Saturday, April 9, 2016

News from the Front Lines!

Things are moving along with The Front RPG! If you are in the G+ group you can pick up the one page WWM's (or Weird War Missions) I've put together as well as loads of other cool stuff from the guys there. Mark recently released the DOC (or Department of Creatures! This adds a class to the game that lets you get into some Creature Commando action!
The Class is called the Combat Construct, you play a Frankenstein monster soldier! Plus there is more info for other monsters and creatures etc. Check it out here:

I recently picked up the 80's movie Zone Troopers:
A group of US Infantrymen trapped behind enemy lines come across a spaceship that was shot down by the Germans. They befriend an Alien survivor and must stop the Nazi's from using the technology to turn the tide of the war!

So if you haven't checked out The Front RPG, or if you just want to watch a cool WW2 Sci-fi fantasy movie then check this stuff out!

Get moving Private!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Front: WWII RPG!!!

Mark Hunt delivers a fantastic OSR WW2 themed game that screams out to be played! I've been dying to pull off some Weird War style games for awhile now but was not satisfied using any existing RPG rules to do so. Then this popped up and I KNEW it was just what I had been looking for! Plus, I have another reason to use my BOLT ACTION miniatures!!!

You can get the PDF here:

Check out the G+ plus group: THE FRONT WWII RPG