Saturday, July 30, 2016

Far Trek RPG in Print, but not for long!

In case you were unaware, C.R. Brandon has opened the wormhole today only 7/30/2016 for you to have a chance to pick up Far Trek in print form. The latest cover is an amazing collection of scenes from the Animated Series; check it out below:

So warm up your Transporter Pads and follow the link and get in on this action!

I highly recommend this game as a fun and easy way to play adventures in the Classic universe. Actually there really isn't anything stopping you from placing your games in the Next Gen, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise eras either. This little game really captures the "feel" of the television universe without being overly "Crunchy" in its rules. I realize that may not be for everyone, but the skeleton here could easily be added to if you want. For an item that Mr. Brandon threw together from his love of Trek and wanting to spread that love I think it is worth the look.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Star Trek: Mega Bloks Captains Log supplemental.

Here are a couple of pictures with the Mega Bloks figures and Okum Arts paper Star Trek minis. More likely than not I will be using the Mega Bloks terrain with the paper minis. Once I have the Bridge and Transporter room, I may run a game and use the Mega Bloks figures, we will see....

The Mega Bloks figures are quite a bit larger than the 28mm paper minis, but I think they are both cool and work well with the terrain pieces.

The Mega Bloks figures do come with a variety of equipment. The "Guardian" set has 2 phasers, 1 communicator and 1 tricorder, while the "Day of the Dove" set just has 4 swords. I'm thinking hard about getting a 2nd "Guardian" set so I have more equipment and the ability to have a few extra crewmen if needed. I hope this helps you make a decision if these sets would be a good fit for your own Star trek games!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


So I discovered that MEGA BLOKS is doing a series of TOS sets for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek! Besides the fact that I was going to own these regardless, I also saw the potential for use in my Games.

 Here are a couple of shots of the two sets I just got. Above is the "Day of the Dove" Engine Room console with a pair of OKUM ARTS paper figures. Below is the "Guardian of Forever".

Here are some shots of the MEGA Bloks sets themselves:
Day of the Dove

Guardian of Forever
The Mini-figs are pretty cool, I'm thinking of picking up a second "Guardian" set as the heads can be swapped on the little bodies so I could make "New" crewmen for an RPG session.

If you weren't aware C.R. Brandon has a limited Print run for FAR TREK rules and a 2in1 Adventure book for same available now, so go check that out here:

Needless to say the next items on my list are the Enterprise Bridge and Transporter room! After setting up the OkumArts paper figures with the sets above I feel confident that the Bridge set will function perfectly for what I want.

I don't know how many different sets they are going to make in total, but I hope there are a few more Iconic episode sets (Space Seed??). They also have the Enterprise itself as well as a Klingon D-7. Though both are cool, I don't see any use in game for those.