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Three great things, that start a great campaign!

SO by now everyone seems to know how cool this is:
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Let me start by giving a BIG thanks to James M. Spahn, David Okum, and Darrel Miller. You see without these three gentlemen my Daughter's "Star Sailors of Quadrant 44" campaign would not have started!

I had downloaded White Star and really liked what I saw, but had put it on the back-burner as my Labyrinth Lord Mega-Dungeon was picking up some interest with some fellow gamers. Then the Magical Girl supplement and Star Temple ping my radar and my brain starts to tell me just how MUCH my Tween daughter would dig this. So this past Saturday night I set up my kid for a Starship full of AWESOME she never saw coming.

The afternoon started with me telling her a friend was coming over to game with us that evening and would she like to play? "Sure Dad ." she says, and I have her roll stats on an index card. I give her a brief background that we will be playing a "space" game and she is a teenager living on a desert planet with her Uncle. " Like Luke Skywalker?" she asks, "Just like that." I reply. Instead of a droid I tell her she has a pet that is native to her planet.

The Story begins:
My Wife and our friend Bryan create the following PC's - Malbar Distain who is secretly a Star Sailor, and her pal and Star Pilot Gore Kutalik. They have come to the rim planet Saturgalia in search of a rumored ancient Star Temple home of the Star Amulet and hopefully the Star Sailor who defends it.

Little Avangeline is helping her Uncle pick up supplies at Outpost 18, when she sees some strangers arrive in town in a speeder. "The skies have been busy today." remarks Zed the Snailoid merchant to the young girl.
Strangers arrive in town
The "Strangers" start asking about ruins in the area and Uncle gets wary, so he tries to get out of town quick. However Avangeline keeps hearing a "voice" in her head saying "They're coming, they're coming!" She is overwhelmed by this and passes out just as a black ship pauses overhead and teleports a trio of beings into the town center! "Find the girl!" commands an albino man with a shock of pink hair as he draws a star sword. His minions are two creatures seemingly composed of living darkness...

"Oh no, not now!" cries Uncle as he tries to put the limp form of Avangeline into their speeder as Felix her pet Flyon circles about. The strangers spring into action as Gore the Star Pilot draws his blaster, "I'll hold off these goons!" he says to his partner as  he fires off two shots that strike the mysterious pink haired man. Malbar rushes to aid Uncle using her med-kit she revives the girl with a stim-shot. "They're here!" she cries out as she awakes from the psychic stupor. Malbar, Uncle and a few brave townsfolk all join in defending Outpost 18 and the Albino teleports away leaving his minions to be blasted to atoms!

Uncle agrees that Gore and Malbar should accompany he and his niece back to their home, where he can reveal the secret he has guarded to this day. At the desert abode the group is told that Uncle came here to stay with a 3 year old Avangeline when asked by his Sister and her Husband before they left on a quest 10 years ago. "Your mother was the Star Sailor of this Quadrant, and now I'm sure you share her power!" says Uncle to the young girl. Malbar then relays the history of the Star Sailors to Avangeline who is completely surprised by this turn of events.

E-DO4 the robot calls from outside, "Sir there are two creatures approaching the abode!"
"It must be them!" grunts Malbar.
Gore urges Uncle to get off planet as soon as he can, and that he and Malbar can help Avangeline now once they get to the Star Temple. Uncle tells them the location of the temple and rides off into the night vowing he will be in touch.

"The creatures are here!" alerts E-DO4.
Gore, Malbar and Avangeline step outside to face the threat. "Now, Avangeline! You must transform now!" a tiny voice urges the young girl. She realizes it is coming from her pet Felix. "Felix, has it been you I've been hearing!"
"Yes, we must activate your powers quickly. Or the Gloom could kill you!"
With the aid of her mascot and Malbar who reveals that she is also a Star Sailor the young Avangeline uses her Star Power Transformation and gets her Star Wand! The young Star Sailor discovers her Power of the Heart Color is Teal, and she has the Raging Sea Tsunami Power!
A Star Sailor is revealed!
The battle is short and brutal but our heroes win through. Binding their wounds they jump in the speeder and head out to the coordinates of the Star temple. "So why are you guys looking for the Temple?" asks Avangeline. "We need to locate the 12 Star Amulets before the Gloom, or all Star Sailors will lose their powers forever." says Malbar, "The Gloom are becoming more powerful everyday and I hope the legend of the Star Amulets power is true!"

As the sun rises over the desert of Saturgalia the party arrives at the location Uncle gave them. It truly is an ancient Star Sailor Temple. Approaching cautiously the group is not surprised when a Pink haired man steps from the shadowy entrance with a star sword drawn.
"We knew you would eventually come here, and the Master will be most pleased with not one, but two Star Sailors worth of power to drain!"
"Nobody talks to my friends like that!" says Gore as he quick draws his blaster and lays the villian out cold.
"Less talk, more shootin' "
The group disarms and binds the Pink haired man and leave him with E-DO4 as they venture into th temple itself. After a bit of searching around and recovering 3 star charts from a container that could only be opened by a Star Sailor and a piece of tech from an old chest they discover a large meeting Hall with a statue of the first Star Sailor. "oh, Sailor Ysu." whispers Malbar the first and greatest of our line! The group approaches in awe. A voice is then heard echoing through the hall. "Welcome, I am the spirit of Ysu and you are welcome her Star Sailors and friend."
The first Star Sailor!
"Sailor Ysu," pleads Malbar "we need to find the 12 Star Amulets, and the first is rumored to be here. Can you tell us where it might be?"

"I can, but let the newest of you come forth as only she can see where the Amulet is hidden."

Young Avangeline steps up to the statue and reaches out to touch it, when she realizes this is an illusion and another Albino stands before her ready to strike her down with a star sword.

"Star Sailor Transformation!" the young girl is protected from the blow that would have surely killed her, and the star energy disrupts the dark powers of the female duplicate of the albino man from before. Her red eyes flare as she fumes over the fact that she has failed. Unlike her twin she has blue hair and a much more violent bent. "Arrghh! I almost had you child!" she yells as two Gloom creatures appear from the shadows. Malbar uses her Star Sailor Transformation and Avangeline sees that her Color of Heart is Black! The group fights together and defeats the Gloom minions but not before the unknown Albino woman teleports away with a final warning. "You can run Star Sailors but we will find you, and the Star Amulets will be ours!"

The girls are saddened that the bad-guys must have gotten away with the Star Amulet, and how can they stop them now. "Well I wouldn't say we aren't coming out of this with nothing." says Gore as he reveals that during the fight he pick-pocketed the Blue-haired Albino and shows them the Violet Star Amulet. "We better get out of her before she realizes and comes after us!"
The illusion revealed
The group return to the speeder and find that the Pink-haired Albino vanished. Jumping in the speeder they group heads back to Outpost 18. Halfway back Malbar sees a Gloom fighter dive down and come after them, blast of negative energy boring holes in the hard packed dirt beside them! "I'm afraid the speeder just can't outrun a fighter." say E-DO4.
the chase!
"We can if I can just jury rig this engine!" yells Gore over the whine of the speeder. "Hang-on!"
With a sudden burst of amazing speed the group leaves the Gloom fighter in a wake of sandy dust!

Arriving back at Outpost 18, the group heads to the landing zone. The group loads the speeder back onto their ship the "Canary" and prepare to leave Saturgalia behind.
She may not look like much...
Just as the Canary leaves orbit two Gloom fighters close in for the kill! "Can we out fight them?" asks Avangeline.
"No, but I can out fly them any day!" says Gore.
Gloom Attacks!
The Gloom fighters pursue the Canary into space and inflict serious damage, the group realizes they might not make it unless a miracle happens. "Head for the asteroid field, I have an idea!" says Avangeline as she heads towards the airlock. "What are you going to do?" asks Malbar.
"Just watch." smiles the young Star Sailor.

Gore redirects all power to the shields and flies directly into the asteroid field with the Gloom gaining on them. Emerging from the airlock, the transformed Avangeline swirls her star wand, waits until the Gloom Fighters are within short range and cries out, "Raging Sea Tsunami!"
Raging Sea Tsunami!!
The wave of starlight energy ripples out and throws asteroids into the pursuing Gloom fighters destroying them both in a spectacular explosion.

The Canary emerges from the asteroid field and sets course for the outlaw hideout known as "Cleopatra Station".

Stay tuned for more!