Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day!

                                                         Hope your kitchen is trouble free!

Monday, November 12, 2012

R.I.P. the fallen of People of the Pit

We had only one loss for the People of the Pit.

Goodbye Tom.

may your harvests be bountiful.

Chapters 6 & 7: People of the pits parts 2 & 3

Session VI: People of the Pit part 2

This session had Moep return to the surface with Father Ted and the Basilisk skins. He sent Garrote Denslinger and Father Beavis back down in his stead. A chamber of tombs was found and a horde of Ghostly warriors were sent packing by the combined might of our three Clerics!! A strange black shortsword of Chaotic nature was found and ended up in Denslingers hands.

The second level of the Pits were cleared out and many grey robed cultists were sent screaming to the darkest hells! A yellow robed cultist was encountered but was quickly dispatched as well. Paralyzing spells were used and Lars told a paralyzed Yellow Robe, "I just want you to know, it was me." before the ultimate back stab! Tyrrian continued to show his increasing aptitude at Deeds of Battle slaying many grey robes.

A large group of slaves was found and released, they opted to brave the tentacles and climb out of the dungeon. The party progressed deeper until they encountered the "poop" room. This put a halt to everyone and Lars stepped up, swimming through the "poop" emerging on the other side and scouting ahead. He returned after a while and showed he had found a way to cleanse himself of the "poop". The others begrudgingly traversed the "poop" and were led to a chamber of strange metallic eggs. These turned out to be teleporters that Lars had "mastered" the use of. The group entered the eggs and found themselves even deeper in the lair Palimdybis.

Strangely though, Father Beavis and Garrote did not make the trip and were found to have been magically swapped with Moep!

Session VII: People of the Pit part 3, the Finale.

The group has found themselves deep in the Cult lair after using Magical teleportation chambers shaped like eggs! Also Meop has appeared in an egg and is very upset as he was just about to partake of elevensies with bacon, sausage, radish mash and ale.

The party found themselves in a strange maze of oval halls and round incubation chambers with large eggs of which they quickly destroy! The eggs are filled with gestating creatures that Moep had seen briefly up on level one. A handful of Yellow robes are killed as well as a living tentacle hulk creature that was very hard to kill. Alas the group is saddened at the loss of Tom the cleric of Limtram. He was gutted by a Yellow robe Cultie!
With a vengance unleashed Tyrrian leads the party to a showdown with the remnants of the cult led by a Man in a Blue robe. Battle is joined and our heroes dispatch the Cult members and their tentacle hulks and weird naked cave dwellers. Upon the Death of the Blue Robe, who turned out to be the Mayor of Tegal town, the giant tentacles from the depths of the earth shatter the caverns and dungeons into ruin. Many hours later after a long hard climb the group emerges from the old temple on graveyard hill. Greeted by Calis, Beavis and Denslinger they set Tom to rest and plant the remaining radishes around his grave.

I encourage the Party members to add their favorite highlights of the adventure in the comments!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pre-Game GAME!

So Friday night before the actual Dungeon Crawl started and while waiting for Pizza to arrive, I got everyone to play a round of this. Our group chose their Wizards and we squared off prepping our spells!

The Wizards:
Played by John

Played by Shawn
Played by Maddie, my daughters friend.

Played by yours truly!

Played by my daughter, The Swizz!
Played by Brian

Zanzabart was the first Wizard to fall, followed quickly by Jung Jung and Fey Ticklebottom. The first round ended with a surprise win by Krazztar the Bloodomancer! If you haven't played this game you should. If you were thinking about getting it, you should. We enjoyed ourselves an laughed out loud as the spells were cast in our "Wizard Voices"!!! Here's to another full on EPIC SPELL WAR!!!!