Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wine Cellars of Marqest Update

Hear ye, hear ye! 

Let it be known that the newly chartered "Brothers GriMMM" adventurers group have blazed new paths and opened up the Beach Cave! They have traveled farther and deeper into the bowels of Marqest than any other group. The Viking warrior and his half-brother Sword-Slinger twins have thrown two of the biggest parties Marqest has seen in some time.
However, "The Glorious Bastards" still hold the record for most property damage and loss of life incurred in a single venture to this point!
It should also be noted that the "Red Arrow and her Quiver" are rumored to have actually penetrated the impenetrable Wizard's Tower, with the aid of a certain Sinewy Barbarian.
Be this true or not, take note for things are happening here in Marqest!
The ghost of the Duke dares one and all to brave his halls, prove your worth and gain your eternal fame or damnation!

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