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DCC chapter 9: The Ballroom part 2

While Moep throws a helmet full of "Holy" water from Brother Beavis on the bed that was enclosed by wooden panels. Tarek and Lars pour over the map and journal page.

"The journal notes the chamber beyond this door. It should have some cells and a dead man crushed by a portcullis." Tarek motions to the silver chased iron bound door. The only way so far unchecked.

"But why the silver?" Says Lars, shaking his head. "To keep something in, or out."

Before either man can react, Tyrrian turns the handle and throws the door open. "Let us see what lies beyond!"

A large chamber half of which is dominated by two large dungeon like cells, each sealed by a heavy iron portcullis. Between the two cells a pair of iron levers protrude from slots in the wall. The other half of the chamber is bare and perhaps at one time held table and stools for posted guards. Noticably though is the decayed leather clad human bones positioned just like the journal said. Long ago stripped of any thing useful, his death obviously caused by the gate catching him unaware.

"Look" hisses Chi,"there is a girl here!" 

Bound in silver manacles at the rear of the second cell, what appears to be a disheveled peasant girl in a dirty shift pleads for help in a hoarse whisper. The party breaks into a small argument as everyone begins hinting at what the girl may be....

"We should kill her swiftly, she's no good." sneers the elf-child sniffing the air and peering through the bars at the girl.
"A were-thing think about all the silver," says Lars pointing into the cell "and those chains that bind her."
"We must raise the gate," Tyrrian motions to Sven "can you lift it?"
The thickly muscled former Duck herder steps forward, "I'll give it a try."
"Wait the levers." murmurs Alexander, as he casts Ward Portal on the gate unseen.
Straining under the weight Sven mutters, "It...won't...budge. Must be stuck."
"Hold on my friends," brother Beavis moves to the gate. "Let me as Losborst for Guidance."
Kneeling beside the portcullis and taking a gulp from his bottle of freshly uncorked red Beavis attempts to commune with his diety.
Losborst answers after a moments silence, "Listen, I'm not gonna say she's good. However she's not that bad either right now, and if you give a little you get a little."
Relaying this to the party, beavis turns and tells the girl they will aid her. At the same time Alexander removes the Ward spell, just as Tyrrian is trying the levers and the gate rises.
Beavis is first to the girl and comforts her with words and lays hands on her. Bull Zi is ready with daggers in case. The girl whispers a thanks to Beavis, her hair turns stark white and she shatters the manacles. Rising to her feet she begins to hover above the flagstones. " I thank thee mortal man, you could have ended me but instead chose to aid. For this I grant you the life of one member of your group. If death should find you, bring them to me upon the moors at midnight. Call Rhiannon three times and I shall come." the girl then becomes transparent and wisps away like smoke.

The only exit from the chamber is an intricate three lock mechanism. It is easily opened from this side but would be quite the challenge for those trying to get in without a key. by the map tarek knows they are just feet away from a chamber of horrific death as related in the Journal. The group opts to head directly to the main entry hall and exit the manor through the as yet untried front doors.

The Master foyer is a sight to behold. Six thick oak pillars support the arched ceiling, Four large oil paintings hang upon the walls here:
Lady Rumpala and Lord Rundel "the rover" Rumph.
                                                    Rivona Rumph
                                                 Sir Rankling Rumph
Lady Rushrat and Lord Rokard Rumph

"This family was seriously disturbed." says Tyrrian, taking in the bewildering paintings.

Suddenly a raspy voice croaks "Cloaks, hats" from behind the group. Turning they come face to face with.....
The creepy Butler in his threadbare attire gestures with outstretched hand. "Uh, no. I'll be keeping mine thanks." replies Garrote, hands clasped to the hilt of his dark bladed shortsword.
As the butler turns from the party, Tarek holds up the deed and says, "I'm the new master now. We're here to clean this place out."

With a side glance at the party as he steps behind a pillar the butler grumbles,"I'm sure you think you are."

An indignent Tarek goes after the butler only to discover he has vanished. The party then opens the front doors and regroups outside on the front lawn with Farhoud.

What will happen next? Stay tuned, more in 2 weeks.

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DCC chapter 9: Tegel Manor, the Ballroom

The White Horse Tavern was bustling with excitement, the towns people both new and old eagerly traded gossip and eyewitness accounts of the deeds of the local heroes. The dread of Palimdybis and the people of the pit have been vanquished.

    Lars has gathered everyone in the private room and a large feast has been served. A group charter is laid out and soon after a few adjustments everyone agrees to sign on. The idea of officially naming the group is raised as well. The Avengers of Eros and The Evictor's are two names that get much attention around the table, however nothing is decided upon. Lars then relates the tale of the first foray to the haunted manor. Tarek lays out the partial map and journal page he acquired back at the Man-beast Keep, and shows how it warns of terrors in the manor. Tyrrian speaks up and admits that he has had enough of helping the townsfolk setting things aright these past months and wants to bring the swift hammer of justice down upon the evil that waits in the manor. With that said the party raises their drinks on high and pledge to clear out the manor!

    Morning finds "Honest" Lars, Sally convert of Mesha and Alexander the Enchanter placing the last bit of their gear in a mule drawn cart. Chi the elf child, Emily in her newly acquired Valkyrie breastplate and Alan the apprentice arrive eager for adventure. Moep the explorer asks if it would be alright if he rode in the cart so as to finish breakfast and be ready for 2nd breakfast. Sven the Champion hoists Moep up into the back of the cart and smiles at him, Bull Zi the apprentice tests the weight of his throwing axe by tossing it in the air and Alex the zealot of Tar-Ark fusses over his monkey Jack while getting used to wearing the scale mail that once protected the now deceased Tom. Tyrrian the champion arrives his weapons and armor oiled and eager to deliver justice to the foul denizens of Tegel manor. Tarek the apprentice eyes the orphaned boy ever aware that he must keep watch over the lad until he gains a bit more wisdom.

 "Well, I guess we can head out now." says Lars as he raises a switch to the mule's backside.

 "No wait, we aren't all here yet. Brother Beavis and Garrote have yet to arrive." sighs Sally.

"Oh yes we are!" cries Brother Beavis the Heathen Slayer of Losborst, as he approaches the party. Garrote Denslinger the Explorer rides atop a pack mule being led by the cleric. "I've picked up this fine creature to help bear our gear, Garrotes extra rations, and plenty of wine for Losborst." notes Beavis grinning from ear to ear between sips from a freshly uncorked bottle of red. "Start the day out blessed I always say!"

Fully assembled the party leaves town and makes their way to the manor. Stopping briefly at the fishing village to check up on Captain James and the "magic boat". Alexander enlists Farhoud to drive and tend the cart for the group. A half hour later they find themselves again at the main entrance of Tegel Manor. 

Tarek reviews the map with Lars, and decide to avoid the main entrance for the moment and instead look for a entrance to the east marked on the map. A bit of hedge trimming soon reveals a small porch and set of french doors. Chi decides to use magic and cries "I summon the DUDE!" and a hawk magically appears on her wrist! Alexander clouts Chi across the back of the head and whispers in her ear; "DO that quietly!" Sally casts protection from evil, that will cover those within ten feet of her for a couple of hours, and Beavis casts Losborsts' blessing upon himself.
    Arranging themselves in order for exploration and defense, they approach the newly found entrance. Tyrrian at the head of the party clearly hears the sounds of music and laughter coming from just inside. Without hesitation he throws the doors open and yells "The party's over you...huh?!" Sunlight streams in to reveal a large dusty ballroom dominated by a fireplace and two statues some fifty feet opposite the entrance, and a pair of servants doors to the north and south. The left and right sides of the ballroom have heavily curtained chambers that are concealed from view. Spreading out the group opens the curtained chambers and find scores of fancy shoes to the north and costumes to the south as well as a servants door in each, all are in varying states of decay.
    Lars gathered some dried shrubbery to use in the fireplace as he, Sally and Alexander head towards it they can see the statues portray a nude male in a joyous pose and a nude man with a sad face in a downcast pose. Moep who has absconded with a pair of red velvet shoes adorned with rose colored gems begins crossing the ballroom floor in an attempt to catch up with those viewing the statues when a loud CREAKING followed by a SNAP causes everyone to look up. A large fancy chandelier begins to plummet downward!!!!! The luck of the halflings holds true and Moep finds himself standing tip toed and unscathed amidst a pile of shattered glass.
"Now THAT was good for Laugh!" bellows the Joyous statue, "Terrible, just Terrible." mumbles the sad statue. The party is surprised at the voices from the statues and the fireplace is quickly set ablaze. The fire combined with the sunlight from the french doors shows the vast height of the ballroom; easily some fifty feet above, is adorned with mirrors that now reveal two large oil paintings in this chamber.

The first painting is of a terribly decayed man dressed in finery, below it a plaque reads Railler Rolandil Rumph. Tyrrian and Beavis quickly agree it should be brought down and burned! Sven is able to dislodge it from the hooks holding it in place and it falls to the floor. Beavis in an attempt to stop any needless racket tries to catch the painting but instead ends up tearing through the canvas with his head. The canvas is cut from the frame and when tossed in the fire it bursts into a green flame and a fearsome scream follows! Most of the party flees just outside the french doors. Tyrrian, Beavis and Sven turn thier attention to the second oil. This one is titled Reldor Rumph, the Ransomer. A rather roguish fellow that seems to leer down at the group. "I rather like this one!" exclaims Lars. "I agree, something about him." says Tarek rubbing his chin.
Sven steps up and reaches to bring it down, waiting a moment for any comment from Tyrrian or Beavis.
A voice rings in Sven's head, "I'd think about getting rid of me if I were you." Looking up Sven says, "Why should I do that?"
"I could be of use to you all." the voice in his head replies.
"Why should you do what, Sven?" asks the elf-child as she regains her courage to come back in the ballroom.
Sven pauses a moment, looks at Chi then back at the painting and shifts it down off the wall. Looking to Beavis and Tyrrian, Sven grunts "Well..."
"In the fire!" Tyrrian commands pointing to the blaze which is no longer green.
As the second painting goes into the fire it bursts into a bright orange burst and Sven hears, "You'll be sorry." echo in his head.
In the meantime Alexander has cast Detect magic and has begun interrogating the statues. The rest of the party crowd around listening to the exchange. The Joyous statue want the party to come back after dark when things really kick off! The sad statue would really like it if they would stop talking to him. Deciding the statues are not harmful in any way the party elects to head south through the servants ballroom door.

 The southern servants door opens to reveal a dark hallway of plastered stone. Lars lights his hooded lantern and Alex a torch. Chi tells Tyrrian it is clear ahead. Carefully following the winding hall the party passes a crack in the plaster stretching from floor to ceiling. A short investigation reveals nothing of note. A few quick turns in the hall slows the group enough for Tyrrian to see a heavy iron bound oak door on the north wall. Tarek tries the lock but it proves beyond his skill. Bull Zi is called forward, and he kneels beside the door, removes a packet of tools from his belt and within seconds opens the door to reveal a grim sight. A dungeon of sorts, floor littered with human bones, large dog sized rats scamper down a hobbit sized rat hole dug in the floor. At first no one wants to enter, but at last Tyrrian and Beavis do so stepping gingerly among the bones while Tarek watches with the others from the doorway arrow knocked and ready to fly at the rat hole. Beavis kneels and begins to say last rites over the bones. As he does this the souls of the dead thank him and reveal their sorrowful tale. Overcome with sadness Beavis relates that they were all servants of the house brought here and left to starve and die for no reason other than the pleasure of their depraved masters. Bull Zi scouts out the rear of the dungeon and uncovers a pit with a bubbling swill of filth at the bottom. The party closes the door and continues following the hallway. Rounding a corner the hall extends straight ahead beyond the meager light from the group, treading even more carefully now Chi is able to notice a secret door. "Wait, look what I've found!" hisses the elf-child, as she runs her hands along the wall.

   Stone grates upon stone as a 10x10 portal opens revealing a temple like chamber devoted to PURE EVIL! A skylight in the ceiling of red leaded glass bathes the chamber in a bloody hue. The walls are painted with a mural depicting a blighted landscape filled with wailing souls dominated by a cloaked figure brandishing a ceremonial dagger in hand and gesturing with the other. Most notably the flesh of the cloaked figure seems to run off his bones like hot wax, yet he does not seem to mindful of it. The cloaked figure is painted in such a way as to appear that he is towering over the black stone altar that is the only furniture in the chamber. The floor and altar are covered with dark and evil sigils and glyphs.
Beavis looks into the chamber then back upon the group, "Those of you who would be protected by the divine wine of Losborst I offer to you my blessing and chance to join me in his most holy grape." With bottle raised Beavis drinks then holds the bottle out to the group. Tyrrian grasps the bottle, "Though I do not follow Losborst exclusively, I do walk the same path. I accept your offer." The wine fills his mouth with a flavor unlike any he has sensed before, for a moment his blood feels afire then Tyrrian is overcome with peace as a heavanly host appears and Losborst himself raises a glass with him. "Wow, I feel pretty good."
Beavis feels a tug on his habit and looks down at Moep. "Hey, i'm not saying I'll convert but I'd like to drink some of that wine!"
"Beavis, I think it is time we sanctified this place in the name of Law." Tyrrian looks at Brother Beavis and memories of the sanctification process of evil altars in the Pits come to mind.
Beavis knowing what Tyrrian has in mind smiles and raises the bottle up stepping into the chamber, "Oh Losborst hear my cry and aid us in this most important endeavor to cleanse the evil from this chamber!"
A bright ray of sunlight pierces the skylight, Losborst himself stands arrayed in the golden light held upright by cherubs that strain under his girth. Hands clasping his head Losborst slurs, "BEAVITH, you gotta lay off me. I'm going to hep you now. But that is IT for the day!" A stream of white wine shoots forth from the tips of Losborsts fingers streaming into Beavis lifting from his feet as the cherubs sing! Beavis feels himself filled to bursting with the holy wine of sanctification that can cleanse this chamber. As the golden light fades Losborst looks upon the party with bleary eyes and says, "I'm OUT!"
Alexander realizing what is about to happen turns and steps a ways back from the entrance to the chamber. "My boots are not getting wet, I don't care if you call it holy."

Leaving Beavis to "sanctify" the evil chamber, the party scouts out the remaining length of the hallway allowing Chi to "do her thing". Another secret door is found about 60ft further west at the end of the hall on the north wall.
Beavis having now consecrated the chamber in the name of law rejoins the group at the secret door. Chi opens it and beyond is a richly adorned bed chamber.

    This large bed chamber has heavy leaded glass window in the north wall through which the party can clearly see Farhoud and the cart. Remembering that from outside no windows like this were visible Alexander suggests that the walls are magicked to appear as stone from the outside. The room is dominated by two large canopied beds. The first with heavy curtains that are open, the second bed is enclosed with wooden panels that can be opened by crank mechanism at the foot of the bed. There is also a ladies vanity and wardrobe. This room is discovered to hold many secrets of deviant behavior and is most certainly the lair of at least a single vampire.

    The adjoining chambers, a study and closet are discovered to contain some items of notable evil intention. While preparing a fire to burn said items, Alexander is able to pilfer a few choice scrolls for later perusal.

    The only other door out of the bed chamber is laced with silver, the group finds this odd. Also Tarek has noted that they are now near an area clearly marked on his map and should proceed with extra caution.

                                          Part 2 of Session IX next!

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Dungeon Crawl Dice!

Here is the place to go if you guys want to get the FUNKY dice for yourselves. This is the same guy I got mine from.

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DCC Chapter 8: Tegal Manor

The first foray to Tegel Manor!!!!!

    After the defeat of the People of the Pit, our heroes have found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Tyrrian and Tarek have decided to retire from the life of "adventure" and have become permanent guardians of the groups new adopted hometown. Lars and the others brought the survivors from Eros and moved them into the houses and businesses left open by the departure of cultists that had hidden there prior.

   Lars has set himself up as the substitute mayor of Tegel until a new election can be held. Father Beavis has been granted rights to preach from the pulpit at the White Horse Tavern. Moep was last seen taking stock of the Taverns larder, and Garrotte Denslinger has been lurking in the alleyways.  Alexander and Alan met the rest of the group and related their tale of the Mummy. Captain Hook now awaits further instruction and cares for the Magic boat.

    Lars decided it was time to scout out the Manor itself and organized a party consisting of himself, Sally, Alexander, Chi the elf-child, Emily, Alan, Sven, Bull-zi and Alex the cabin-boy now Cleric. Procuring a wagon and a bit of gear they group set out for the Manor proper. 

    The party opted to circle the Manor and get a handle on what this place entailed. The Manor is much larger than any edifice the group has encountered so far. It is literally a small city unto itself. Generations of construction built upon former construction show this place will be a labyrinth of halls, rooms, lairs and possible treasure vaults!

    The sounds of life are heard emanating from the great tower that makes up the western corner of the manor. Mid way along the west wall Bull-zi climbs up and peers into a window. Within he sees what seems to be a large playroom for children that has not seen use for many years. Rounding the backside of the Manor the group finds an outbuilding that turns out to be an outhouse. An overgrown garden path leads the party to a rear entrance of the Manor. Lars picks the lock and the group enters warily.

   Within the Manor a dark hall beckons the adventures to plumb its secrets. Chi, Sven and Bull-zi encounter phantom sounds that frighten Sven and Bull-zi! Meanwhile Lars, Sally and Emily encounter a phantasmic force of chill and darkness! Spooked but still foolhardy the party proceeds down the hall to invetigate a line of doors seen by Chi. The first room reveals a grisly scene! A body hung from a chandelier with rats gnawing upon it. Alexander drives the vermin away and the room is searched. A jeweled dagger and a giant rat hole are discovered. With some encouragement Lars convinces Chi, that only she could shimmy down the giant rat hole to discover any treasures that may have been carried away. Chi laments the fact that Moep is not among the party to do this, but she finally gives in and dives headfirst into darkness! The rat warrens are quickly discovered to very vast and Chi returns to the party.

    The second chamber is discovered to have the doorways encrusted with gold spore fungus dust. Both Sally and Chi agree this must be being used to entrap something within the room beyond.... but what? The hint of evil emanates from the room as well.......

    The third chamber radiates cold, and the doorway is encrusted with frost. The room itself is adorned with large white furs on the floor and scenes of a woman and elves frolicking in winter landscapes upon the walls. A large bed holds a woman lying in repose seemingly dead or perhaps be-spelled. A few of the group are overcome with the urge to approach and kiss the woman on the bed, but more stalwart members of the party pull them back and restore sense to them. An adjoining chamber is opened and a ice covered personal armoury is discovered! Two suits of ornate armor, one for a man the other a woman draw the majority of the party in to investigate. A dreadful trap is sprung as the male and female spirits howl in evil glee slamming the door shut and begin to freeze the party to death with magical ice! Sally's resist cold spell holds and the group is able to extricate themselves from the chamber with skill and brute strength.

    Lars decides the group should take what they have found back to town, and talk about what they have discovered.
                                        Just one of the items from the Frozen Armory!

If you missed out this time, you could still play the next time.