Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Takin' a road trip with Jedro and the gang!

A introductory game of Gamma World broke out tonight at my place. Here is what leaked out of my melting reactor-like brain.

Jedro, a Gravity Controller / Seismic
 Jedro is a thickly built boy with rough rocky texture that offers him a bit of protection verses physical attacks. He uses a metal pole with a rusted STOP sign still attached to smack opponents that get too close,
Jedro's ride
and for ranged attacks he throws assorted canned goods with decent ability. Jedro is pretty popular around the village as he owns the only working vehicle. Because of this, Jedro is often drafted into various tasks for the benefit of his fellow villagers. There is also a girl in the village, she has a wonderful mauve soapstone exterior. Jedro likes her but has yet to make a move.

Winter in Flori-Duh, not usually something most would worry about. However this season was turning out a bit harsher than most. The Razor-cane season had past with nary a storm, but winter was coming on strong this year. Already the afternoon acid-showers had been enhanced with pebble sized hail stones and the evening temps were dropping. This kind of weather would put the travelling traders off the routes for the next six to eight weeks. The last trade-day would be in three days. If the traders held off while a winter blast came through the village would need to be prepared.

 The elders gathered and decided that the meager store of trading junk needed to be bolstered. A "run" was needed and quickly. Rumors of a recently Alpha-phased ruin had sprung up and seemed just what the village needed. A team was chosen and outfitted with a few item of Omega-Tech the elders could spare.

 Jedro and his friends set out for the rumored "Mart", which lay half a days journey south along the '95. They were to seek a still intact western ramp of the ancient highway then follow the trail to the ruin. Me-Ow was napping contentedly in the glove box which had tiny furniture inside of it to make an apartment of just the right size for the miniature mutant kitty. Dash, was a swarm of mutated foxes and she filled the bed of the truck peering over both sides and catching the wind in her faces. The day was starting well.

Dash noticed the trio of mutant Pig-men first. They were gaining on the truck as the party headed south. Each of them rode an ancient growling two-wheeled machine she had heard called an Iron-horse. Jedro looked in the side mirror when the fox swarm started yipping excitedly. "Porkers." mumbled the rocky mutant to himself, they were spreading out so one each could come up on either side of the truck while the third stayed just behind them. Jedro began forming a plan in his head, porkers weren't very smart but they were mean and deserved to be taken seriously.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Star Trek RPG

USS Argo
 Last year for my birthday I ran a cobbled together version of Star Trek RPG I've been working on. You can read more about it on the Page devoted to it. This is a post about the actual adventure itself.

Star Date: 2013/13/09   Pilot Episode: When Gods Speak

 The USS Argo, a Hermes Class scout ship has arrived in the Nilbog system. The mission to retrieve samples from a comet that has entered our galaxy from beyond the void between galaxies. The comet itself has since impacted on the surface of an M class planet. It is inhabited by tribal level humanoids. A landing party is beaming down under cover of night to the crater for the mission. Interaction with local humanoids is unlikely as the crash site is in barren wastelands far from any known inhabited areas.
Landing Party
 The Landing Party is a full complement led by Commander "Rock" Ingersol, a Vendorian Intellgence Officer; Lt. Cmdr. Slixxis, a Vulcan Science Officer Lt. De'Suma Ton, a Caitan Technical Ensign Mr. Katsan, Security Officer Lt. Johnny Alpha, and Medical Officer Lt. N. "Doc" Peecee.

Transporting down to the planet without incident the party begins to make their way to the crater site, when they are attacked by uncatalogued inhabitants of the planet! Stun settings seem to have no effect and Commander Ingersol orders the party to "Set to Kill!"
battle with "trolls"
The "trolls" were scanned prior to disintegration and discovered to be a genetically devolved species of Nilbog humanoid. The party quickly made their way towards the crater just over a rise where it is discovered the comet has landed near an ancient ruin.
The ruins
 The obsidian monolith casts a dark shadow across the crater from the comet. The area is peppered with large chunks of non-terrestrial crystal that seems to pulse with life. In the distance a crumbled temple can just be seen. "Doc" relates that there are life-forms nearby.

Ingersol takes "Doc" and Lt. Alpha to investigate a life sign near the crater edge, while Lt. Ton takes Slixxis and Ensign Katsan to intercept the closer life sign hidden behind the monolith. A vulcan nerve pinch puts the tribal warrior down before he can cause any harm. Commander Ingersol however is nearly struck by an arrow fired by Nilbog warrior!
archery practice!
Lt. Alpha moves in for a heavy Stun on the tribal archer and lays him out! "Doc" says he's getting odd readings from the crytals... it's like they are, alive!?! Arcs of energy leap off the crystal and strike the crew. Ingersol and "Doc" feel light headed and groggy, but Lt. Alpha seems to have taken a turn for the worst!
Watch the crystals!
Lt. De'Suma senses the psychic awareness of the crystals reaching out for minds to control. The crystal entity is indeed hostile and seeks lesser lifeforms to dominate!
vantage point
Ensign Katsan has climbed the monolith, and his excellent night vision has allowed him to see an armed group of tribal warriors moving towards Commander Ingersol. Alerting his companions by communicator, Katsan takes aim with his phaser set to stun.

Ripped Shirt!
Cmdr. Ingersol is forced to melee with a mind controlled Lt. Alpha. "Doc" calls for De'Suma to try a nerve pinch as nothing seems to stop the controlled officer. With Lt. Alpha unconscious, De'Suma relates her psychic knowledge to the Commander. Ingersol believes the crystals must be destroyed before it can control everyone's minds. He blasts the crystal near him while communicating this information to the others.
Lt. Slixxis aims his phaser and blasts the alien crytals even as it attempts to overtake his mind. The crystal disappears in a glowing haze!

The tribal Nilbogs
The tribal Shaman, eyes glowing with a green light, urges his warriors to slay the outsiders! Concentrated phaser fire on the large crystal in the temple shatters its hold on the primitive aliens and the crew quickly retreats while the Nilbogs regain their senses.

Back aboard the Argo, the landing party relates their tale to the Captain and another incident is cataloged in the Federation files for Quadrant 44.

GM Log, supplemental: This was a first play test and went very well. I did opt to change quite a few things like dropping the D20 stuff entirely and switching over to a D6 model. see http://fartrekrpg.blogspot.com/ for more on a very cool Star Trek RPG. I stripped Far Trek down as well to make my own version. More soon.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

DCC Chapter 20: The Crystal Cave

Beyond The Crystal Cave

 The newly titled Lars is given a quest as Modron's Champion. Put together a team and track down the missing daughter of a Noble Dignitary.

Lars along with Tyrrian, Vala and L'lorlin set out to find the wayward youth and her lover. It appears they have fled to a nearby isle in the estuary known as Porpherio's Garden. The place is wreathed in rumors and
superstition. An abode of the fay, a spell-locked maze of no return!

The Dragon boat beached itself and Gilligan helped the adventurers get their gear ashore. Captain Hooka assured them he would wait until dark for them to return. If the party did not come back at the agreed time he would return each day and wait from dawn till dusk.

After a quick scout of the small isle the only unusual thing found was a small cave along the beach. The tide had washed away any chance of finding tracks, so light sources were readied and they proceeded inside.

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