Saturday, August 12, 2017

Far Trek RPG: stuff to make your game awesome!

So in a few days I will be running a Far Trek game for some first-timers. My last game was at Palm Con 2016. This post is really just about some of the stuff I use in my Far Trek games and how you can too.

Aquarium plants
Let's start with Terrain. So you want some quick and easy planetary terrain? Look no further than the aquarium section at Wal-Mart. You can get a bag of those plants pictured above for under $5 bucks. They are many others to choose from but I liked the three pack, I ended up buying 3 packs over the course of a few months. There are also little bags of clear plastic colored rocks, the best part is NO WORK needs to be done to them. Place on table and you are ready!

Plastic dishware & asst. crap
Nothing beats a few Plastic cups and bowls from the $1 Store. Add in an Ink Cartridge package, a shaving creme bottle cap, and half of a clear plastic ball and you have more items to make Installations or whatever out of.

Enemies & Creatures!
If you aren't using the Star Trek Paper Miniatures made by David Okum, you should! Unless you don't use minis then who cares. Little finger puppet monsters from The Party Store are great too!
Player Characters & more..
Besides Federation Crew, there are Klingons, Romulans and various creatures (Mugato / tribbles etc.). In the picture above you can see three beads that could be used for all kinds of things; alien lifeforms, weird plants or crystal formations. There are tons of things lying around your house you could use o jazz up you game without spending a dime.

If you already have miniature terrain for Fantasy or Sci-fi then by all means use that stuff as well. However if you don't have the time/space or money for the official terrain items then by all means go Cheap! It still looks cool!

Some other simple things I did was to get three sets of mini-poker chips in Blue/Red/Yellow. I use those to keep track of Fate points. Also color coded Six sided dice add to the flavor!

Until next time, set your Phasers for FUN!

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