Thursday, January 8, 2015

Star Frontiers Chapter 4: Planet of Mystery Finale!

Well we finally wrapped up our short Star Frontiers campaign and everyone had a blast with it. We did not make it through the whole Volturnus trilogy, but what we did cover was very exciting.

The Party set out for Slave City One but detoured to the Edestekai village first. There they were able to prove the Star Devil was a "False" God and rallied the local aliens to their side. Gorruck-Rat-Barang was able to scout out SC1 and its defenses and the group came up with a plan of attack. In the end our last session turned into a prolonged assault on Slave City One with tons of action, lasers, bullets, Combat Robots, hurled home-made grenade/T-19 combos! It was all very A-Team and we had a wonderful time of it!

They did trail Enik to the crystal city and found Col. Jameson, at this point it was very late and I asked the group what they wanted to do. Either continue and finish the trilogy or go with the scripted ending and play a different module sometime later using these characters. They thought about it and in the end decided on the scripted ending as they really want to get back to our DCC campaign. So following is a breakdown of where things ended in Quadrant 44.

Enik was befriended and he related the history of his people and their struggle with the Sathar one thousand years ago. He revealed the "Artifact" was sending a signal to the Sathar and that a battle fleet arrival was imminent. With his help the group was able to repair a subspace radio and contact Truane's Star for help.

The Star Devil himself was never confronted. He is assumed at large and in control of a decent sized group of Pirate ships if they escaped the Sathar Fleet.

Big Tiny's brother, Captain Straub escaped the bloodbath at Slave City 1. He was briefly seen by Gorruck but not recognized in the chaos. He hasn't forgotten what the group did to his brother so we can expect trouble from him.

A UPF battle fleet arrived in time to combat the Sathar menace and the party were sent home with bonus Hazard Pay! So we will say goodbye to the Frontier for the moment and look forward to another adventure soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quadrant 44 News break: Mercenary ships sighted, Galactan Empire responds!

A squad of Galactan Troopers was summoned to a disturbance just outside the Spaceport boundaries on Quillan V. A Warbird class mercenary fighter was spotted landing illegally. No shots were fired as an exchange of credits and a crate of cryo-frozen Thoks was slipped to the Galactan Sgt.

It seems the two Mercenaries had the "correct" permits and were allowed to go on their way. Never a dull patrol on Quillan V.

The Mercs sealed the cockpit and blasted off for space!

**So it looks like those cool new Guardians of the Galaxy spaceships work great with miniatures. Now I have to go back and get a couple of Necro-pods, Nova Patrol ships, and a Milano! These will be made use of in my Star Frontiers and Galacta 25 games. Might even make an appearance in Starships & Spacemen RPG