Sunday, September 28, 2014

Palm Con Day 2: even more Awesome!

Our adventure to close out the second day of Palm Con was the fabulous "Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry." Let me tell you, it turned out to be one dangerous place!!!

It ended with a TPK!!!!! In the fantastic DCC fashion! Nail biting excitement was had by all as the Halflings were struck down one by one!

The adventure in action! A big thanks to all the GREAT players!  Greg, Larry, Alex, Liz, Rebecca, Bryan and John!

LOOK! Another Buddy from Classic Sci-fi dropped by! Yes, he will be getting stats as well. After all how cool will it be fighting Cylons in DCC!

All the Zero Level Characters that I have info on will find them selves added to the "Hall of Heroes" Page on the blog soon! Check it out!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Palm Con Day 1: AWESOME!

The first day is over and the DCC was awesome!!! The Well of Souls and Street Kids of the City State were a rousing success!!!
Well of Souls in Action!
The setup
A very special friend stopped by to say hi!

MightyEroc & Gorilla buddy!
I have to stat him up so he can appear in a game soon, yep have to do that!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Prepping for Palm Con '14 and a salute to those who came before.

As I was getting things in order for Palm Con this year I came across a pile Zero level characters that died in the Witch of Wydfield adventure.

So I thought I should list them and how they died!

Itchy the Urchin: killed by animate vines
Twitchy the 1/2ling vagrant: killed by animated vines
Theo the Mercenary: killed by animated vines
Snap the Dwarf Miner: killed by arrow in chest from a friend
Rucky the Rice farmer: eaten by the animated cauldron
Freda the Ostler: eaten by the animated cauldron
"Billy" the Squire: eaten by the animated cauldron
Greggy D. the Woodcutter: Heart ripped out by Demon

There were more but I think some of the players took home their dead with them.

I will try to keep better track of things this year!

Keep your eyes on this blog as Palm Con updates will be coming next week!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Blast part 2 and a surprise at the end!

The battle at Mount Skullzfyre was truly EPIC!!!! Let me say that the Boulderific card plays really nasty when you have eight players!!! The magic items in this game have me thinking I need to port them over into our DCC campaign. They would fit in very well!
I mean what self-respecting spell caster wouldn't want these kinds of magical items, right!?
The Nick Edwards art is also screamingly hilarious and Gonzo DCC all at the same time. I'm really looking forward to the expansion for this game.

The spell war lasted long into the night, and we had 3 different winners, but two of them dropped out before the final round, so it Jung Jung the Spirit Master that was the Last Wizard standing this year!

We will see who will be our champion at next years Epic Spell War.

I was also lucky enough to stumble upon this great offer over at Boardgamegeek and am now awaiting the arrival of this cool Promo-pack of cards to add to the Spell card Deck!
Look out for Haggatha Hefer's Crushazorian Godstorm spell. Sounds cool!

And finally, the Surprise at the end....

I came home today to discover an unexpected package from DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) waiting for me??????

A bunch of birthday loot from the Dark master Himself!!! 
A cool DCC mini-poster, a few post-it pads, bookmarks, a 7 sided die, the 2014 free rpg day booklet, and a Pure Stain Human: Metamorphosis Alpha dice bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mightyeroc's Birthday Blast Part 1

My B-day weekend began with a game of ....

Round 1:
 The battle began as Hogs the House (daughter), Zanzabart the Slag Genie (me), Jung Jung the Spirit Master (Jeff) and Princess Holiday & her Furicorn (my wife) began slinging spells without mercy and my daughter killed us all in the first round!

Score: Hogs 1  

Round 2:
 This round Jung Jung takes out Hogs! It looks as though the Spirit Master will win, but in a blaze of magical sparkles Zanzabart destroys both Princess and Jung Jung to take the Win!!!

Score: Zanzabart 1 / Hogs 1

Round 3:
 Hogs comes out of the gate on fire and wipes Zanzabart off the table! Then after a furious couple of hands Hogs clears the table of her stronger adversaries with a Spell-alicious hand! (see photo).

 Score: Hogs 2 / Zanzabart 1

Round 4:
 The Spirit Master shows us all no mercy and tears up his fellow wizards to bring home a win!
Score: Jung Jung 1 / Zanzabart 1 / Hogs 2

Round 5: Finale!
 Princess Holiday tear Zanzabart apart in two hands! Then turns upon Hogs and Jung Jung who fight tooth and nail but in the end the Princess overcomes all who stand in her way!

Final Score: Princess 1 / Jung Jung 1 / Zanzabart 1 / Hogs 2

 So Hogs brings it home with two consecutive wins in a row! If you don't own this game I suggest you pick it up! Total Blast!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

World of Eroc goes HORROR!

Welcome to an evening of terror! Meet our intrepid group who quickly find themselves involved in
circumstances quite beyond the norm. Our first foray into the DCC RPG supplement known as:

Transylvanian Adventures!

Our Zero level party consists of an Orphan street urchin, a Geologist, a Physician, a Nurse and a Dilettante. What mystery awaits them on Starkweather Mountain??


Elizabeth or "little Lizzie" as she is called on the streets. This orphaned pick-pocket takes to quoting passages from Alice in Wonderland, can handle a knife better than you. She has lived by her wits for as long as she can remember and doesn't know where she was born. Recently she has become the ward of...

Cyril Miner
Cyril Miner is a University trained Geologist, he now tries to provide a stable life for the orphan Elizabeth. Cyril has discovered that he and Lizzie have a common interest in rocks of all sorts. Cyril is old school chums with......
Victor Acula
Doctor Victor Acula is the youngest graduate in his class, an exceptional physician and daring ballonist. Victor is a bit of a glory hound and seems to constantly find himself at odds with......

Esther Blanchette
Esther strives to push the boundaries of the modern age, this has put her at odds with a young doctor Acula with whom she served at the Hospital. The pair of them have a running rivalry made all the more difficult by her standing as a woman. Esther is good friends with......

Arcadia Raider
Lady Raider is a young Dilettante who seeks excitement in the world of Astrology and the Occult. Her friend Esther has joined her seeking out Palm Readers and Fortune Tellers all across the county. She even prides herself on getting mixed up in mysterious events just so she can try to "crack" the case. Arcadia met "little lizzie" one day when the orphan led her to a hidden gypsy wise woman in the back room of a gin joint.

Our group finds themselves on a train bound for London, the Christmas Holiday is nearly upon them. The train makes an unscheduled stop in the northern village of Barnsley. It seems a seismic event has loosened the rails ahead and the passengers are stuck in the village for the night.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Palm Con 2014!

Last Year I was invited to Palm Con 2013 and ran two great sessions of DCC RPG for the Convention and it was part of the World tour in 2013, and now I will be running three Zero-level Funnels at this years Palm Con 2014 on Sept. 27th-28th!!!!
Here is where you can check out the Events and times:

What adventures will I be running you ask? Well let me tell you.....

Saturday begins with:

Then Saturday afternoon we close out the first day with my own slightly altered version of "Street Kids of Ur Hadad" from the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad Zine, which I am calling: "Street Kids of the City State"

Then on Sunday I will run:

All three are from Third party publishers and carry the DCC seal of approval! If you are in the Palm Beach County area the last weekend of September (27th-28th) stop by and join the fun! Keep an eye on the blog as I will post about it all after the Con.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Star Frontiers Chapter 3: Planet of Mystery part 1

This episode had two guest players, the first was Matt who plays B'zzt a Vrusk survivor of the first Volturnus Expedition and the second is Greg playing a Kurabanda Warrior Prince!

 The party have become official members of the Ul-Mor tribe after defeating the Quickdeath in the trial by combat. N'nami and Goro elect to stay and build up relations with them while the rest of the group head out in search of the survivors from the first mission.

Brock, Gorruck, Lynx and Marcus set off in the skimmer for the forests of the Kurabanda people. These monkey-like humanoids dwell in the treetops of a vast jungle of Bachanda trees to the northeast of the desert.
Edge of the Kurabanda lands
Arriving at the forests edge the party is overcome by the size of the Bachanda trees, each trunk ranging in size from a single prefab dwelling to the width of a space cruiser and reaching up to thirty meters or more high. Also, they are packed so close together the skimmer cannot navigate between them!

A sudden laser blast followed by a scream draws everyone's attention to the tree tops. A small monkey-man is seen falling to its death, and human with a laser pistol yelling "Take that you tree-dweller!".

Marcus commands his robot "Scotty" to fly them up as high as the skimmer can go so the party can get into the tree tops and find out what is happening!

The group is able to move along the giant branches of the trees like an above ground highway, and within minutes find themselves overlooking a band of Star-Devils that have surrounded a group of five Kurabanda and a single Vrusk!

B'zzt a new PC

The party jumps in and deals a terrible thrashing to the Pirates! Brock debuts his patented melee attack where all hits are always to the groin!!!! A sonic-disruptor is almost the undoing of Lynx but in the end his sword prevails over hi-tech weapons.

Ermorada, the Kurabanda Prince
The party discovers that B'zzt is a surviving crew member from the first expedition. He and Commander Jameson were living with the Kurabanda people and helping them fight off the pirates, who have been kidnapping small groups of the natives for unknown reasons. The leader of the group they saved is called Ermorada and he is highly impressed with the battle prowess of the party.

Upon returning with Ermorada, B'zzt and the surviving kurabanda warriors to their village nearby, the party
Chief Auramada
interrogates a couple of pirates they were able to take captive. Ermorada, it turns out is the son of Auramada the Chief of this tribe. They discover that a week earlier Commander Jameson was captured by Pirates while defending the village from a raid. B'zzt relates a tale very similar to what they party experienced when they arrived in the system as far as the ambush and destruction of the initial starship. From the pirates they uncover that they are indeed a large group of surviving Star Devils that have been biding their time out here at the edge of explored space. There is a small outpost nearby and a larger base up in the mountains where the Star Devil himself is using the indigenous people as slave labor to strip mine the planet for resources.

The group decides to make a commando raid on the Pirate Outpost, joining them is Ermoada and an elite cadre of Kurabanda warriors all trained in the use of scavenged laser pistols. The force sets off in the skimmer and sets down a few kilometers shy of the outpost right at dusk. Gorruck proceeds on foot and scouts the location out. He returns with news that though small the outpost is surrounded by a military grade electrified fence and at least one level 3 combat robot makes a perimeter sweep every half hour.

B'zzt is a trained Demolitions expert and says he can disable the fence with a small amount of D-19. The party splits into two groups, the first consists of Brock and Marcus who disguised in pirate jumpsuits will approach the outpost on foot with Ermorada as a "captive" and see if they can get in. Meanwhile, Gorruck will lead Lynx, B'zzt and the Kurabanda in from the western side nearest the Generator room and penetrate the fence with charges if the first team's plan fails.
Combat Robot

The plan goes awry and the combat robot attacks Brock's team! As this is happening Gorruck and the others blast their way into the base and a running battle ensues! Lasers! Grenades! D-19! The deactivation and reprogramming of a combat robot to the side of the party by Marcus! More lasers! Sonic Disruptors! Doze Grenades!

A second Combat robot is encountered inside the outpost by Gorruck and company. Lasers, Sonic blasts and a well placed charge of D-19 from Lynx on the roof make short work of this dangerous opponent!.

Kurabanda Warriors!
The party is able to scavenge quite a bit of gear and ammo as well as a fully functional Skimmer. They make off with tons of info on the Star Devils as well as a captive to interrogate. A grisly discovery made at the Outpost was that the Pirates are making use of crude cybernetic surgery techniques to enslave the indigenous people. An Edestekai that died from a failed implantation of said device was found and looked over by Marcus.

Back at the Kurabanda village the party goes over all they know. It is determined that the Star Devil himself and a large group a pirates somehow survived the massacre and made it to this system where they have built a base known as Slave-City One. From there they are strip-mining the planet and sending the resources back into orbit by shuttle to at least one if not more Pirate Starships. The Commander and a large number of Edestekai and Kurabanda are being held captaive and used for labor at that base. Also there is something called the "Artifact" marked on the holo-map, and the captured pirates were only able to relate that the Star Devil himself and his closest Lieutenants know anything about that. Brock is insistent that the "Artifact" be a priority for the group, though none understand his predilection for this.

Auramada agrees to send word to other local tribes to join them in a fight against the Star-Devils, while the party decides on the next course of action they will take.

Stay tuned: More Star Frontiers is coming......