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Star Sailors: The Light Extinguished!

I recently ran a One-Shot White Star RPG/Star Sailors adventure for my daughter's 16th birthday. She requested I come up with a prequel story that told how the Star Sailors were destroyed and the GLOOM spread unchecked across the Galaxy!!

With this in mind I asked that she get together with her friends who would be participating in this adventure and have them create a Star Sailor character and choose their Color of Heart. Son I had the names and colors of the Sailors that would be the central characters in this story.

In our prior Star Sailor adventures I had let it be known that the last 12 Star Sailors had fallen in a titanic battle against the GLOOM, and that the Star Light was beginning to rekindle. Her character Avangaline was a newly discovered Sailor and with her friends Malbar; another new Sailor and the rascally Star-pilot Gore Kutalik were on a mission to find the new generation of Sailors and bring peace back to the Galaxy.

The Star Sailors:
Since this would be a titanic battle against the GLOOM, each character was level 10 and would have maximum access to their powers. As we played I prompted the girls to come up with "Anime Moments" & Names for the adversaries to represent prior knowledge and background details!

Styx Shadowspinner - Color of Heart: Blue
Thunderstorm Darkness - Color of Heart: Pink
Starpelt Brokenriver - Color of Heart: Violet
Midknight Darkstar - Color of Heart: White
Lotus Razorclaw - Color of Heart: Green

In the final days before the forces of the Imperiax Empire took control of a galaxy in Chaos, a group of Star Sailors was sent to rescue the last members of the Galactic council on the planet Atraxia. These leaders are the last vestiges of peaceful worlds who had aligned themselves with the Star Sailors, and had been taken hostage by by a combined force of Imperiax troopers led by a Void Knight and a deadly believer of the GLOOM itself, the Dark Sailor Patricia Blackstar.

The Sailors have landed their spacecraft in the nearby ruins of the capital city. In their mundane alter-egos they have located the Council members being escorted to a nearby landing port where they will be loaded on an Imperiax shuttle and sent to an awaiting Battle Cruiser.

The Magical girls decide to get as close as possible before transforming.

Thunderstorm, Starpelt and Lotus allow themselves to be spotted and captured by the bad-guys. Assuming them to be survivors of the planetary attack. Patricia Darkstar commands they be sent to the Body-Banks back on Imperiax Prime.

As the girls are placed under guard with the Council members, Lotus notices something familiar about the young Void-Knight. He too seems to recognize something about the young captive!

ANIME MOMENT: The Void Knight is Jarod-19, the former boyfriend of Lotus Razorclaw!! Jarod-19 was part of an illegal cloning experiment and had been rescued by and fell in love with Lotus years ago. Jarod-19 had joined the ranks of the Star-Knights and attempted to gain the notice and affection of Lotus. Though they did have a brief relationship, Lotus found she didn't truly love Jarod-19 as much as he loved her. When she ended the relationship Jarod-19's grief and frustration led him down the dark path of the Void-Knights!

Lotus: "Something about that Void-Knight...I can't place it..."
Jarod-19: "That girl, somehow reminds me of Lotus. It couldn't be..."

As the girls move along with the Council members they await the distraction the last two Sailors will create so they can get the civilians to safety.

Styx Shadowspinner attempts to circle behind the Troopers at the rear of the prisoner group but is spotted!
Guard: "Look another civilian!"
Patricia Darkstar: "We have enough to deal with, blast her!"

The trooper raises his Lazer rifle and draws a bead on Styx. The Sailor guesses this would be just as good a distraction as any and raises her Star amulet to the sky!


In a burst of Blue starlight, the Sailor reveals herself and begins to trade wand blasts with the trio of troopers! In the meantime Midknight Darkstar has climbed to high-ground and looks down upon the scene from above. She determines that Patricia Darkstar is the greatest threat and calls upon the power of star light.


Jarod-19: "Star Sailors, here? I thought they were engaged by the Master at the Dark Nebula!"

Patricia Darkstar: "The Starlight Entity couldn't take the chance of us destroying the last members of the council. They split their numbers as the Master predicted, summon the reinforcements and destroy them!"

Just then a wand blast knocks Patricia off her feet!

Starpelt: "This is our chance ladies, while they are distracted let's get the council to the ship!"
Styx blasts the troopers! 

The council is ushered away from the fight by the trio of still un-revealed Sailors. However Jarod-19 notices and blocks the escaping Lotus with his void-sword, while Styx & Midknight fire starlight blasts!

Jarod-19: "Not so fast! Where there are two Star Sailors, is there likely to be a third?" the void-knight moves to strike down a slow moving councilman.

Lotus: "STAR SAILOR TRANSFORMATION!" swish! K-chang!!!!!!! The void sword is blocked by a starlight wand!!

Jarod-19: "It is you! There is no hope Lotus, the GLOOM has won, give up now and you will live. Otherwise your doom is certain!"

Lotus: " I'm sorry Jarod, but Star Sailors never lose hope! Even now our sisters are assaulting your Master at the nexus of his power.."

Jarod-19: "The Dark Nebula, we know that Lotus. You've all fallen into a trap, even now more troopers are coming to intercept you and your sisters!"

Rising from the ground Patricia Darkstar sees the prisoners making to escape. She draws from the power of the GLOOM and cries out: "Anti-matter Transmutation!" her corrupted Sailor power of the Black Heart shoots forth and transforms an Atraxian sewer-rat into a horrible abomination from the Negative universe, blocking the heroes!

The nega-verse beast!

   The tentacled terror appeared before the fleeing party, reaching out to scoop up victims into its slavering maw! Leading the group Starpelt knew what she had to do.

Starpelt: "STAR SAILOR TRANSFORMATION!" this was quickly followed with, "ROYAL PASSION RAPTURE!"

A beam of violet energy strikes the beast directly in its eye leaving it in a state of drooling uselessness!

Patricia Darkstar: "You may have enraptured my creature, but you can't stop this Starpelt! MAGMA BLAST EXTERMINATION!

The ground around the council erupts in gouts of hot lava bursting from the planets core!

Thunderstorm: "STAR SAILOR TRANSFORMATION!" Leaping into action the Sailor raises her wand and shouts, "PINK FORCE ENGAGE!"

A bubble of pink protective starlight surrounds the helpless council members! While Starpelt dodges the hot lava splatters!

Starpelt: Thunderstorm, get the council members to our ship, I'm going to help our sisters! We'll catch up with you!"

Thunderstorm: " Okay, see you soon!"

Midknight continues to pin down the trooper reinforcements with starlight blasts while Styx leaps into direct action against Patricia Darkstar!

Sailors versus their past issues!

ANIME MOMENT!: Patricia Darkstar and Styx Shadowspinner were childhood friends, but upon her discovery of her Starlight Powers Styx began to get so much attention from family and the people of their homeworld that Patricia began to feel left behind and jealous. This jealousy grew over the years and in an effort to become a Star Sailor herself Patricia discovered that her only option was to serve as a Star Maiden.
This wasn't good enough, Patricia  wanted the power of the stars, not to be a sidekick! She sought out the GLOOM and soon became a vessel for the Anti-Star. This allowed her to draw upon the stolen energies of the positive universe and use them in service of the GLOOM!

Styx: "You have to stop this Patricia! The path of darkness can only end one way!"

Patricia Darkstar: "Yes, with the utter destruction of the Star Sailors!"

Styx and Patricia duke it out in a battle of Starlight wand vs. Anti-wand!!

Meanwhile Lotus and Jarod-19 face off!

Jarod-19: "There is still a way for us to be together Lotus, accept the GLOOM into your heart. Otherwise you will have to be destroyed!"

Lotus:"I told you Jarod, Sailors never lose hope! We will win you'll see. Now I can't have you stopping us so, VERDANT CREEPER ENTRAP!!"

Midknight: " So many troopers, it's like they were prepared for us to be here!"

Just as the girls are being surrounded by a full squad of troopers, Starpelt jumps into the air and sweeps her wand across the battlefield!


All the troopers and Patricia succumb to the mesmerizing power of the Violet Star Sailor. Jarod-19 is held immobile in the vines of the Green Star Sailor unable to attack!

Midknight: "Where is Thunderstorm and the Council?"

Starpelt: "They are safely on their way to the ship. We need to get moving before more troopers arrive!"

Styx: "Let me help with that, BLUE SKY ASCENT!"

Styx activates her Sailor power and gives the power of flight to her companions. They are able to quickly navigate the few kilometers of distance to the location where they his their spaceship. The group zooms in to the open square just in time to see Thunderstorm leading the Council across the plaza.

Suddenly, the sailors feel a sudden wave of melancholy sweep across them! Each of their Star Amulets flickers for a moment as if something interrupted the flow of Starlight Energy.

Thunderstorm: stumbling to a halt, "This way the ship is right the...oohh.. by the Starlight Entity I sense.."

All the Sailors realize something terrible has happened.... the power of the GLOOM has just expanded exponentially and their own power has decreased. Also, they realize that the inherent connection to their sisters who were taking the fight to the Dark Nebula has been broken!!!

The GLOOM takes form!
Styx: "I can't sense our sisters!"

Starpelt: "The connection isn't broken, it's like they're gone!"

Lotus: "But if the connection isn't broken, why can't we sense them? Are they being blocked?"

Midknight: "Not blocked, erased in a most permanent way. I think they may be..."

A swirling vortex appears in the sky above the plaza, from it emerge seven entities followed by something the Sailors had never seen before in a physical form! The GLOOM itself!

GLOOM: "They are DEAD, Star Sailors. Their Starlight energies drained and corrupted to serve only me. The seven you see before you are all that remains of your sisters, now my Gloom-Wraiths which you too shall join! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

With a sudden ferocity the GLOOM fires a blast of negative energy that instantly disintegrates the members of the council and throws Thunderstorm aside. A pair of the former Sailors now Wraiths converge on the stunned Pink Sailor, as the remaining five converge on the Heroes!

Starpelt: turning to Midknight, "I have a plan, if I can mesmerize the Wraiths and line them up could.."

Midknight: " I hit them with a full power Light Force Engage?"

Starpelt: "Exactly. Could you save them?"

Midknight: "I don't know, but we have to try!"

Styx: "The rest of us will keep GLOOM engaged, we have to end this!"

The battle rages!
The Star Sailors engaged the GLOOM head on as a score of troopers led by Patricia Darkstar and Jarod-19 arrived as well!

Thunderstorm Darkness & Lotus Razorclaw combined the power of Pink Force Defense & Verdant Creeper Entrap to contain the GLOOM and hold him immobile and unable to attack!

Starpelt Brokenriver used Royal Passion Rapture to entrance six of the seven Wraiths and set them up to get a full dose of Light Force Engage from Midknight Darkstar!!

Styx fired starlight blasts to scatter the incoming troopers!

Then the enemy gained the upper hand, Patricia Darkstar swooped in from above using the corrupted version of Blue Sky Ascent to give herself a set of demonic bat-wings that matched Styx in flight and a terrible aerial battle began between the former friends!

Lotus figures out that the GLOOM had gifted Patricia Darkstar with the Color of Heart Quantum power which allowed her to tap into all the powers the Star Sailors had access to in a corrupted evil version!

Jarod-19 struck down Thunderstorm with his void sword causing her to lose concentration on the Force field restraining GLOOM!

Lotus and the others watched helplessly as GLOOM broke free, scooped up Thunderstorm in his clawed hand and drained the last of her wavering life force!

Lotus then blasted Jarod-19 across the plaza, his broken body smoking in the rubble!
Darkstar vs. Styx and Starpelt!

Starpelt leapt into the sky to aid Styx who was reeling under the assault of Patricia Darkstar, it took the combined abilities of them both to defeat the Gloom-powered Anti-Sailor, but Styx was severely wounded at this point!

On the ground, Midknight was doing all she could to contain the Wraiths and purify each one back to starlight. As each essence was freed the spirit of the corrupted Star sailors returned to space!

Lotus faced GLOOM as he turned his attention towards the occupied Midknight. In an attempt to shield her sister she places herself directly in his line of sight! The GLOOM blasts Lotus with a Nega-pulse then clasps the stunned Sailor in his grip and drains her essence as Styx, Midknight, and Starpelt watch!!

Lotus falls!
Styx: "Starpelt go help Midknight. I'll cover you both!"

Styx flies down at GLOOM blasting him repeatedly so hard it makes him take notice! As GLOOM turns to seek her Starpelt lands by Midknight who is busily scooping up something into a small bag.

Starpelt: "Midknight, what are you doing? We need a plan to defeat GLOOM!"

Midknight: "I need you to take this." She hands the bag to Starpelt. "If I don't make it promise me you won't stay. One of us has to escape this!"

Starpelt: "Wait! What are you going to do!"

Midknight then bounds across the plaza towards GLOOM raising her wand firing starlight blasts into the creatures backside. Just then GLOOM swats Styx from the sky like a fly and she smashes into a ruined building near Starpelt.

Starpelt runs over and finds Styx, battered and bloody in her normal form with Star Amulet in her hand barely a glimmer of Star power left.

Starpelt: "Oh Styx, you look terrible."

Styx: rising shakily to her feet, "You know I've always been the scrapper. I'm okay...cough, used up all my power though.", blood drips from her mouth. "What's in the bag?"

Starpelt: "Midknight gave it to me, I don't ohhh!" opening the bag the girls see it contains the cracked Star  Amulets of all the defeated Sailors including Midknights!!! "Why did she do this, without her Amulet she.."

The two sailors see GLOOM snatch up Midknight in his hand, squeezing her as she screams out!

Midknight: "LIGHT FORCE ENGAGE!" the purifying energy tearing into GLOOM!
Sailor sacrifice! 

Starpelt & Styx: "Midknight, NOO!!"

Styx: Places her own Amulet in the bag, then with both hands over the 11 amulets she looks at Starpelt. "As long as one of us remains there is always hope!"

Styx turns and limps over to the lifeless form of Jarod-19. The mortally wounded sailor picks up the Void Knights energy sword and raises it over her head shouting!


By some miracle the last remnants of power from the Star Amulets give Styx one last burst of power! She flies into the sky and points the sword at GLOOM.


The final combined starlight energies form a kaleidoscopic ray that strikes GLOOM with a force that shatters everything within a kilometer!

Rising from the dust Starpelt sees that Styx, now completely drained of Starlight energy and armed with the fallen Void knights sword is perched on the shoulder of GLOOM hacking away at the scarred entity!

GLOOM: "That hurt Sailor, but your too little too late!" the vile creature then crushes the last iota of life from Midknight Darkstar, using it heal his wounds! He then swats Styx from her perch atop his head just as she is about to stab the energy sword into his skull.

From her vantage point in the rubble of the plaza, Starpelt Brokenriver knows that she alone cannot defeat the GLOOM. Securing the Star Amulets she begins to think of how to return the Star Sailors to the Galaxy.

Rumors of a lone Star Sailor would pop up now and again across the galaxy, but the Imperiax Empire and the GLOOM seemed never to give them much credence.

So ends the final battle of the Star Sailors. One hundred years would pass before the flickers of Sarlight began to light up across the Galaxy again, and a young girl would discover the power within her. A power that would lead her and her friends on a quest to locate the Star Amulets and the Sailors they empower.


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GALACTA 25: Heavy Shock-Troops

More GALACTA 25!!!

This squad is painted in standard Rebel colors.
The Heavy Shock-Troops of the Galactan Empire are a rightfully feared force. A standard 4 man squad can decimate just about any resistance it encounters. Fitted for both close & ranged fighting as well as high mobility due to the RAAG assisted jump capability the troops should not be underestimated.

A standard Imperial Galactan squad consists of 4 troopers, 2 of each type. This formation can be switched around to include any mix of the types, but a squad is never more than 4 men.

The Rebel Forces have a hard time getting this type of armor and will never be able to field a squad of more than 2 men chosen from the Types listed below.

Move: 6" / 12" RAAG Belt*
Melee: 6+
Save: 5+
Armament: Lazer Pistol 8+/8" (x2) & Flame Pistol 6+/4"

Move: 6" / 12" RAAG Belt*
Melee: 6+
Save: 5+
Armament: Lazer Pistol 8+/8" & Blast Cannon 7+/24"

Special Attack: *RAAG Belt assisted melee attack
All shock-troops can attempt a special melee attack utilizing their RAGG belts. This "Death from Above" tactic is done by doing a RAAG movement and landing in a space already occupied by other troops. Using the base of the figure as a template see how many opposing figures the Trooper will land on. This counts as a 5+ melee attack and any targets suffering a Hit must make an immediate saving throw or be squished by the Shock-Trooper landing on them!!

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Session 1: The FRONT WW2 RPG!!

This is an actual play report of my first Session of a short Summer WW2 mini-campaign. I am using "The Front" by Mark Hunt as the Base rules for Combat & Character generation, and some missions and ideas gleaned from "Operation White Box" by Pete Spahn.

During World War II, the Battle of Normandy, resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. Codename Operation Overlord, the battle began on June 6, 1944, also known as D-Day.
This Game follows a Unit of American G.I's who participated in this action, and played a pivotal, yet before now unknown role in the defeat of the Nazi war machine.
At the northernmost tip of the D-Day invasion force is where we find our forces as they assault the beachhead at a location code-named "Dagger". Their orders are to overcome the beach defenses then push inland and retake the French village of Saint Hommlet.
What happened next, was beyond anything they had anticipated. Only now can the true story be told.

Landing at "Dagger" Beach, Normandy.
The soldiers must traverse the Beach as quickly as possible, to reach the seawall slope at the base of the rocky shelf. The rocky shelf is a maze of barb-wire and mines leading up to the base of the bluff upon which the Germans are entrenched. To "Win" this Scenario, the Players must take out 1 Bunker and 2 MG nests.

The Players:
John  - Baker Co.
1) Smith - M1 Garand    3) Murphy - Thompson
2) Banner - BAR            4) Weiser - M1 Garand

Bryan  - Easy Co.
1) Dawkins - BAR           3) Ellsworth - M1 Garand
2) Burchill - M1 Carbine  4)Callihan - Thompson

Selina - Fox Co.
1) Keebler - Thompson    3) Moth - M1 Garand
2) Jacobs - M1 Garand    4) Stierling - Bazooka

Nate - Dog Co.
1) Fynn - Bazooka          3) Wulfgar - Thompson
2) Atticus - M1 Garand   4) Cade - M1 Garand

The landing craft drop their ramps and our men start the deadly run up the beach! Each Player had the option of choosing 2 ways to navigate the beach.

1) Full Run! This allows crossing the beach in 2 Moments (rounds), however you DO NOT get to make any DEX checks to avoid incoming damage and must weather any punishment taken!

2) Leap Frog! This option allows your men to take advantage of cover from randomly determined obstacles on the beach as you wend your way up the beach. This will take 4 Moments (rounds) to accomplish and you get Dex checks vs incoming enemy fire plus minor bonuses from the type of obstacle used as cover!

Each Player chose Option#2!!

[At the beginning of each Moment (round), the player rolls a D6 to see what type of Obstacle their men use as cover.
1-2. Belgian Gate, 3-4. Log, 5-6. Hedgehog
Also the enemy has a 1 in 6 chance per Moment (round) of targeting your men with a random type Attack.
1-4. Stray bullet d12, 5. MG fire 2d6, 6. explosion 3d6.]

The four companies made their way towards the rocky slope, each of them fearfully aware of the incoming fire! There more than few moans uttered as the Enemy Die would come up option#6 Explosion!!

If damage was sustained, I allowed them to distribute amongst the men or apply it to one guy. They were savy and mostly did the distribution so they could get as many men to the slope as possible!

Jacobs of Fox Co. almost didn't make it to the slope! Everyone else arrived a bit battered and sore but overall only down between 2-4 hit points. [All the men had a base 10hp to start]

From the position at the seawall slope, they were finally able to make use of  most of their weapons, and the Bazooka of Dog Co. fired a shot at the bunker on top of the bluff above! Some rifle fire was also rolled for and a couple of random enemies were struck down. The men waited for NPC engineers to clear a path with bangalores through the mines and wire.

Baker & Easy company made a Full Run! across the cleared rocky shelf to the base of the Bluff, while Dog & Fox Co. provided covering fire from the seawall.

At the base of the Bluff, the players had the choice of two options to reach the enemy. ( I only made clear there was a path, if someone asked about climbing I would give them the bonus below).

1) Navigate winding path up - this takes 2 moments (rounds) to do, and is protected by an MG nest and 6 men with rifles. No save vs. the MG, and a 1in3 to be targeted by riflemen

2) Scale the bluff - takes 1 moment (round) to reach the top, and a 1 in 10 chance to come under fire. However if any damage is taken, you fall for d6 damage.

Private Weiser of baker Co. noted that the bluff was much like the ones back home in Colorado and asked if they could be climbed rather than taking the winding path! Both Baker & Easy Co. were soon climbing the bluff with the Bunker as their target!

Meanwhile from the seawall below, Dog & Fox Co. were concentrating their fire on MG nests and taking them out with combined Rifle and Bazooka fire!!

Upon reaching the top of the bluff Easy Co. assaulted the bunker with grenades, while Baker Co. flanked and got to the rear of the bunker. The grenades from Easy did enough damage to force the Bunkers occupants to flee driving them into a withering hail of Thompson & BAR short burst fire laid down Murphy and Banner of baker Co.

At this point the players had completed the objectives of destroying a Bunker and 2 MG nests, plus about a dozen random enemy soldiers. We had been playing for just about 2 hours at this point. Every single man in each of the Companies had taken damage but no one was taken Out of Action.

We took a short break, as our fifth player showed up and we talked about choosing 1 of the four Classes and a single surviving member of each players Company to become their 1st level Character. I allowed them to roll a D20 against each each ability scores, if you rolled equal to or less that your current # you could increase it by 1 point. They could now choose a class and arrange their scores to taste. They also each rolled an additional D6 bonus for their Hit points.

Our new First level Squad line-up after surviving the beach:
Corp. A. Murphy - Leadership / SN 8675309 / Thompson Smg.
Pvt. 1st class A. Fynn - Recon / SN 00240686 / M1 Garand + Telescopic sight, Field radio
Pvt. 1st Class Jason Stone - Combat / SN 1130230 / BAR
Pvt 1st Class Jayden "J" Stierling - Recon / SN 413400 / Pistol, Field Radio
Pvt 1st Class Duke Dawkins - Intelligence / SN 0537007 / Thompson Smg., Field radio

Any unused Zero level survivors are assumed to be in the Unit and will be used as back-up characters should any of the current men be taken Out of Action.

We still had some time so I added a short Recon mission for our 5 man squad.

Mission 1A: Find the enemy 88!
Primary Objective: locate and radio back co-ordinates of enemy 88 artillery emplacement so an air strike can take it out.

Time: D-day +1

[ I again made use of the flipside of the Memoire 44 game board and quickly laid out the supposed location of the German 88.]

The squad moved inland and located a farmhouse along a dirt road. Pvt. Fynn spied a couple of enemy sentries and took up a sniping position. Pvt. Stierling was sent to flank the farmhouse and locate the exact position of the 88, while Corp. Murphy with Privates Stone & Dawkins set up in the hedgerow just across the street from the farmhouse.

Pvt. Stierling located the 88 hidden in the copse of trees just west of the farm, from his position on the hill just south of the farmhouse. This info was communicated to Murphy.

Corp. Murphy, figured out the co-ordinates then had Dawkins, radio them in for the Air-strike. However he feared the 88 would fire off again soon endangering the men back at the Beachhead so he set in motion a plan to assault the farm and have Fynn take out the crew of the 88.

Fynn's first shot killed a crewman at the 88 and the rest took cover! The sentries at the farm house started to raise the alarm but were taken out by a hurled grenade from Murphy and Thompson fire from  Dawkins! Stone however had the BAR jam on him and had to get the gun working again.

With the BAR out, the remaining enemy in the farmhouse opened up on the three G.I.'s! Murphy and Dawkins were forced into cover and they saw Stone take multiple hits!!!

Pvt. Stierling was winding his way back towards the hedgerow when he came upon an enemy patrol of three men trying to flank Murphy's position! Drawing his bayonet, "J" begins to sneak up on the closest enemy who is unaware of him.

"Stone!" cries Murphy, as he rolls the BAR man over assuming him to be mortally wounded, if not dead!
With a strained grumble, Stone smiles and shows the surprised Corporal his bullet hole ridden entrenching tool!!

"You lucky son of a ..." Murphy and Stone duck as bullets whizz past them!

With Murphy and Stone pinned down, Dawkins sprints across the street and is able to position himself just below a window of the farmhouse. He then pitches a couple of smoke grenades into the house.

From his position, Fynn is slowing taking out the crew of the 88! Kapow! Aaaiiee!!

Stierling is about to strike when a twig snaps under his boot!!! The german soldier spins around to see him with bayonet drawn and tries to hit him with the butt of his rifle, and a struggle ensues! The other two soldiers turn and raise their rifles. Stierling is able to get behind his initial target and use him as a body-shield when the rifles go off! BAM! BAM! The german sags in Stierlings arms and he feels a sharp stinging in his side! Falling back on the ground with the dead soldier on top of him Stierling pulls his pistol and goes for a double shot, hoping to take out the last two enemy soldiers.


Back at the farm house, the smoke grenades are forcing the occupants out, and Dawkins is able to bayonet an enemy attempting to climb out a window, while Stone fires on those coming out of the doorway. Murphy knowing that Stierling might be in trouble, from the sound of gunfire heads in that direction!

The two german soldiers take aim and Stierling winces at the searing pain in his side. Suddenly a loud whooping holler and spray of gunfire comes through the trees driving the germans to the ground for cover!

Corporal Murphy leaps over a hedge and sprays high, giving Stierling a clear shot! One of the enemy soldiers drops from a double shot action from the Privates .45 cal pistol. Murphy takes out the final soldier with a single shot and then helps Stierling limp back to the others!

As Fynn takes out a fifth enemy crewman near the 88, the unmistakable sound of incoming aircraft is heard and soon the 88 explodes in a ball of flame!!

Returning to the beachhead, the Squad is informed they will be heading out to locate a small French resistance cell and recon the village of St. Hommlet.

[ This little scenario came in just under an hour, and we wrapped up and set a date for Session 2. All in all actual game time for the evening was just a little over 3 hours. The game play was fast, fun & exciting!] 

Next time on "The Front!"  Session 2: Saint Hommlet