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Star Frontiers Chapter 1: Crash on Volturnus!

The hull vibrated in pulsing shudders. Emergency lighting came on and the cacophony of alarm bells roused the survey team from their peaceful slumber. Jason or "Brock" as he preferred to be called turned over covering his head with a pillow. It was then he realized he was floating six inches off the bunk, something was seriously wrong!

Each member of the team quickly gathered what gear they had been allowed to bring to the cabins and met each other in the hall.
"I couldn't get anyone on the intercom!" said Marcus as he slung his medkit/robcomkit on his back.

"We should find a cewman, see what's happened." suggested N'nami.

"Our weapons, should be a priority." Brock was rubbing his forehead where he had banged it on the bunk.

"Weapons were stowed by the Robo-steward when we boarded. Except what we smuggled past it." smiled Gorruck looking at the group as both he and Brock revealed military issue combat knives. "The cargo bays are closer we should see that our mission gear is safe first."

 The party agreed to head to the cargo bays and see if there was anything to worry about. The ships artificial gravity was fluctuating slightly, this could just be side effects of a magnetic storm or even a rogue meteor strike. They would find out soon enough. The emergency lighting and venting made navigating the already cramped corridors difficult enough, but add in the failing gravity and you had a recipe for serious injury. Marcus pulled a small flashlight from a pocket and used it to scan ahead of the group as they moved.
 Gorruck lead the way using all four limbs to move himself along at a good pace. Coming to a junction he peers around the corner with the others just as a unit vents drowning out the collective gasps of the party as they witness a large hulking figure administer a terrible blow to Parker, a crew member that had won quite a
few games of P'zak with them during the journey. Gorruck signaled Brock who immediately hushed the rest.
"Who was that with Parker, I don't remember seeing him before!" hissed Marcus.
"I fear we may have pirates on board." Brock unsheaths his knife and looks at the Yazirian scout.
"I can take him before he notices us." Gorruck says as he swings himself up onto the ceiling scuttling along like a bug. The Yazirian then launches himself at the unsuspecting intruder using the failed gravity to his advantage.....
"Pa-Choom!" a shudder reverberates through the ship, sparks fly and gravity returns to normal. Dropping Gorruck loudly to the deck. "oof, aw frak!" bemoans the monkey-like alien as he looks up into a face even a Denebian slime-devil couldn't love. The scrape of magnetic boots sends shivers down the spines of the collected group as they see their friend at the mercy of the space pirate. Another shudder in the ship and the gravity goes out once again.

  "Well, well, looks like Big Tiny has more friends to play with." the scar faced pirate turns and steps towards the prone yazirian raising his bloody boot in preparation to stomp!
Just then N'nami closes her eyes and concentrates on the pipes above the pirates head. Suddenly they break loose sending a blast of steam into the face of the attacker! "Everyone, go now!" urges the Yazirian Mentalist.
Using the failed gravity, Brock launches himself at the pirate. "G-rock, execute maneuver J-33!" The human commando zooms down the hall at waist height passing over the prone yazirian who gives the man a quick hand shake of sorts and uses his feet to add momentum to the humans assault!  Brock is followed closely by Lynx who has enhanced his strength in anticipation of grappling the large human and Marcus who dives past the melee to see if he can aid Parker.
Big  Tiny seems unfazed by Brock's attack and hurls him against the bulkhead. Lynx then delivers a couple of blows gaining the pirates attention. The pirate is slow but powerful and his blows are easily evaded, as Lynx gets him in a hold keeping him from using his fists. This opening allows Goro who has spent the last moments growing a third leg to administer three successive groin kicks to the pirate! "wham, wham, wham!"
Smiling evilly the pirate looks down at Goro, then at the armored cod-piece he wears. "Uh-oh!" pipes the little Dralasite. Big Tiny breaks the hold Lynx has on him and prepares to smash the Traka into the bulkhead. Just then Marcus delivers a bone-crushing blow to Big tiny's foot with a pipe wrench he found by Parker.
"AARRGGHH!!!" Lynx is released from the grip of the pirate as Brock delivers two jabs with his knife, this is followed by two open-hand blows from Gorruck that snap ribs!

With the intruder defeated, the party verifies that Parker is indeed beyond aid. The group collects itself and moves out for the Cargo-bays.Brock drags the body of Big Tiny along to use a s a shield. Heading quickly down the darkened corridors a second pirate takes the party by surprise as he grapples Lynx and places a vibroknife to the Traka's throat. "I'll kill your friend unless you do as I say!" he commands.

As one the rest of the group look at the pirate with fire in their eyes. "You might kill our friend, but we've already killed yours." says Brock as he drops the limp form of Big Tiny to the deck. N'nami concentrates on the weapon held to her teammates throat.
"Weren't you looking for a vibroknife?" purrs Gorruck.
"Yes, yes I was." Brock lunges forward as the vibroknife flies from the pirates grip into his hand.
The pirate pushes Lynx into the charging human causing them to become entangled as he bolts into the darkened ship corridors.
"Let him go, we need to get to the Cargo bay." urges N'nami.

 Reaching the bay doors, the party discovers they have been sealed due to the emergency conditions. Goro steps forward and is able to bypass the security locks and get everyone inside safely. Entering the large spherical bay the party each grab a safety clip and latch themselves onto the handrail. The entire bay is a zero-g area and they make their way toward the central terminal unit. Goro tells everyone "I can access that terminal to get the manifest. I'll be able to locate our gear and use the cargo arm to bring it to us."
"Look Out!" yells Brock, alerting the party.
Two space pirates cling to the cargo nets in the upper sphere. One is aiming a gyrojet pistol at them, as the second launches himself at the group brandishing a shiny hand-axe in his left hand.
"Hey!" exclaims Marcus, "That bastard has my axe!"
N'nami, concentrates on the pistol and telekinetically rips from the pirates grip. She delivers the pistol into the hands of Marcus who then fires off three shots at the pirate wielding his stolen gear.
"Be careful with that in here!" yells Gorruck, "None of us want you holing the ship!"
As the gyrojet bullets rocket towards their target, Brock unlatches himself from the handrail and uses the body of Big tiny like a flying battering ram aimed at the Pirate with the axe! Two of three pistol rounds find their marks in the left and right arms of the axe-wielding pirate. Screaming in pain he loses the axe and spins wildly trailing a spray of blood globules. There is a great amount of zero-g acrobatic antics that ensue before the two pirates are finally finished off. The group is able to retrieve all their stowed non-weapon personal gear. They then make haste to get to the bridge of the Serena Dawn.

Rounding a turn in the corridor the party encounters three pirates, both parties are surprised and take a moment to size each other up. The pirates are armed with a pair of shock-gloves, a stun-whip and a club. "We need those weapons!" exclaims Brock.
"Right, look out!" Marcus fires off the gyrojet pistol, and the rounds explode harmlessly across the bulkhead over the pirates. Emboldened by the inept display the space-pirates attack. A vicious hand to hand battle ensues with the space pirates on the losing end. Lynx arms himself with the Shock-gloves to give himself a healthy boost in damaging foes with his martial arts. N'nami coils the whip on her belt and Goro is given the club.

  At last the door to the bridge comes into view, but the party is stopped once again by a sealed airlock door. Moving to the control panel Goro open a toolkit and pries it open.
"This should only take a minute, get ready." the Dralasite pulls out some wires and begins working.
The door hisses as it slides open revealing a scene of carnage on the bridge of the Serena Dawn. The bodies of two more crew lie bloody at the feet of four armed men, all with weapons aimed at the party. A tall human in a dark trench coat holds a pair of matching auto-pistols, "We've been watching you on the monitors, fools!" laughing evilly he pulls the triggers on both pistols spraying the party!
Flanked by three other pirates, one with a needler pistol, one with an elctro-stunner, and the last with a laser pistol, they join their leader in firing upon the group!

Gorruck and Brock take the brunt of the damage as they charge the leader who uses their own Crimson Tiger pistols upon them. Luckily, Goro had found a crate of military issue skeinsuits in the Cargo-bay and everyone was wearing one. N'nami is able to use her telekinesis to wrench the pistols from the pirate and return them to Gorruck and Brock. Lynx is able to knock out the Laser Pistol wielding pirate with a single blow. The Traka recognizes him as the one who threatened earlier to kill him with a vibrokinfe. The leader proves the toughest as he pulls out a Laser pistol of his own and blasts Gorruck with a shot that throws the yazirian across the room. Needles, gyrojets, lasers, and electo-blasts fly most missing and causing terrible damage to the bridge, but in moments the pirates are defeated and the leader sorely wounded and one other knocked out are all that remain.
"Goro, how bad is this?" asks Marcus pointing to the smoldering control panels.
The Dralasite looks about and slumps, "Oh no, the controls are fried. But that is not the worst, look what they set."
"Can't you stop it?" asks the Doctor.
Tapping keys furiously on a blasted keyboard Goro yelps, "Not with the state of these controls, besides we're past the Failsafe time-out!"
"Everyone, this way!" Gorruck urges the party towards a hatchway marked Escape-Pod.
The pod only has room to seat six safely, but Brock insists on bringing the pirate leader along anyway. Just as they lock the safety harness a blast knocks something loose and the pod jettisons from the ship! Tumbling
wildly out of control the group sees the Serena Dawn explode. The pod arcs down towards the barren planet below and as it enters the atmosphere smoke begins to fill the cabin.
"Something is wrong, this shouldn't be happening!" exclaims Goro, as a fire erupts from the onboard computer.
"I've got it!" yells Brock using the limp pirate leader to beat out the flames.
"Hold on everyone, her it comes!" Gorruck yells as the view port is filled by a large rocky outcropping.

The impact of the crash dazes the party for a few seconds, Gorruck and Brock are able to get everyone out as the internal fire worsens. Survival packs are pulled from the pod just before an explosion rocks the cool night air. As everyone is looked over by Marcus the group realizes that this may have been the fate of the prior expedition. As the sun rises the heat of the Volturnus day can be felt already. The team has reached their destination, just not quite how they expected. Will they find Commander Jameson and the others alive, where are the Pirates and what are they doing this far out in uncharted territory, what natural dangers may they encounter on this alien world?

Stay tuned for Star Frontiers Chapter 2: Deserts of Volturnus!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Star Frontiers: Meet the Cast of Players.

Destination of the PGC Survey/Rescue Team. Our intrepid band of space adventurers are:

Jason "Brock" Sampson (Human); Ex-Crimson Tiger Space Mercenary, Military PSA: Projectile and Melee specialist. Sampson joined this mission to find his former company leader, the missing Cmdr. Louis Jameson.
RELATIONS TO TEAM MEMBERS: Sampson grew up on same colony world as N'nami and served in the Crimson Tigers with Gorruck-Rat-Barang.

N'nami (Yazirian); Grade Alpha Psychokinetic, Mentalist PSA: Psychokinesis and trained in Yazirian Martial Arts. N'nami was orphaned at a young age when her parents were killed in a skimmer accident. Her Logic test scores got her recruited by the PSI-Guild where her talents were honed. She has been placed on the mission to fully test her mental skills.
RELATIONS TO TEAM MEMBERS: N'nami is good friends with Goro whom she treats like a little brother, and she remembers Sampson from her childhood before she left with the PSI-Guild.

Goro Izenwaters (Dralasite); Computer Tech, Technological PSA and really likes Laser Pistols. Goro is looking forward to his/her first out of office mission, and what fabulous new delicacies may be found to eat on alien worlds.
RELATIONS TO TEAM MEMBERS: Goro met N'nami while fixing some computers for the PSI-Guild training center and they have become inseparable ever since. Goro also knows Lynx from a University class on philosophy.
Lynx (Traka); Monk of the Universal Order and part time Martial Arts Instructor, Military PSA: Martial Arts and Menatalist secondary PSA: Metabolic Control.  Lynx joined the mission to fulfill a monastic duty of service to others and to seek personal enrichment.
RELATIONS TO TEAM MEMBERS: Lynx knows Goro from the University where they met in a self-defense class. Lynx is a "drinking buddy" though he never partakes in said drinking, of Dr. Guidion
whom he has spent many an hour discussing the finer points of philosophy.

Marcus M.D.
DR. Marcus A. Guidion IV (Human); Medical and Robotics specialist, Biosocial PSA: Medical and Technological secondary PSA: Robotics. Joined mission as the Medical & Biological Specialist.
RELATIONS TO TEAM MEMBERS: Marcus met Lynx at the University where the two became "Drinking buddies", even though it was Marcus who did most of the drinking. Marcus also knows Gorruck as they are both survivors of the Proxima 4 massacre.

 Gorruck-rat-Barang (Yazirian); Survival Specialist & Planetary Scout, ex-member of the Crimson Tiger space mercenary squad. Biosocial PSA: Environmentalist and skilled in Yazirian Warrior Martial arts. The Rat-Barang clan was all but destroyed by a Sathar attack on their colony world Proxima 4. Only a handful of survivors escaped the massacre. Gorruck joined the mission to aid in planetary survey and secondly to find his missing former C.O. from the Crimson Tigers.
RELATIONS TO TEAM MEMBERS: Gorruck served in the same space mercenary company as Jason and the two of them still carry their signature Auto-pistols from the squad. Dr. Guidion is known to Gorruck as the pair survived together on Proxima 4.

GM: For those familiar with the Star Frontiers RPG, I am using a House ruled version of the Mentalist PSA from the Zebulon's Guide to the Galaxy. Also I have added two player races which are lifted from the Pacesetter Star Ace RPG; the Traka (cat people) and the Zoe. You can see more about them and their Star Frontiers write-up on the Frontier Sector Page as well.

Stay tuned for Star Frontiers Chapter 1: Crash on Volturnus!!!!

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Exciting Space Adventures in Q44!

The Frontier, this sector of the Eroc-verse borders the strange Quadrant known as Q44. The fringe of explored space where many factions struggle for control of resources and ancient alien technologies.

It is on the planet Pale, in the Truane's Star system that our tale begins. A planetary rescue/survey team has been assembled for a mission to a newly discovered nearby star system designation: ZEBULON.

The Zebulon system is the second step in the ambitious efforts to secure a trade route through the Xagyg dust nebula. The first survey team has been out of contact since entering the system, and the Pan-Galactic Corporation. has authorized a second ship to be dispatched to trace the first. The primary mission of the new team is to complete the mapping of a clear and safe star route to the Zebulon system and the survey of the only habitable planet Volturnus. The secondary mission is to regain contact with and or aid the first survey team.

S.F. Serena Dawn
The team has boarded the S.F. Serena Dawn, a PGC owned freighter. The steward has shown you to your quarters. Surprisingly the company has outfitted the team with First Class cabins. This is quite the treat for you as your typical Grade 1 employees tend to travel by Cryo-tube in Journey Class. Though the steward placed all weapons and power packs in the weapons locker you were allowed to take non-weapon tool kits to your cabin. The trip from Truane's Star to Zebulon will take five days in hyper-space so you have time to get to know your teammates before the true work begins. The ship has a gym, an alpha-chamber, and Tri-D entertainment couches for your use.

Tri-D couch
Need some game-time, or just want to catch up on the latest news and favorite holo-shows. Sit back and enjoy it all in a Tri-D couch.

Relax in the Alpha-chamber
When the day has just been to stressful, or you want to just get away from it all the Alpha-Chamber will set you straight.

The galley
Nothing like a hot Caff and plate of thoks to take the edge off. All the protein and none of the goo from this A.I.-kitchen. Just tell it what you want and in seconds the Holo-Chef will whip it up, just like mom used to.

 "Attention all passengers, this is your Captain. We are preparing to leave the Truan'es Star headed for the planet Volturnus in the Zebulon system. This trip should take five days in hyper-space, during which you may do as you wish. The Cargo-pods will not be accessible until we are in orbit of Volturnus. All data currently known about the planet and system has been uploaded to the data-terms in your cabins."

PGC Mission Report:

 The Zebulon star system was first investigated 2 years ago by unmanned probes launched by the Pan-Galactic Corp. exploration division on Pale. The probes indicated that Volturnus was the only habitable planet in the system. It also indicated high percentages of molybednum, tungsten, gold and other heavy metals. The exploration of a safe star route through the Xagyg dust nebula to the system began one year ago.

The first manned expedition to Volturnus launched 3 weeks ago. The four member team of specialists aboard the S.F. New Day was instructed to set up and outpost, gather data on the possibilities of colonization and mining of Volturnus, and report back

After passing into the star system and beaming back course charts to navigate the nebula, the starship, crew, and specialists were not heard from again. The four members of the PGC team were:

Commander Louis Jameson: Ex Military Scout, combat veteran, commander of two previous successful missions for PGC.

Geeko-sur-Mang: (Yazirian) Professor of Geology. Authority on geophysics and planetary crust formation.

Itiklikdil: (Vrusk) cartographer, experienced explorer on loan from Atlas Guild for rights to produce maps of Volturnus.

Grod: (Dralasite) Truane's Star Civil Service, colony developer. 

Upon arrival in orbit around Volturnus your Team will be shuttled to the surface with all appropriate gear to set up a base of operations from which you will follow mission parameters as stated before. The Serena Dawn will stay in orbit for one week before departing back to Pale for resupply.   

SYSTEM: Zebulon                                              STAR: Yellow
MOONS: 2 Leo; completes orbit every three days & Lulu, completes orbit every 27 hours.

CLIMATE: Hot, arid to humid                                  DIAMETER: 12,895 km
ATMOSPHERE: 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1% Argon
LENGTH OF DAY: 24 hours 03 minutes                 GRAVITY: 1.0013