Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Star Devils: A brief History from the Frontier

Along the frontier sector of space bordering Q44, the history of space piracy is a long dirty tale. There have always been pirates and there always will be. None however, may again surpass the legend of the Star Devils.
The Star Devils started out like any other band space scum, a handful of humans and aliens, a few serviceable ships and willingness to attack pillage and disappear into the void.

The Star Devils became more and more daring. Hijacking bigger ships closer to protected areas. The local planetary defense forces were outgunned and outsmarted every time. Star Law became involved and the Star Devils were their greatest adversary.
Star Law Fighters
Eventually the pirate organization began to form a sort of government itself. Their power was beginning to scare the Corporations and that would not do. After years of painstaking secrecy a Star Law plant was finally able to transmit the co-ordinates of the Star Devils secret asteroid base. A Star law strike force was assembled and  prepped for attack. Reinforced by corporate and private ships the battle group shattered the hold the pirates had over the Frontier. A few small bands of Devils escaped and have continued in their time-honored trade under different names with other leaders, none of whom carry the weight of the once powerful Star Devils.
The Star Devils base.
It has been just over a decade since the Star Devils were wiped out, but rumor still lingers that not all of the inner circle were killed in that massacre. There has been at least five unverified sightings of "Opal Void " the Pirate Queen and Star Law has an active bounty of 50k credits for her Dead or Alive. A few small bands of pirates even tried to use the Star Devil name to gain leverage for themselves and each of those groups quickly vanished never to be seen or heard from again.
Opal Void
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Cr 50,000
Are the Star Devils still out there, waiting and slowly rebuilding their once powerful network. Some would say yes, but there has been no proof of such an endeavor. In the meantime the small time rag-tag bandit groups of the space lanes still pose a threat to travelers and explorers. Star Law and local system Defense teams are constantly on alert for another raid or attack. The battle is never ending.

The most notable band of pirates raiding the Frontier sector now are the Iron Claw pirates. They are not to be taken lightly and any sighting should be reported immediately.