Sunday, January 26, 2014

Who's Who in Gamma World of Eroc

 So you want to know more about the Characters in Gamma World of Eroc? Well ok then, here we go. I will start with the cast of GW4e Flori-Duh! campaign. The player characters in the GW4e rules are generated with a combination of two randomly rolled Origins. There are no Classes in this game. Each Origin comes with a set of skill bonus and traits plus a group of three powers (novice / utility / expert) each of which becomes available to use as the character levels up.

Let's meet the Players.

Mee-Ow: a Felinoid / Miniature origin. The Miniature origin was taken from fan-made origins in the WotC
Forum. This tiny mutant kitty claims to be a member of a secret order of assassins. Whether  this society is real or imagined remains to be discovered.
Player: Swizz
PC current Location: Lake-Paa

Jedro: a Gravity Controller / Seismic
 This rocky skinned humanoid enjoys throwing unlabeled can goods at enemies and going mudding in his apocalyptic pick-up. When not smacking Porkers with a STOP sign he can be found listening to "Freedom Rock" on his truck stereo.
Player: Jeffrey
PC current Location: Lake-Paa

Dash: a Swarm / Speedster. Dash is a communal group of swamp foxes. They delight in causing mayhem and getting into trouble.
Player: Jazzbeaux
PC current Location: Okeechobee swamp

Von Shtupp: a Radioactive / Mind Coercer. This human sized Lab Rat claims to be seeking his long lost
Von Shtupp
Lab partner; a Dr. Lily Von Shtupp, who went missing during the events of the "Big Mistake".
Player: Mike B.
PC current Location: Lake-Paa

Ajax: an Electrokinetic / Yeti. Ajax is  a mutant Skunk Ape that loves cigars.
Player: Mike B.
PC current Location: Okeechobee swamps

"METAL" Demon: a Hawkoid / Pyrokinetic. This creature has never revealed his true name. He claims to come from a parallel world where "METAL" is God! He spreads the gospel to the inhabitants of Gamma Eroc by swaying his companions to join his travelling "Metal Band".
Player: Mike C.
PC current Location: Lake-Paa

Zorak: a Cockroach / Radioactive. Zorak plies the waterways on his skiff boat, and sells off his personal waste as incense stiks to traders.
Player: Mike C.
PC current Location: Okeechobee swamps

Spectra: a Speedster / Telekineteic. This mutant humanoid wears Nehru style clothing and has a penchant
for Ishtar Omega Tech. He uses an ululating battle cry while throwing his razor-sharp chakra at enemies.
Player: Mike J.
PC current Location: Lake-Paa

Carly: a Gravity Controller / Engineered Human. She roams the ruins with her trusty .45 automatic ready for a Bold Attack! Should enemies get too close, a whack with her cricket bat sends them reeling. Carly has a trusty robot sidekick she found at a Home Improvement Store.
Player: Jessie
PC current Location: unknown

Constructicon 347: a Android / Radioactive. C347 is a Code Enforcement Building Inspector Droid of PBC. C347 has a claw hammer and air powered Nail gun. C347 travels with a nice lady named Carly that helps him inspect the current sad state construction offenses all across Flori-Duh.
Player: Todd
PC current Location: unknown

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tracking Swamp-billy mutants.

A new story of Gamma World adventure.
 Our party sets out deep into the Flori-duh swamp lands in search of a group mutant swamp-billies believed to be in possession of some fabled Omega-Tech.

 Plum the mutant Quoll and Dash the swarm of mutant foxes sat in the front of the skiff boat peering into the early morning mist that clung to the water. Ajax the electro-kinetic Yeti lit a cigar as he settled in for the ride while Zorak the radioactive roach poled the boat slowly as to not run aground.

 The swamp was alive with sound and buzzing insects. Which is usually not so bad unless those insects
happen to be a pair of Arn. The giant mutant dragonflies swooped down from the tree canopy taking only Zorak by surprise!

"Oh no you don't!" yelled Plum as she fired a blast of radiation from her tail and severely burned one insect.

 Dash produced an ancient automatic rifle and fired off half a clip of ammo that hit everything but the bugs. Swerving in the air the two Arn bore down on the skiff with intent. The morning light suddenly brightened as an Alpha-flux shimmered through the air and subtly rearranged the DNA of the little group.

 Ajax braced himself stood and swung a massive two-handed pipe wrench that just clipped one of the Dragonflies. The two bugs lashed out towards Zorak who was still caught off guard attempting to knock him in the water. The roach mans carapace deflected the attacks and he was able to stay in the skiff. Feeling the power of the newly gained "Alpha" Zorak then homed in on the primitive brain of the Arn, he concentrated then commanded it to attack its companion. The two Arn began a terrible battle against each other.

 Excited by the battle Plum rummaged through her gear stowed beside her and withdrew a three foot long metallic tube, into which she slid a thick winged dart looking object. The insect battle had garnered the attention of the others and they didn't notice Plum raise the tube onto her shoulder and then take aim at the raging insects.

CLICK! Fwooooosshhh!!!                               BOOM!

  The explosive shockwave almost toppled everyone into the water as the Arn both exploded in a fireball sending bits of bug and goo flying all over.

"Got 'em!" cried Plum as she gave a thumbs up sign to her friends. "Eat that Bugs!"

Ajax flicked a bug leg off his face into the water, "You should REALLY save that for deadlier enemies."

"eeww, we got bug-goo all over us!" complained the little fox swarm in unison.

 Zorak happily munched on a singed Arn chunk as he returned to guiding the skiff deeper into the swamp. "Well, every creature within a mile knows we're coming now."

  Just ahead through the trees the group could make out the swamp-billy shack. It was quiet and no one appeared to be around. Zorak slipped the skiff alongside the small dock that ran along the side of the shack. Dash swarmed off to scout the area, slipping quickly along the wall she saw the back door was closed and moved along the southern side of the shack. She piled on top of herself and lifted the smaller foxes to a vantage point near a filthy window. Sniffing and peering inside the little fox was sure at least one individual was hiding inside. The little fox popped into view and signed to her companions that the shack was inhabited.

 Ajax shifted himself onto the dock, the wood creaking loud enough to cause he and Plum to wince. The big yeti looked at the door and decide to just kick it in. The rickety portal practically disintegrated under the physical assault as Ajax burst into the shack expecting to take the inhabitant by surprise. A wave of skin blistering energy coursed over him causing a bit a nausea. Both Zorak and Plum however were unaffected but knew their opponent was aware of them.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Gamma World of Eroc tale part 1

A Tale of the early adventures of the Gammapocalypse Metal Band. 

The trader flipped the sign to open, and parted his Spongebob curtains to reveal his much too meager wares. Business needed a boost and it looked like things were perking up.

Four wanderers were awaiting the traders call to barter, and they looked ripe for adventure as well. A human sized rat in a scruffy lab coat paced back and forth in front of a red wagon with a canoe balanced on top. Shadar couldn't help but notice how the rat-man covetously eyed a slighty scratched and dinged laptop computer that was leaning on the lower step of his trading post. It was then Shadar realized the laptop was not alone, a small 4-6 week old kitten was staring back at the rat as it flexed very sharp claws in and out of its tiny paws.

"I don't need a wagon Rat! I travel on paw and through the trees!" the little cat growled, "Besides I couldn't pull that thing anyway!"

Just then Shadars attention was drawn away from the bickering ani-mutes to the arrival of what he had heard only rumors of.....  the Gammapocalypse of sound, fury and fire! The METAL WAGON.

This large dual horse drawn wagon of rusted iron and alloy creaked to a halt. At the reins was a frail looking human in a snazzy nehru suit, at his belt was a combination tamborine/razor sharp Chakra. The man's wild shock of hair stood out giving him a "mad" scientist look, that was accentuated by the pair of dark welders goggles hiding his eyes. Riding in the rear of the wagon wreathed in flickering flame was a deformed hideous creature. It's overly large head and mouth full of razor edged teeth seemed out of place perched on pot-bellied clawed hand and foot body of a child. A pair of bat-like wings flexed slowly back and forth from the mutants shoulders. Shadar felt uncomfortable as the unblinking eyes of the "demon" gazed at him.

Rumors had come from Hillsboro in the south that a group of Gammarauders in a METAL wagon had destroyed the gang of Tangh the Space-pig. Shadar had never given the story any credit till now. He still wondered at it's validity as there were only two occupants of the wagon, when the stories had spoken of at least 5 members in that band.

"Good morning my friends, welcome to Shadar's emporium of fine goods. Let us barter shall we?"
Shadar waved his arm at the rack of goods he had on offer. A half-dozen coloring books, an electric toothbrush, digital camera, flint & steel, a bottle of Pinot Noir, a charged radio cell phone, crowbar, a pack of light ammunition, 4 days worth of trail rations, 3 bottles of "dirty water", and a bottle of "pure" water.  This was going to be tough.

Surprisingly the demon hopped off the wagon and tossed an M-16, toy dump truck, and an unopened box of diapers at Shadars feet. "All that for some ammo and a ration pack, trader." whispered the demon in a voice that made his skin goose.

"Me-Ow wants the image stealer in exchange for this useless crap!" pushing the laptop towards the trader.
The Rat cringed as the computer slipped from his grasp, Shadar knew he had that one on the line now. The Shock haired man tossed another radio cell phone down and asked for rations and the "pure" water. The day was looking up.

Fifteen minutes later Shadar was a canoe and little red wagon richer; he knew some folk in town these items would be good for, and the rat-man or "Von Schtupp" as he kept asking to be called finally had the Laptop in his verminite paws.

"My friends.", Shadar cooed. "Might I interest you all in a bit of Scavenging? A benefit to yourselves and I. There is a location nearby, but I have not the time or manpower to partake of this task. I offer you the opportunity, bring back as much as you can fill in your wagon and I will pay you now with my remaining rations and water. As well as give you the first three picks of the junk you return with. What say you?"

The four wanderers looked at each other. "Me-Ow is ready!" screeched the little cat.

Von Shtupp said he was ready to explore, and was in search of more scientific knowledge anyway.
 Shadar's directions had been hastily scrawled on a tattered Sunoco Road Guide. Following the the old "Ave" west out of town to "Ol' Dixx", then a bit south to a "silver street", then west again and the group emerged from the overgrown bush into the ruins of a place called "MARHT".

The demon eyed the horizon, "Well, I haven't killed anything yet today. What do think Spectra?"

The man in the Nehru suit turned to Shadar, "Looks like you just hired the Band."

 The weed choked field in front of the building was filled with rusted hulks of vehicles long since scavenged. There were two entrances to the ruin. The northern most entrance was blocked by a mountain of shopping carts stacked and strung together with old cable and barb-wire, while the southern entrance looked clear. Me-Ow scouts out the north entrance and using her "radio-head Alpha" tells the group it is blocked.

 Demon and Spectra settle the horses as Von Schtupp meets Me-Ow at the southern entrance. Me-ow scurries up the rats back as he approaches the darkened entry peering over his shoulder. A hissing sound follows the opening of the sliding doors as the scent of mildew and rotting cloth overwhelm the duo. Joined by Demon and Spectra, the entire party enters the darkened interior of the MARHT. Scavenging among the old shelves, Me-Ow and Spectra catch a shadowy silent shape drifting down from above!

 A large Blaash swooped by firing a rad-blast causing our heroes to scatter for cover as a second one dove in for attack!
Von schtupp took that moment to don a pair of night-vision goggles, Spectra threw his Chakra with deadly accuracy and Me-Ow launched herself from a shelf-top onto the second insects back! Demon cut loose with a few fire-bolts and a blackened moth crashed to the floor a few ailes over. Me-Ow slashed into the carapace of the second moth causing it to crash as well. Von schtupp deemed the radioactive bug would make a good snack and dug in.

An hour later, the group had scavenged 4 glow sticks, a lighter, pair of bolt cutters, steel handcuffs, an umbrella, 15lbs of "Junk Salvage" a random assortment of bottles, cans, dolls and other sad and useless relics. As well as 10lbs. of "Scrap Salvage" rusty pipes, metal signs, and other chunks of metal in useful sizes and shapes.

 Feeling lucky the group heads deeper into the ruin when a skylight in the roof shatters raining glass and debris upon them! They are stunned by a screeching noise that assaults their ears as a pack of green flying barracudas descend!
  "RUIN FISH!" shouts Von Schtupp, "Demon your fire bolts won't work on them!"
Scowling, Demon un-slings his chainsaw bass guitar and pulls the rip-cord. RUUUM, Ruuum !