Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wine Cellars of Marqest: Beach Party!

Session Date: 07/01/2017

Nick - Gunnar son of Golvar & Fieniel (fighters 7 / 2)
Selina - Kuro & Shiro Sword Slinger brothers (lvl 1)
How they Know each other: 
Gunnar recently discovered the twins are his half brothers
Available Hirelings:  3              Status: hired all three
Marwin - M@A - human male, bald, hp: 4, N, mace & torch, kill orcs, fishing pole
Dromore - pack bearer - human male, old, hp: 2, N, dagger, oath of silence, vial of ?
Uts - M@A - human male, brn hair, hp: 3, N, sword & torch, woodsman

Gunnar is told by Golvar to travel to Marqest and aid his twin half-brothers in their quest to become adventurers. With his trusty henchman Fieneil in tow the warrior makes his way to the infamous Dungeon.
Kuro, Sword-Slinger
Upon arrival Gunnar confers with Kuro & Shiro and the trio decide to hire the Crier to seek hirelings for their first foray. Looking over local maps, Gunnar decides that they should make for the beach cave as no one has been there yet.
Shiro, Sword-Slinger
At dawn the group waits to interview hirelings. Pickings are slim and only three applicants show up. Two Men-at-arms and a single pack bearer who comes from a long line of bearers. All three are hired, a couple of Fast-packs are procured from the supplier and the group sets off on foot along the old shore road towards the ruins.
About a quarter mile from the cliffs, Shiro feels uneasy because of the rumors he has heard of man-eating goats. Just then Gunnar stops the party, "Look there's a goat in the road." exclaims the Warrior. "Oh, don't go near it they're dangerous!" cries Shiro.
"Ah, its just a goat, watch." grunts Gunnar as he slowly approaches it. The goat and Gunnar stare each other down, and the Warrior notices the goats mouth seems to be stained with a dark berry juice. Or is it blood? Keeping a wary on the little beast Gunnar draws forth some rope from his pack and makes a leash. Turning towards the party Gunnar pats the goat on the head smiles and says, "Now we have a pack goat, or at the least monster bait!" With a grin he turns and continues leading the group towards the cliffs so they can descend to the beach and reach the cave.

A natural path down to the beach is found and the group descends and walks along the shore towards the cave. Kuro notices there seems to be a collection it items washed up along the shore. They decide to look about and see if anything interesting can be found in the sand. After a short search Gunnar finds four empty wine bottles and stows them in his magical bag.
As the group sets to enter the cave, a pair of giant sea crabs emerge from the surf and  attack. The crustaceans are faster than anticipated and one tears into Uts the man-at-arms killing him! Marwin is wounded as well as Kuro, but the crabs are slain. Uts is laid to rest in a shallow grave by the cliffside, and Gunnar decides to leave the goat tied to a bush outside the cave entrance. As the group enters they come across many molted crab shells. "Guess these things grow pretty fast." remarks Fieneil. Gunnar takes a moment to fashion makeshift armor for Marwin from the crab-shells, "That should help you if we run into more of them."
Just then from the shadows of the cave, a humanoid crab-man thing emerges. The party is surprised, but the creature shuffles past them out onto the beach and into the sea.
"That was weird," says Kuro. "It was like it didn't even see us." The group continues into the cave with Marwin holding a torch, and Shiro holding his lantern for light.
In the first cavern of the beach cave the party discovers 3 tunnels leading into darkness, in the center of the cavern is a large algae covered rock.  Shiro casts about with his lantern and sees that more giant crabs are watching them from the northern most exit, and a pair of crab-man things watch them from the southeastern exit. The eastern exit is dark and appears clear of creatures. At the same time Gunnar and Fieneil take a closer look at the rock. Gunnar catches a ripple in the algae like muscle under skin. He reacts by stabbing the rock with his trident! Shocked, Shiro calls out, "It could be harmless why not poke it rather then stab?"
Gunnar replies, "Too late it rippled!" The algae moves and growls rising up to reveal itself as some type of creature unlike anything the group has seen before! With a pair of massive arms it bashes Fieneil to the ground, and smacks Gunnar who returns the blow with another jab from his trident! The party realize quickly that only the magic of the trident seems to harm the monster so they let Gunnar finish it off. Moving to the eastern exit the party notes they are trailed by the Crab-creatures. A naturally formed set of stairs descending is found as well as another small tunnel. The group decides to descend and notice they are no longer shadowed.

The descent ends in a small cave littered with hundreds of rotting shredded rats. The light reveals a single exit from the chamber and a handful of living rats scuttle out that way. The group follows the live rats and come to a fork in the cave system. The rats run off to the left down a tunnel while the right tunnel is unused. Gunnar elects to go right and soon the group enters a natural cavern with a single exit.
Lady Ghoul
Suddenly a  ghoulish woman in tattered finery drops from the ceiling and with a surprise attack kills Marwin by slicing his head off with her razor tongue! Gunnar stabs her through the chest pinning her to the wall and tells the brothers to chop off her head. Shiro and Kuro move in but fall victim to her paralyzing grip and fast reflexes. Fieneil uses his poleaxe and splits her head open killing the she-beast.
The ghoul-woman is discovered to have a nice bounty of jewelry, a signet ring and a key upon her.
"I think we just killed the Dukes wife, again." remarks Shiro.
 The group decides to go back to town and rest in safety. Exiting the cave they discover that the goat is gone and the rope used to tie him has been chewed through, but more disturbing is the fact that the hastily buried body of Uts has also gone missing.

The party returns to the town and carousing happens:
Shiro & Kuro end up owing money, that Gunnar covers for them out of their shares from the next foray.
Fieniel - got vd, but paid to have it healed by a local Cleric.
They paid Dromore 5gp bonus, and returned the body of Marwin to his family for burial.
The twins do a flaming sword show and earn 20gp as well as drawing the attention of a mercenary Wizard who asks to join them on their next expedition.
Gunnar, Shiro, and Kuro decide to form an Adventuring Group and "The Brother's GriMMM" is officially charterd at the town hall.

End part 1

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