Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DCC Chapter 17: Father Beavis returns & the Balance Blade

The sun rose on Villa de Marcus. Workers were busily repairing the roof where the fire had blazed. At some point during the night Father Beavis had arrived with a dwarf warrior in tow. Breakfast was served and the following members of the group welcomed the good cleric back into their midst.

Tyrrian, Alexander and Garrote were accompanied by the elf Randy. Father Beavis introduced the dwarf Erwyn whom he had recently saved from death upon the moors of Tegal. Erwyn had sworn a Life-oath to the good Friar and promised to follow him until the debt had been paid back in kind. Never one to turn away a strong right arm, Beavis had brought him along to meet his fellow Heroes of Eros.

As the conversation was taking its natural course, Alexander thought back to the dream he had awoken from just that morning. The young wizard was reading a tome when a twisted little homunculi appeared in front of him.
"Sezrekan has a mission for you wizard." the creature hissed. "Another of your ilk, a human called Nekron has defied the great one and seeks to steal something the Master would see left alone."

Alexander raised his eyebrow, "What would Sezrekan have me do?"

"You will take your friends and stop Nekron, then bring the item back to the Master."

Laying the tome on his lap and leaning close to the little creature, the Wizard inquired. "What is this item, my friends and I shall be retrieving?"

The creature hopped from one foot to the other wringing his hands, " A sword it is. Not just any sword, but the fabled Balance Blade. Should Nekron steal it he would throw the cosmic balance out of alignment. This is what you will stop from happening."

It was at that point the Wizard awoke, the noise of the workers begining the day had roused him. Sitting at the table he wondered to himself when or even if this task would come to fruition.

"Oh Garrote!" exclaimed Beavis, "Only you could find such adventure in a single night! Tell me where is the delightful Chi and her newly discovered Mother?"

"You know the elves Beavis," smiled Garrote between mouthfuls of bacon "off in the woods or something. We haven't a clue where they've gone. But the cloaked Randy there is a sort of relation too!" The halfling waggled his grease tipped fingers in the direction of the quiet figure at the end of the table.

The tall figure was wrapped from head to toe, like a desert warrior. Only his crystal blue eyes howed, as he nodded and uttered a greeting that was unintelligible to the Cleric.

"He said well met sir Priest, in dwarf." Erwyn translated for Beavis, then nodded towards the stranger.

[under construction: As I can I will fill in the adventures with fancy write-ups. Until then I will add a quick rundown of the overall adventure itself for each Chapter going forward.]

  The party was whisked away by the magic of Sezrekan the Elder, they fought and puzzled their way through the Crypt of the Colossus and did indeed find the Balance Blade.

  The party Wizard was then faced with a choice, if he pledged himself completely to Sezrekan he would become the Elders left hand of Doom, if he declined his fate was sealed. To join the Elder though he must first claim the Blade for his Patron and kill ALL of his companions.

 The Wizard contemplated, then complied.
The Balance Blade

Alexander has left the mortal realm as a PC, and become the first World Of Eroc player created NPC/Villian/whatever the DM needs.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I apologize....

I have been remiss in updating the last couple of play sessions. I will be getting to them.

Palm Con is this weekend and counts toward the total public games as I quest for the Brass Demon faced Belt Buckle!! I hope to see you there and hopefully some new faces will be destroyed by me!

In the meantime gaze upon the following items and wonder what it means.........

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Epic Spell War Returns!

On a parallel World of Eroc, the mightiest Wizards did gather for an :

The competing Wizards were as follows:

At the base of mount Skullfyre spells were slung and blasted!

Zanzabart won the second round!

 Pisster was finished off in the first round and did not return!
 Fey Ticklebottom actually won the fourth round!
 Krazztar showed dastardly use of stealing others magic items and inflicting damage with them in return!
 The new comer Hogs handled himself valiantly!
It was Princess Holiday that won out overall, she came out with two wins in the First and third rounds!