Monday, October 11, 2021

Wine Cellars: Rumors abound, what have you heard?

a sight to behold

"I heard his eyes bulged and veins popped out upon his forehead! Then his stomach rumbled like a great peal of thunder, his pelvis gyrating as if it had become detached from his small body!!"

"The poor gnome was clearly demented and babbled about a White Canoe that would take him to the promised land, but the adventurers paid him no heed...."

"Just a week ago my cousin said he caught sight of something quite odd in the sky over to the west."

"Perhaps the gnome wasn't so crazy?"

The shape

"I hear ole' Radcliffe is up to something. A dark sahpe with glowing lights has been spotted just after dusk near the hamlet of Hemlock." 

"There's been tale of the restless dead as well. I'd not be caught outdoors after dark near there!"

"Both Radcliffe and Sindy-Loo have been asking about for items re-claimed from the Wizard's tower up at the old castle. But I don't think anyone has made it in there yet. Or at least if they have no-one has returned to tell the tale."

the Wolf

"A large and vicious wolf has been on the prowl across the moors between the old castle and the village of Marqest. I hope you're smart enough to stay in at night." 

Castle Marqest

" The secret underground has been hard at work again. You can sometimes hear them doing their work right under our feet."

"I'd swear that some of the old castle has even been repaired. It's like something has breathed a new darkness back into that terrible place!"

the Ship

"The fishermen swear that a strange ship has been coming and going from the sea-cavern."

"That can't be anything but bad, I'll tell you!"

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