The Unknown Gods

The World of Eroc is controlled by a large pantheon of Gods, all of whom constantly wage a silent and unending war with each other for the ultimate dominion of LAW, NEUTRALITY, or CHAOS over the mortal and ancient races. The three factions also see varying levels of cooperation with each other dependent upon what scheme or other ruse they might be involved in or orchestrating to their own end.

Listed here are some, but by no means all of the Gods.

**This Pantheon is in use across the board, and will appear in DCC, Labyrinth Lord, B/X etc.

Braz-Kazan, God of smoke and fires of the earth.
 Braz-Kazan appears as a giant with soot black skin and beard of fire. He wears a thick belt studded with bronze, edged in gold and clasped by a huge grommril buckle. He wields a flaming sword and never gives ground when battling foes. He is the patron God of all dwarf smiths and is customarily appeased and invoked when working, especially so when creating dwarf weapons. He has been known to heal his worshipers with gouts of fire from his hands.

Alignment: Chaotic
Symbol: Cloud of smoke

Cleric Spell:

Teth Tufa, the Rock-Mother, Hearth Keeper.
 Teth Tufa is the companion of both Braz-Kazen and Kazadarum. She is invoked for her permission and guidance before all mining, construction or stone-crafting.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Granite Triangle

Kazadarum, the Bones of the Earth, Rock-Father.
 He appears as a giant rock man, and involves himself primarily with dwarf affairs. At times he has been known to aid non-dwarfs in exchange for an Oath-binding. In battle he smashes foes with his gigantic fists. He is the primary deity of most dwarf clans, and is first to be honored in all ceremonies.

Alignment: Lawful
Symbol: Gold Hammer

Thanatos, God of peaceful death, Bringer of eternal night, Keeper of souls.
  Thanatos is not the sole God of death, nor is he the absolute embodiment of death. He also serves as a Patron to those wishing to forestall or speed the act of death, bearing witness to all that die on Eroc greeting them in the afterlife, and in rare occasions granting a reprieve from death. Thanatos has two daughters; Alinah & Carnifex.

Alignment: Lawful
Symbol: Green Skull

Cleric spell:

Considered Unholy: Demons & Devils, Vampires, Wraiths, Wights, Chaotic aligned creatures/things/monsters, Lords of Chaos.

 Losborst, God of Wine.
    Losborst appears as a roly-poly giant of a man wearing a crown of grapes. He is often depicted drinking or tending vineyards. He always has a decanter of endless wine. Though most mistake him for a Chaotic god he is actually quite lawful and cares greatly for the common mortal and their well being. A very popular deity invoked at weddings, funerals and births. At times his drunken antics do infuriate his more strict lawful fellow Gods.

Alignment: Lawful
Symbol: Chalice of grapes

Cleric Spell: Drunkeness

Considered Unholy: Chaotic aligned creatures, monsters, things; demons & devils, Undead, Lords of Chaos.

 Limtram, Goddess of Meadows.

Limtram inhabits meadows, fields and farming pastures. Also known as Sister of the Field, Meadow Mother and Spirit of the Pasture. She is often worshipped to varying degrees by farmers and even has her own Druidical sect, the Children of the Harvest. Being of Neutral alignment she rarely involves herself in matters outside that which directly affects her followers or the state of the natural world in which her followers reside.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Glowing Radish

Cleric Spell: Entangle

Considered Unholy: monsters, undead, lycanthropes, perversions of nature.

Mabont, God of Sight, Seer of the Gods
  Mabont appears as a chalk white skinned man with a large red eye in his chest. He wears a necklace of
twelve eyeballs, each with a different magic power; as well as a robe of eyes. He also employs a sword called Blinder. Often sought by those wishing to see forthcoming events, or invoked by those wishing to not be surprised by unforeseen circumstances or foes.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Red Eye

Cleric Spell:

 Mesha, the Bringer of Change.
    The goddess Mesha takes the form of a woman of unmatched beauty. Her long hair changes color with the seasons. In the spring it is light brown. In the summer, it is dark red and smells of jasmine. In autumn, her hair turns golden brown. In the winter, her hair is coal black. Her pale skin shimmers with a golden light.

Mesha is extremely unpredictable and her cultists are wary of her. When of good cheer, she can aid her worshipers greatly, but a mood of indifference might see anything happen as she turns casually destructive, turning fertile land to arctic waste. To those who appease her whims, she may reward with a fitting gift while those who offend her at the moment might be smitten with a potent curse.

Alignment: Chaotic
Symbol: Snow covered twig sprouting leaves


Considered Unholy: Angels, Law aligned creatures, Lords of Law.

 Tar-Ark, God of Invisible.

    Tar-Ark is Neutral and can appear in the form of a boy with the tail of a monkey, or as a small monkey (see pic). He will aid those who call and ask for help. Usually he would rather turn invisible than face a fight. Tar-Ark is generally found to be worshiped in the isles of the Ebony Coast.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: glass monkey

Spell: Animal summoning

Considered Unholy: monsters, undead, lycanthropes, perversions of nature.

Sashu, God of Justice and Blind Beggars
 Sashu knows every move and desire of those that summon him. He carries the Sword of Judgment and will not hesitate to use its powers upon those so deserving. He is known to travel the mortal realm in many guises, the most common being a blind beggar. Depending upon how he is treated in this mortal guise he will appropriately deal out a sort of karmic justice in the form of good or bad things that befall those he encounters. He is also called upon to oversee most legal matters.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: A balance, measuring scales


Considered Unholy: Undead, Demons & Devils, Law or Chaos aligned creatures, Monsters, Lords of Law & Chaos.

Corrno, God of Thieves

Patronized by thieves of all types, Corrno was a small sneaky looking man in life. He was also such a consumate rogue that he actually became a deity by swindling the other Gods, or so legend says. Corrno appears in ragged clothing wearing a wool cap and always wields a rather unremarkable looking mace in battle.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Lockpick

Spell: Charm Person

Considered Unholy: mundane animals, undead, demons & devils, monsters, lycanthropes.

Coriptis, Goddess of battle and berserkers.

The Goddess always appears as a tall red headed woman dressed in thin black chainmail with Mal-Kazi her dancing sword. She is known to watch over any and all battles involving her followers and has been known to join in if they are outnumbered. To those who perform Mighty Deeds of Arms in her name, she has been known to grant boons.

Alignment: Chaotic
Symbol: Red Sword


Considered Unholy: Law & Neutral aligned creatures, Lords of Law & Balance, Angels.

Alinah, Goddess of the Moon
 Alinah is the second daughter of Thanatos. Revered by creatures of the night, she is fond of lycanthropes.
She has little use for those who call upon her in daylight hours, and is constantly in conflict with her husband Umannah for dominance of the sky. Her followers will always attempt to sack temples to any Sun gods.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol:  Crescent moon


Considered Unholy: Sun Gods and Light aligned / based creatures.

Beytnorn, God of Trees
Also known as the Lord of the Forest by the elves, Beytnorn is ancient beyond reckoning. His symbol is the oak leaf and is commonly found to adorn shields and armor of those good people dwelling in or near forests. The elves respect and pay homage to Beytnorn as does a small sect of human Druids.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Tree


Considered Unholy: Undead, Demons & devils, Monsters, Lycanthropes, Perversions of Nature.

Modron, Demi-Goddess of the Estuary of Roglaroon

  Modron (Maw-drun), is known to actually dwell in the Estuary of  Roglaroon and the city of Modron is named after her. Worshiped by Rivermen and those who make their living upon such pay homage to her. She enjoys appearing to her followers but seldom speaks and rarely grants prayers for help.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Trident


Considered Unholy:

Trameron, God of the Five Seas

    Trameron appears as a green, heavily scaled man with webbed hands and feet. Sometimes he is portrayed
Statue in Croy
with a tail instead of legs. He wears a golden circlet and wields a platinum trident to great effect. It is said that when in a portentous mood, he will predict the immediate future.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Dolphin


Carnifex, the Raven Queen, Goddess of torturers and executioners.
 The first daughter of Thanatos, Carnifex embraced suffering and the transience of the mortal coil. Her
followers exalt death as a release from the agony of life. Unlike many Gods in their
gilded temples, the Raven Queen seeks the solace of the underworld like her Father. Her temples are always underground in out of the way places.

Alignment: Chaotic
Symbol: Raven


Considered Unholy: Lords of Law and Law aligned creatures.

Sinakad, God of Mercy for the Trapped
    Sinakad appears either as a Ram headed man or a man with ram horns. He hates all Chaotic spawned evil with a mad burning passion. He's also known to wield fabulous magical weapons in battle.
Sinakad in man form

Alignment: Lawful
Symbol: Ram's Horn


Considered Unholy: Lords of Chaos, Chaos aligned creatures, Monsters, Undead, Demons & Devils.

Umannah, the Sun God, The Radiant Death

    Umannah appears as a 30' tall man with fire for hair and golden skin. He has a single eye from which he projects his ray of lawful cleansing. His sword is comprised of a glowing white light. Umannah is said to have
power over all types of fire creatures, and sometimes he assumes the shape of a sparkling ball of light. He and his followers wage a constant battle with the followers of his wife Alinah, the Goddess of the Moon.

Alignment: Lawful
Symbol: Gold & Red Spiral

Tika-Nahu, the Flaming One, God of Campfires

Tika-Nahu appears as a small child with three arms and wearing a suit of fire as armor. He has been known to aid in the forging of swords, though he must be compensated greatly for doing so, if not he will curse the item. He is attributed to being responsible for the creation of many powerful Chaotic weapons.

Alignment: Chaotic
Symbol: fire-ball

Considered Unholy: Lords of Law & Balance, creatures of water, undead.

Grismal, Guardian of the Underworld, Doorman of Thanatos

  Grismal has two heads and can see into all the planes of existence at once. He guards the spirits and bodies of the deceased and makes sure they arrive in the proper locations to travel onward once they leave the physical realm. His followers are largely grave-diggers, the elderly and those who wish to make sure their family members travel to the next world in peace.

Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Cross

Frik-Chaka, The Walker between Worlds, The Duke of Dimensions
 Frik-chaka is an ancient God-being still worshiped by primitive tribes of First men in the far northwest of
Orb of Frik-Chaka
Eroc. He is usually depicted as a stout bearded man adorned in silver raiment. He is always accompanied by three companions. The first companion is a newly born deer calf, the second is a young First-man wearing silver clothes and the last is an obsidian ball that can kill or heal at Frik-chaka's whim. Frik-chaka has been known to appear with strange gifts and toss them at onlookers before blinking away, as well as offering aid or even blasting threatening monsters or foes with rays of light, or just bashing in their skulls with a club. When Frik-chaka appears the young First-man bids all onlookers with the saying "Chaka-friend" while holding his palms up and towards those he speaks to. How this phrase is answered is rumored to determine how the Gods mood will be when dealing with mortals. Some believe that the four forms; man / deer / first-man / Orb are actually all the same being from multiple realities, whether or not this is true is anyone's guess.

Alignment: ?
Symbol: a silver deer calf or black orb with a silver stripe bisecting it.

Spell: comprehend Languages

Considered Unholy: Gods of Chaos/Law/Neutrality, Monsters / creatures / things, Undead, Demons & Devils.

This 46 page booklet from Judges Guild circa 1980 is what is being used in the campaign World of Eroc. It is here that any Player characters wanting a Deity must choose for their Cleric, or character in general to pay homage to.


  1. Sally: Regarding Sashu, God of Justice and Blind Beggars, it does not state if he is a lawful god. Also, since we are driven from our homes and turned into beggars along with all the survivors of Eros, might neutral and chaotics take this god as 1 of their 5? Many of us are out for justice, to right the wrongs done to our friends and families in Eros and other places we have traveled.

    1. Sashu is Neutral, the God lists have all been fixed above.

      Players may choose any Gods for their Top 5 regardless of alignment. Only Clerics must match Alignment with their #1 Deity choice.

  2. Sally: Regarding the god Sin-Naked that Tyrrian invokes, why does the young man seem so interested in Naked Sin?

    1. Only Tarek is interested in Naked Sin. Sinakad is different, see description above.

  3. Regarding gods, does my alingment matter when worshiping many gods?

    1. Only if you are a Cleric, your #1 choice reflects your Primary Deity and you must match his/her alignment.

      The Gods are a jealous lot.