said to be the capitol of the ancient Orichalan Dragon Empire, it was overthrown by Tharbrian warriors and been ruled by their descendants ever since. Tensions run high between the City State and Viridistan.

Valon - a major sea power and home to the greatest ship builders in the wilderlands. Many spired Valon sits at the southern edge of the Great Glacier.

Tarantis - ruled by Atar the Lion, is home to the Tarantine Merchants' Association and is a growing sea power. It is also a source of items from the far eastern kingdom of Karak.

Tula - the ancient and legendary Invisible City. Believed to be ruled by the vile Reptile-Lich, strange beasts are said to roam freely among the iron towers and soft-rock ruins. Adventurers from far and near have sought its location and never found it, or never admitted it.

Rallu - City State of the Sea Kings is home to hearty mariners who claim the heritage of ancient Kelnore. Rallu is rumored to wage a secret war against Tula.

The Peoples of the Eroc.

  Humans are the most common race on Eroc. The human race has no sub-races, only cultural and ethnic divisions. Most humans in the Wilderlands are a mix of bloodlines, with the most common being a mix of Altanian, Tharbrian and Ghinorian, though some may have Skandik, Avalonian, Viridian or even Amazonian blood.

  A mix Tharbrian and Altanian blood, these folk inhabit many of the cities of the northern Wilderlands, such as Modron, Warwik and the City State of the Invincible Overlord. Most Alryans have a disdain for the barbarian Altanians to the south, and would be appalled if they knew of their close kinship as they consider themselves "highly" civilized.

   These people occupy the portion of the Pazidan Peninsula south of the City State of the Invincible
Overlord known as Barbarian Altanis. Families are organized into clans within each tribe. Some clans are nomadic, while many have settled in small villages.


  Known in the northern lands as "Shield Maidens" due to their disdain for armor other than shields. They are found in their castle near Sea-Rune on the Pagan coast, north of Ossary. There are also tribes in the south around Rallu, and near Ghinor and the Ament Tundra.

  These people terrifying merchants willing and able to swindle at the drop of a copper. They are notorious slavers and despise Amazons.

  These people come from  remnants of the Kelnoran Empire, which fell thousands upon thousands of years ago. They occupy the lands of the southwestern crescent of the Sea of Five Winds from Lenap to Tlan and across to Chim. They are also found in Tarsh and in the isolated kingdom of Damkina. The people of Rallu claim to be descended from the ancient Sea Kings of Kelnore. 

  The people of the City State of Tarantis and the surrounding lands. The culture of Gishmesh still retains its tribal feel. The people are ruled by Sultans and are ruthless merchants and pirates.

  They build their towns along coastlines and their longships raid the surrounding areas. They pay homage to Jarls and organize themselves into clan villages. Only warriors are allowed to wear beards, which are a sign of manhood. They inhabit the northern coast above the City State west of Warwik as well as the southern stretch of the Pagan Coast and a number of the isles in that region.

  The Tharbrians originally migrated into the Wilderlands from the far west long ago. The city of Modron was founded ages ago by Tharbrian tribesmen in honor of the goddess Modron whom they freed from ancient captivity. Women are equal to men in Tharbrian society. Tharbrian smiths are renown for their skills in metalworking.

  Common Viridians are the people of the Falling Empire of Viridistan. Primarily of Tharbrian blood they were dominated for thousands of years by the True Viridians (of which the Green Emperor, his Empress and a few Nobles are thankfully the last), and intermixed with a dollop of True Viridian blood. 

The Ancient races:

  The few that remain in the world of Eroc are mostly to be found in the mountain kingdom of Thunderhold. Secretive, strong and fearsome opponents in battle they claim to be the oldest race and come to odds with the Elves the most. Few humans have ever been admitted into Thunderhold and there are many rampant rumors about Dwarfs, their customs and women.

  The Elves claim a dozen major settlements throughout the Wilderlands, not counting the scores of rumored hills and forest glades they are said to haunt. A beautiful and terrifying people that defy any sense of logic. Elves suffer worse than Dwarfs from the rumors that fly among humans about them. They also find the Dwarfs to be cynical and boorish.

First Men
 Either the degenerated result of ancient fallen empires or the last remnants of the earliest savage human
First Men
tribes, First men can be found throughout the Wilderlands.

 The Bone-folk have translucent flesh and look like living skeletons, outlined
with a shimmering aura in the form of a fleshy body. They are very rare.

  No one is sure how long the Halflings have been with us, and neither do they. Most Halflings look like smaller versions of the local humans amongst whom they live and they tend to take up various crafts and services much like the humans. Halfling gypsies are a boisterous lot, more than happy to crack a few heads or rob you blind should you offend their eclectic sensibilities.

Klengon: This race claims to be the terror of the galaxy, they are honorable and respected as powerful
Pure Klengon
Warriors and Clerics devoted to Gods of War! Klengons have been known to breed with human women and have created a sort of Half-breed that is very hard to distinguish from the various humans.

Klengon Half-breed Warrior

Markrab / Mar Kr'Ab:
 The alien race that first discovered Eroc and eventually went to war with it's Gods and patrons for control of
Markrab Noble
the planets vast untapped potential.
 The Markrab Empire are an ancient star-faring race in the Eroc-verse. They were rumored to have immense pyschic and Techno-magic powers. Their lifespan of 3,500 years is greatly offset the extremely low reproductive rates which are barely able to sustain the race. It has been estimated that the overall population in the Eroc-verse was cut in half during the Uttermost War and then further reduced by the Epic Spell Wars.
 Markrab mutate greatly during the last third of their life cycle and often spend decades in near hibernation solving esoteric mathematical equations or mental challenges set by their Communal Chronal Intelligence.
 At the height of their power the Markrab fell into dispute with the Celestials and the Unknown Gods of Eroc. This became known as the Uttermost War, which raged for 32,000 cycles and resulted in a stalemate which is believed to continue to this day. The Markrab have devoted this time to the exploration and conquest of resources in the galactic core where artifacts to promote longevity and mass destruction were hidden away by the Celestials.  
**This is NOT a playable PC race.**

 Descendants of the Dragon-Lords of Oricha, these people have been hunted to near extinction by their
Orichalan bandits
former servants and slaves. These people are found living as roving bands and are despised and looked upon with great suspicion by others.

 Called "goblin-men" or "troll-bloods", these debased humans are so vile that no one wishes to claim them as
Swerting warriors
kin. Generally never seen by daylight these foul creatures haunt the dark places of the world. They are especially rampant in the ancient underground ruins that litter the world.

True Viridians
 They are said to be the children of the god Armadad Bog and the Mer-Queen of the Trident Gulf. Only a  
The Green Emperor
handful of these people are rumored to exist in this age.

 The City State of the World Emperor (Viridistan) is ruled by a True Viridian, he and the Empress are rarely seen in public. The levels of debauchery that these two aspire too are legendary. The Empress is famous for her extreme carnal appetite and innate skill of seduction, which many attribute to sorcery.

Things in the Wilderlands:

Of Carbelium or "Red Iron"
    A strange lightweight but very hard red metal that is extremely rare. The only rumored source is Gheulost Island in the Trident Gulf, which is protected by the Viridian Navy. The metal seems antithetical to iron and steel and is only slightly affected by magic. In fact, it is actually attracted to iron and steel (though it does not bond with it). It is too hard to be crafted into weapons larger than arrow heads. Few ancient wizards knew of a way to fuse small threads  of carbelium into magic weapons, but those techniques have been lost. The Green Emperor's elite Archers carry carbelium arrows, and they use them to deadly effect against the mightiest of armored foes.
    Raw carbelium and carbelium ingots, as well as quantities of carbelium arrowheads, are kept in lead-lined chests. There have been attempts to make carbelium swords with lead-lined scabbards; all have failed spectacularly, and lethally.
    Carbelium is not available for sale in the general market, and can only be found most dearly on the black market (valued at over 100gp per arrowhead). Dealing in the substance is punishable by death if caught.

Of Magicum or "Sorceror's Snuff"
    A strange bluish rock salt-like substance that has many subtle uses. In an area where magicum is present in the ground naturally or though architectural use, spellcasting becomes enhanced. In fact, ingestion of magicum over time heightens the power of those who possess such powers, though this exposure leads directly to severe and immediate corruption.
    In addition, magicum is a key ingredient in the creation of magical gates and powerful items, particularly those that store, turn or resist magic.
    Magicum does not seem to have any impact on divine magic. despite its apparent nature, it is not easily detected, giving off no aura of any kind. Though somewhat ironic, it is believed that magicum was used as a fuel source for Tecno-mantic devices from the 10th Age.
   Like carbelium, magicum is a hazardous substance. Long term exposure has been known to lead to oozing sores, rotting flesh and madness.
Of Erocian Steel
   Swords made of Erocian Steel were characterized by distinctive bands of mottling resembling flowing water. Such blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering allowing a +1 to all saving throws and are capable of being honed to incredible sharpness which allows them to inflict +1 Die Chain in damage on Critical Hits only.  The secret of creating Erocian Steel is believed to have been originated by master Tharbrian smiths. These weapons never suffer breakage on the fumble chart and will be dropped instead.

Of Dwarf Forged Weapons
  Dwarf forged Short swords and Axes of all types cause +1 Die Chain in damage. These weapons can only be obtained in the following fashion:
1) As a gift presented to a Dwarf-Friend
2) By paying triple the normal cost to an unscrupulous  Neutral or Chaotic Dwarf outcast capable of forging        such weapons.
3) As loot from a dungeon hoard, expired Dwarf Warrior or Dwarf Tomb.
 **Be aware that Lawful Dwarfs do not take kindly to others wielding these weapons if they deem they have not been obtained by option #1, and have been known to forcibly relieve those of said items.

Mithril arms and armor of the Elves
 The elves are masters of forging the strange metal known as mithril into lightweight weapons and fine armor for their race. Since all elves are allergic to man and dwarf forged steels they must rely on the items they create or of more primitive standards such as bronze or stone weapons.

Places of Note:

Witches' Court Marshes (swamp)
    A very special and dangerous place. All the evil witches gather here for All Hallows' Eve in a massive enclave. The power of evil concentrated in that one spot that night is truly awesome. The marsh is believed to be a nexus point between the mortal plane and that of the Nether Hells.

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