Monday, November 25, 2013

Quadrant 44

Q44 on Klingon scanners

 Eroc is one of many 'M' class planets in Quadrant 44 of the galaxy, where most of the worlds still practice magic heavily and rely on it rather than technology. Many of the natives of Eroc are unaware of the galaxy at large except as rumors of angels and sky demons, etc.

 Technology came to Eroc when the Markrab Empire established a starport there to begin trading and DNA experimentation, but they were careful to present themselves as supernatural visitors from the heavens, and the starport came to be known as "God City". For centuries there was peaceful trade for swords made of god-metal (Erocian Steel) and similar trinkets, while the Markrabs shipped away starships loaded down with native gold, gems and untainted DNA for the empire. The starport grew and God City became a mighty metropolis, but one very difficult for all but the most intrepid adventurers of Eroc to reach safely, since the journey was treacherous and full of dangerous cracks leading to the netherworld.

 All was well until Galactic-Mega-Distortion disrupted the phasic intergalactic power beacons, robbing God City of its ability to provide a safe navigation beam for starships, and shutting off communication with the rest of the Empire. The fate of the Markrab Empire itself is unknown on Eroc, and for ???? centuries there has been no communication outside Q44. Millions of galactic citizens and traders were stranded in God City, forced to learn more local ways and to try to get along (even with the *Klengons). Trade began to slow, since the supply of advanced goods has dried up along with the phasic power beams.

 The spread of aliens into Eroc society caused interesting races of people, and while nobody really believes God City is the home of angels anymore, those displaying advanced technology are still regarded with a mix of fear and mistrust, especially in the more rural regions.

 In recent times outside of Q44, many different space faring races constantly battle for the chance to either protect, destroy, explore or reap the potential of this strange quadrant. The area is constantly ravaged by spacial time-rifts, black-hole mutli-storms, neo-thorbic wave streams and other dangers that make even entering it an almost 100% chance of instant death. Yet there are always those who believe the rewards to be gleaned in Q44 far outweigh the dangers of trying.

 As of Star Date 2013-23-11 a force from the Klingon Empire in collusion with Dominion Pirates attempted a foray into Q44. They were barely stopped by a Federation peacekeeping force that was aided by a small group of Romulan ships.

* Klengon = as the race is known on the planet Eroc. Outside of Q44 they are known as Klingon.

Klingon incursion into Q44
Romulan force arrives.
Battle for Q44