Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Marvel Super Heroes: Part 2 Day of the Ape!

Here is the last part of the awesome Marvel Super Heroes game I ran at the Public Library.

Our Heroes had saved the Halloween festivities and everyone had a great time. The Mayor scheduled a press conference for the  following morning at which to thank the Super-powered Heroes of Palm City.

Many citizens were gathered for the Mayor's event and he spoke to the crowd as our Heroes stood behind him on the small stage. Just as the City Official reached the point where he was going to ask the Amazing Friends to step forward, a terrible crashing noise drew everyone's attention. The park was surrounded by three 30ft tall robot-apes!
A voice emanated from each robot proclaiming, "If I cannot be honored for technical genius, then I shall be feared!"

The robots began to smash everything around them! The Amazing friends sprung into action led by American Woman. Two last minute heros joined in for this battle: The speedster of the Amazing Friends - Fast Track!
and the feisty horticultural heroine - Wood Nymph
Working together the Heroes split up and half the team set to saving civilians from the rampaging robots and setting a safe perimeter, while the others directly engaged the vile machines! It was soon discovered that the Robo-apes could fire Laser beams from their eyes!!! As the battle raged, Wood Nymph spied an odd individual hiding in the bushes, she and Fast Track confronted this person only to discover  -

Professor APE!

The Professor was a Robotics Genius controlling the giant APE machines. Just then another monkey-masked figure joined the fray knocking Fast Track away from the evil genius! It was the Professor's body guard Chuck empowered with APE like Strength and Agility by a Super-Monkey Serum!?!
Super powers were used, a grand battle of heroic proportions finally ended with the Amazing Friends victorious and sending the Professor off to jail!

All in all a good time was had by everyone, and they enjoyed the ease of the Classic Marvel system!
I look forward to bringing the Amazing Friends back for other adventures in 2015!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wine Cellars of Duke Marqest: A B/X Labyrinth Lord Dungeon

The following is a play session from my Basic/Expert - Labyrinth Lord Dungeon of my own devising. It has lived for some time in a nebulous form and grows slightly now and again as I come back and revisit it with small forays by various groups of adventurers.

On April 16th 2011, four players entered the fabled cellars of the long dead Duke...

I used Blackrazor's "100 Reasons the Characters are Together" and "B/X Headgear" charts. Abilities were 3d6 in order with max HP for first Level. I also allowed each player to choose either a Henchman or Hirelings. If Henchman was chosen you roll up a 2nd PC that must be the same class as your PC. This character is theirs to control and is loyal to the first PC. If Hirelings are chosen you must spend 10gp to recruit applicants and the "Meatshields" generator to get a list of candidates to be interviewed for the job.

The party was comprised of:
Wife: Dechlin the Elf and Henchwoman Valiah the Elf
Daughter: Ellene the elf, chose Hirelings but wanted none to start.
Mike C.: Vexus Lustmort M-U and Henchman M-U apprentice
Mike J.: Silas Pratt the Fighter with a 3 Chr, he chose Hirelings because of the challenge it presented.

Our B/X Headgear was:
Dechlin - Black Hood, Valiah - Conical Princess hat
Ellene - jeweled tiara
Vexus - Demon faced Helm, Henchman - Hood w/long heavy scarf
Silas Pratt - Leather hat
Vexus Lustmort

The Reasons the Party were together:
Vexus burned down Silas Pratt's home and told him to seek his fortune in the Wine Cellars.
Silas knew Dechlin from the Tavern where they play darts.
Dechlin knew Ellene from a prior failed adventure.
Ellene had heard of Vexus the pyromaniac.

Silas ended up hiring a Dwarf man-at-arms because of his hatred for goblins and infravision.

The party forced their way into the eastern tower of the gatehouse where they uncovered a staircase to the storerooms below the tower. A horde of giant rats were encountered and Vexus made use of his "Fireballs" (hurled flasks of oil with burning rags) to start a conflagration that quickly got out of hand! The party retreated back above ground and waited for the flames to die out before returning. In the charred remains they discovered a cracked potion bottle and dwarf short sword bearing the inscription "Gifar Grimas" on the blade. The burnt belt and scabbard were left behind. They then descended the iron rungs down the bottomless shaft. They got off at the first landing and discovered an iron door that had been left open. Following a short hall, they came into a foyer area with a large wood paneled wall with a stout oak door and used a crowbar to pry it open. Beyond was a wine cellar with rows of bottle racks. The party stayed within 30ft or so of the doorway and found seven bottles they felt were worth taking. They also came across a fully armored warrior that seemed to be made of glass. Suddenly a spectral figure emerged from a rack taking the party by surprise, it seemed angry and attacked Dechlin causing him to age 100 years!!! They were able to beat a hasty retreat back to town.

They were last seen Carousing at the Dog & Bone Tavern in Marqest Village.
Silas Pratt

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Star Frontiers Chapter 4 Prologue: Planet of Mystery

Slave City One:
"There is too much at stake here and failure is not an option. I want these troublesome survivors found sooner than later! Captain Straub, I feel you will complete this mission for me to my satisfaction. Especially since they killed your little brother."

"AAaahhhrrr, Big Tiny will be avenged and the Pan-Galactic scum eaters will pay in blood! I'll bring you their heads on a platter Star Devil, you can count on me!"

Somewhere on Volturnus:
"I must reveal myself sooner than anticipated, the Time-Walker warned me that this could happen. Hopefully the Chosen one and his companions will be enough to turn the tide that is coming. All things must change..."

Deep in the desert:
The signal has been sent, soon they will respond. Those who opposed us before are no more. We will return and take what we want, we will cleanse and enslave. We will destroy all who would resist. The signal has been sent.

Get ready to return to: VOLTURNUS, Planet of Mystery! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Super Heroes save the day!

So today I was fortunate enough to be part of a really cool event at the Mandel Public Library in West Palm.

It was for Superheroes, movies and comics etc. I ran a short Marvel Role playing session of three battles.

We started out with four Heroes belonging to the team "The Amazing Friends". Here they are:

The Shield: He can create Force Fields around himself or others and project Force bolts.

Conductra: Mistress of Electricty, she can summon lightning from the sky and control electricity.

American Woman: Leader of the Team and Icon of America. This spunky firecracker likes to kick evil in the butt!

Travel Agent: He is the Team's Tech-guy and uses his awesome Teleporter Gloves as well as other gadgets of his own creation.

Our story begins on the quiet streets of Palm City where everyone is getting ready for the annual Halloween Festival. A crash of glass and a fire alarm alert our Heroes that something is up!

Arriving on scene The Amazing Friends find a pair of villians at work to sabotage the Festival! It looks like Gravel Fists and Razor Moon are destroying public property and making a general menace of themselves. The Shield is very upset by this as he wants to be in the Costume Contest at the Festival this evening!!
 Gravel Fists: a super powered crook with stony arms and rock-like body armor!

Razor Moon: This evil ninja uses his deadly crescent moon blades to deadly effect!

While Razor Moon uses his blades to sever power lines, Gravel Fists is smashing vehicles and vendor booths. Citizens panic and run attempting to get out of the bad-guys path of destruction.

Travel Agent immediately begins teleporting innocent bystanders out of harms way, while American Woman, The Shield and Conductra take the fight head on! The Shield and Gravel Fists end up in a stalemate as each of them discovers they are immune to the physical pounding each can deliver. Conductra then chooses to light up the vile pair with blasts of lightning! American Woman delivers a Stunning Blow to Razor Moon taking him out of the fight. Meanwhile the combined attacks of The Shield and Conductra are finally able to subdue Gravel Fists.

Thinking the immediate danger over the Heroes relax only to fall victim to the Mind-Controlling Power of MR. HYPNO!!!
Mr. Hypno
"You may have defeated my partners in physical combat, but your no match for my mental prowess!"
A Hypnotic wave overcomes all four of the Heroes leaving them at the mercy of the dastardly villian.

[We were then joined by another player, who chose...]

Returning to Palm City at just that moment after helping NASA dispose of wayward space junk Star Chart drops down from space in time to see her teammates under attack!

She flies down and takes Mr. Hypno by surprise blasting him with bolts of Cosmic Force! His concentration is broken allowing the entranced Heroes to get their senses back. A quick skirmish with Mr. Hypno and Razor Moon ends with the Heroes turning the evil trio over to the authorities and helping get the Halloween Festival back on track.

Later that evening:

 The Amazing Friends are enjoying the Halloween Festival and stand among the gathered crowd watching the Costume Contest. A last minute entry in the contest steps on stage, and is introduced as Nomoz the Troll. He is a very large fantastical costume of a fantasy persuasion. The Shield senses something about this entrant that doesn't "feel" right.
 A burst of crackling energy surrounds Nomoz and he grows to fifteen feet tall! Swinging his chain over his head he roars, "Call me Nomoz the Troll, I am your Doom!" His chain knock over light posts and flings debris into the crowd.

The Shield surrounds himself with a protective field and goes hand to hand with Nomoz. The troll shrugs off the Heroes best blows like they were nothing! Conductra electrifies the chain and causes the creature some pain. Star Chart flies innocent bystanders to safety as American Woman does and acrobatic flip-kick that surprises Nomoz by knocking out one of his teeth! Travel agent tries to disorient the gargantuan monster with a burst of teleporting jumps! Unfortunately the trolls Endurance is greater than he anticipated. As Nomoz begins to get the upper hand in the battle the Heroes see that fire seems to cause Nomoz great discomfort. Star Chart is reluctant to start any fires on purpose at the public event and wonders what the Heroes can do next. American Woman uses her Leadership ability to give Travel Agent an idea! Using his Teleport Gloves he programs in a one-way teleportal that whisks the Troll off to an active Volcano in Iceland!

The Halloween Festival is saved from the ravages of Nomoz, and the night ends on a peaceful note. But who or what is behind this sudden surge in Super-Evil activity????

Come back for Part 2 of our Marvel Super Hero Game: The day of the APE!

Hero and Villian Art by: Todd Nauck & OKUM

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Warhammer: The Battle for Erichsburg!

The foul Necromanta escaped the prior battle and linked up with her Vampire Lord. Together they now march upon the town of Erichsburg which finds itself hard pressed to gather defenders after the loss of so many brave warriors in the last battle.

From the west they march upon Erichsburg as the autumn sun sets. A unit of zombies shambles at the behest of a Banshee, a Corpse Cart, Necromanta and her skeletal warriors, Vampire Lord and his Skeletal Legion and the dread Black Coach. Surely Something Wicked this way comes......

The defenders of Erichsburg proper:
 A single Mortar crew along with Lumpin' Croops halfling archers and their detachment of Old Mill free company.

 Captain Heinrich was branded a coward for running from the last battle and has been replaced by the honorable Captain Geoffrey waving the Griffon Banner and leading the Golden Lion Spearmen. In support are a detachment of five swordsmen and five Handgunners.

Francisco the Flammable awaits the winds of magic.

On the outskirts of town guarding the road that leads to Castle Kilestein are:
 A second Mortar crew, A unit of Hardy Halberdiers and their Swordsman detachment, followed by the Erichsburg Muskets and a detachmnet of Marienburg Mercenary Free Co.

They pray they are enough to halt the Undead march.

 After a few tense moments of manuvering, the Black Coach slams its way into the heart of town, the Swordsmen hold, but are faltering!

Necromanta summons up a new batch of skeletons that waylay the advance of troops at the river crossing!

The Swordsmen are dispatched and Captain Geoffrey must decide what to do!

Foul magic bolsters the undead, the Halberdiers fall and their detachment feels the FEAR!

Capt. Geoffrey feels the Coach could be overwhelmed by numbers alone and chooses to engage it along with his Handgunners. The Vampire Lord charges into the flank of the Golden Lions! The Griffon Banner holds everyone true!

Necromanta summons a group of Zombies to kill Francisco! The Wizard unleashes fiery doom upon them burning them to ash!

At the river crossing, the Halberdiers and Swordsmen have broken and run off in terror! Leaving the Muskets and the Marienburg Mercs. alone!

The Mercs. break and run as the Muskets fall to the spears of the skeletons!

As mortar shells fall like rain, Necromanta is killed by sharpnel. Knowing he is alone on the field the Vampire challenges Capt. Geoffrey to single combat. The empire Captain accepts and his men rally about him!

The two Heroes battle furiously and Capt. Geoffrey is wounded but doesn't fall. Erichsburg may have a chance!

Alas no. The tide of battle turns in favor of the Vampire Lord and his might combined with the Black Coach causes the Golden Lions and Capt. Geoffrey to be consumed in a dance of grim and bloody death!

As the Vampire Lord emerges from town bathed in the blood of the Golden Lions the Mortar crew drops a shell directly onto the foul monsters head! In a mist of blood the Vampire is no more, and his legions begin to crumble!

The Black Coach has torn through the last defenders of Erichsburg proper. Lumpin' Croop and the halfling archers are dead to a man, the town Mortar crew have run off and the Old Mill free co. run for their lives! Francisco finds himself in a terrible position!

The Black Coach spares no one!

Francisco joins the panicked Old Mill free company in their attempt to stay alive, as the skeletons slowly crumble while killing the last Hand Gunner from Capt. Geoffrey's unit! The Mortar crew lobs shells at the Zombies to no effect!

Even as they crumble to dust, the risen dead chase off the last living members of the Marienburg Mercs. that had rallied after the fall of the Muskets!

Francisco the Flammable, three Old Mill free company and the mortar crew are able to escape as the Banshee and the last remnants of the undead raze Erichsburg! The town has fallen and now belongs to the Undead.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let October in, Part 2

Two more items to add to my list for October games to play!

GLOOM, the card game. I've had this for awhile and forgot about it. Just watched the episode of Tabletop so I've got a handle on the game play. This one looks like a home run for Family Game night!

 Played this one at a Halloween Party a year or two ago and was instantly hooked! Will be picking up the add for it as well soon.

Keep an eye on the Blog for updates on all the October Games!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knock, knock... Let October in.

So for October I plan to try to get in some Horror themed gaming. Here are some of the things I'm hoping to get done:

1) Get in a full session of Black Morn Manor! This little gem arrived in early September. I have done a walk through of the rules and game play with my buddy. It is a very cool little game. Now to play a full round of it!

2) We've played 1 session of this and I would like to get at least one more in during this month. Really digging the way this game plays!

3) If I do end up running any Fantasy RPG's during the month, I will make great effort to gear the adventure towards a Horror theme! Or at least really creepy.....

4) Watch as many Hammer Horror Flicks as I can get my hands on!