Sunday, December 23, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

So WFRP, or Warhammer Fantasy Rolepaying game by Black Industries and Green Ronin. Pretty sweet game, very different from typical D&D style stuff. The game uses all % dice for all rolls.

Anyway, I GM this game every few years for about 6 sessions or so then it goes to rest in its tomb only to resurface some time later. I found these photos of the minis we used in the game.

The party from Left to Right: Nalon-el: High elf Mercenary, Siegfried: Wizard, Nika : Battle Sister of Sigmar, Athlear: wood elf scout, Suppin Duckweed & Buttercup the dog, the Dwarves; Brok Valigson & Logaz Treksson.

There are couple dead Night gobbos in the Foreground.

 This just another shot of the group. Click on the photos to see them better. This game was a lot of fun and we tried to use minis and terrain as much as possible.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Granted, people who know me know I am into silly stuff. Well if you think the following pics cause you to say hmmm.... Or maybe you think that a group of 5 guys in costumes that are a superhero rock-band fighting crazy monsters, android cowboys, burrito eating ghosts, and giant ants sounds like fun, then I say:
The AQUABATS Super Show!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! It is on the HUB network or check it out on Netflix!

They have albums too! The songs are groovy and fun! My daughter and I have been fans since 2003. If you have kids (or even if you don't) they are a fun group to follow. We are both very happy and excited that they finally got a TV show!

Mightyeroc says CHECK them out!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dragon Dice!

Dragon Dice! and I don't mean that terrible DICE game from TSR. I am talking about the dice that used to come in the old Red & Blue boxed sets, usually in a little plastic bag with a waxy crayon of either black, white or yellow to color in the numbers with yourself.

Like this:
I personally LOVE these dice, and I truly miss them. There is something rather ZEN like for me when choosing the number color and then the actual process of finishing the dice. I own thirteen RED, 25 light blue, 1 brown d4, 3 mustard green, 6 dark green, 12 yellow, 18 dark blue in all.

They were also sold in sets, I found the complete set of RED on ebay a few years ago that looked like this:
I did use the yellow crayon and they look great!

I still have the stumps of  a black, sky blue, white, dark green and the yellow crayon that I use when am fortunate enough to find more of these dice. I am not sure how many other colors they came in. I never saw this set of pecentile dice in the store and most of mine were light & dark blue from my Star Frontiers sets.
I need that killer orange!

Anyway, these dice as a whole were always REALLY good to me in play. Whether I was DMing or a player these dice rock! As any gamer I have had tons of Dice over the years but I have given away all the other dice in favor of using these exclusively!

Here are mine: