Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thursday Knights delve into the Cellars of Marqest!

For this session I'm going to just hit the highlights. Actual play date was on 8/27/2015
The party now calling themselves "The Glorious Bastards" head out to dare the cellars. On the way they are joined by 4 other adventurers. Vexus Lustmort and his Minion and Dechlan the Elf and Vahlia the elf.
Marqest Player map
The Glorious Bastards Roster:
Dave: Calvin 1/2ling & Stan 1/2ling
Tyler: Gulidenstern & Rosencrantz Wizards at large
Josh: Benny the fortunate (thief) & Serra the Blessed (cleric)
Matt: Jeff the Handsome (defacto Leader)
Alex: Tom Brady (thief) & Julien Edleman (Fig)
Tony: Barty Krautch (Wiz) & Albert Garner (Fig)
Andrew: Stnegrimm (dwarf) & Felix the Sneaky (thief)
Sal: Zagathoth Cthoo (Sinewy Barbarian) & "Sweet" Loo (Cleric)
Joe: Hagar (Sinewy Barbarian) & Leonard (wiz)

So here we go:
The Glorious Bastards +4, head through the shattered wall between the Gatehouse and the Squire's Tower making a bee-line for the Brothers Tower. About midway across the courtyard the group is fires upon by a catapult atop the Brothers Tower! A shower of debris and assorted torture chamber odds n ends rain down upon the party.
Rosencrantz is speared to the ground through the left foot by a pitchfork head and dies! Meanwhile Calvin is trapped under half of an Iron Maiden!
The bulk of the group heads for cover in the old stable at the base of the Brothers Tower. Vexus and Minion await at the southern end of the stable. Hagar runs back to lift the Iron Maiden off of Calvin.
The eastern Gatehouse tower opens and a horde of screaming naked creatures begin to emerge. Vexus casts a web of pulsing red veins that hampers the bulk of the screaming gits at the tower door, but about a half dozen look to make trouble! As the party watches on from the cover of the stable they see Vexus burst into flames and gesture madly at the gits who seem cowed by this action and join their friends "humping" the pulsing veins on the gatehouse.
Discovering no ground entrance to the tower Cthoo the Barbarian leaps his way to the stable roof and then the battlement overlooking the courtyard. He secures a rope and oversees the ascension of the rest of the group.
The Glorious Bastards +4 array themselves upon the southern battlement just outside the door to the Tower. It is at this moment that the prolonged quiet from atop the tower garners suspicion and the party collectively looks up just in time to see the cauldron of boiling oil being poured down upon them! Cthoo kicks the door to the tower in and he and a few others escape the searing death rain!
Stan the Fighter, Calvin the 1/2ling, Guildenstern the wizard, Benny the Fortunate, Serra the Blessed, Julian E. the fighter, Stonegrimm the dwarf, & Felix the Thief are ALL killed! Jeff the Handsome loses both his trusted hirelings as they pushed their master through the boiling oil to preserve his good looks!
Nine members of the Glorious Bastards lie dead, but the group presses on! Within the tower the group now faces new puzzling challenges. A locked trap door in the floor and the muffled sounds of voices from below! Stairs that ascend upward to a barred trap door and a set of chains coming down through a hole in the ceiling, crossing the rafters to disappear into a hole in the stone wall of the tower itself!??!?
The trap door in the floor is opened to reveal some imprisoned hirelings, survivors from a prior adventuring group.
New PC's:
Andrew - Spike the Door Spiker
Dave - Brad the Porter
Tyler - Beezie Potts the Potion Tester
Josh - Olaf son of Molaf the porter
The group's strength replenished with addition of four "Meatshields" I mean helpful Hirelings the group splits its efforts between the chains and the trap door to the upper floor.
Much to the consternation of Cthoo, the chain is eventually snapped and as the upper half hangs limply from the ceiling the rest shoots off through the hole causing a deep resounding boom from somewhere below. Meanwhile Albert and Barty have chopped their way through the trap door and entered the second level of the tower.
A large seamless metal box is found and as Barty, Albert, Jeff, Tom Brady mess around with it they uncover a vast hoard of unrefined Oricalchum. Exposure to this begins to cause temporal fluctuations as well as physical and mental mutations to manifest in those in close proximity to the box. In the meantime Cthoo ant the rest of the group have decided that getting out alive is the best course of action and begin to set spell, muscle and oil into a plan to burn the contents of the Brother's Tower.
As the acid-tripping effects build in the upper floor and newly spawned mutations collide with good (or bad) decisions. A portal to HELL is opened and Barty Krautch finds himself devoured by a Demon Lord of the Lower Planes! Jeff inadvertantly kills Brady with a sling stone sent awry by temporal disturbances, Spike and Brad physically mutate, and Jeff discovers he can teleport!
In the CHAOS that ensued, Olaf son of Molaf cryogeically freezes himself and the Oricalchum, Jeff teleports back to the Dog & Bone Tavern, Albert becomes a pet for the Demon Lord, Tom Brady becomes "something", Brad the porter grows an extra pair of arms, Spike gets antenna, Beezie disappears in HELL, a permanent portal to HELL is opened in the tower, and everyone else escaped the tower!
DEATH TOLL: 11, MISSING: 1 (Beezie), HOSTAGE: 1 (Albert)
Upon returning to town the remnants of the Gloriuos Bastards +4, are surprised to find Jeff already there (Teleportation) and partying like a Mad-man! A green flaming skeleton appears in the bar with a ransom note for Albert. Much carousing followed!
Until next time......