Frontier Sector

These adventures take place in an area of the Eroc-verse called the Frontier Sector, or simply the Frontier. It contains around 17 inhabited star systems, and 23 colonized planets. Some of these planets have been claimed and settled by a single race, while others are cooperatives with mixed populations.

Besides these settled areas, the sector contains 21 mapped yet unexplored star systems that could have habitable (or inhabited) planets. Even most of the settled systems have yet to be fully explored. There are many moons, asteroid belts, and planets that could hold lost alien ruins, rich mineral deposits and more.

 These short aliens have no bones or hard body parts. Their skin is a flexible membrane which is very tough
and generally a dull gray in color. Lined with dark veins that meet to create two "eyespots". The central nerve bundle (brain) and numerous small hearts as well as other internal organs float in a pudding-like mixture of protein and organic fluids. They have no lungs and breathe by absorbing oxygen directly through their skin. They eat by surrounding food and absorbing it, so they have no digestive tract.

 The skin membrane is stretchable and supported by a complex muscle structure. This allows them to change the shape of their bodies, within limits. They can "grow" arms and legs and reabsorb them when not needed.
[A Dralasite can have a number of limbs equal to its DEX divided by 10, rounded up, in any combination the player desires.] 

 Dralasites see only in black and white. They can see shapes and light and darkness very clearly, and the difference between distinct colors because one is darker than the other. The most developed sense is smell, as they breathe directly through their skin, and the entire membrane is is sensitive to odors. This sense is so keen they can identify others by scent alone. The membrane is also sensitive to touch and vibrations, allowing them to hear and feel. Their voiceboxes are a like a bellows as they have no lungs. Their voices can vary from a soft whisper to a thundering roar and from a bass rumble to a piercing screech. Among themselves they use shapes, odors and touch to communicate.

Ability Modifiers: +5 Str/Sta  -5 Dex/Rs  +0 Int/Log  +0 Per/Ldr

 Of all the star-faring races, Humans are the most varied. Humans tend to value individuality and personal
freedom more than anything else, but they do not hesitate to work with others to reach common goals or to protect themselves from attack.

Humans are one of the most open and accepting of the known races. They get along well with most aliens.

Ability Modifiers: +0 to All Abilities, only Humans get to add +5% to one Ability of their choice.

 The Vrusk body is covered in a hard carapace and jointed at the elbows, hips, knees, etc. They have an
internal skeleton that supports their body. The hands are a circular pad with five fingers spaced evenly along the edge. The shoulders and elbows are double jointed allowing the Vrusk to reach any point on or behind them easily. They are omnivores and eat with sets of mandibles. Their lungs are set within the abdomen and the breathe through many small vents in the underbelly. This makes swimming near impossible for them.

They have outstanding vision, and the sense of smell is centered in their antennae and is slightly better than a human. Hearing is about equal to a Human.

All Vrusk are ambidextrous and do not need to choose Handedness when created.

Ability Modifiers: -5 Str/Sta  +5 Dex/Rs  +0 Int/Log  +0 Per/Ldr

 A felinoid race that is fairly new to the Star-faring scene, both males and females average 6' in height and are
always slim, sleek and graceful. Their arms and legs are slightly longer than a Human adding to the appearance of grace.Their fingers end retractable claws, the eyes are almond shaped and cat-like allowing superb low-lite vision. They love bright colorful loose clothing. In combat they prefer daring and flashy styles that draw attention, as they enjoy embarrassing foes as opposed to killing them outright.

Ability Modifiers: +0 Str/Sta  +5 Dex/RS  +0 Int/Log  -5 Per/Ldr

 Yazirians are tall thin humanoids with large flaps of skin that brow on either side of their bodies. Under the
correct conditions they can use these flaps as wings to glide for short distances. They have muzzles and high
foreheads, giving them an animal-like appearance. The head is surrounded by a mane of hair which varies in color from glossy black to pale yellow. Yazirians pant to keep cool.

Their senses of hearing , taste and smell are equal to Human's. Having evolved from nocturnal hunters, their eyes are adapted for seeing in dim light. They can not see in total darkness, and must wear protective goggles in sunlight.

[Battle Rage] Yazirians can go berserk in battle and gain a +20 to hit in melee. This ability starts at 5%  and can be increased with experience points. The rage lasts as long as the fight and ends when the character has rested for 5 minutes.

Ability modifiers: -10 Str/Sta  +5 Dex/Rs   +5 Int/Log   +0 Per/Ldr

 Thought by many to be an offshoot of the elusive Mar Kr'Ab, the Zoe are much shorter than most races: both sexes average 3'4" in height. Zoeans are quite thin and frail, with unusually large heads. They are
completely hairless, and their eyes are large and black. The nose and mouth are similar to Humans. They have no upper skull: the top of their head looks like a large skin covered brain, throbbing in rhythm with the Zoean pulse.

Individual Zoe dress in simple seamless robes or bodysuits. To the casual observer, there is no difference between the Zoe sexes. Only another Zoean or trained Medical Doctor who has conducted an examination can tell them apart.

Ability Modifiers: -10 Str/Sta  +0 Dex/Rs  +10 Int/Log  +0 Per/Ldr

There are many skills an Adventurer can learn. They are organized into Primary Skill Areas (PSAs): Biosocial, Mentalist, Military, Technological.

At the start of your career, you choose one Primary Skill Area. Then you choose two skills, one must be from your primary PSA, but the second can be from any PSA. You begin at level one in both skills.

Biosocial skills deal with intelligent races and their surroundings. There are three different Biosocial skills: Environmental, Medical, Psycho-social.

Mentalist skills cover the realm of highly developed psionic powers. These skills include the use of things like telekinesis and telepathy. There are three different Mentalist skills: Metabolic Control, Psychokinetic, Telepath.

Military skills deal with combat. There are seven different Military Skills: Beam Weapons, Demolitions, Gyrojet Weapons, Martial Arts, Melee Weapons, Projectile Weapons and Thrown Weapons.

Technological skills deal with various types of machines. There are three different Technological skills: Computer, Robotics and Technician.

Though at first this list may seem small, many skills contain a tree of subskills. The subskills further define what types of things can be done with that skill. When a character learns a skill they automatically learn all the related subskills.

Brango decides to start his adventurous life in space with the Military PSA as his primary skill area, from there he chooses Gyrojet Weapons. For his second skill choice he goes outside his primary are and chooses Robotics from the Technological PSA. When the campaign begins Brango is Level 1 in both skills and any subskills he may have access to.


 Very little is known of the Sathar. They have tried to kill every alien creature they have encountered in the Frontier, usually with alarming success. No one knows why they attack or what they hope to gain. All
peaceful attempts at contact have failed. No Sathar has been captured alive as they kill themselves in some unknown manner before they can be taken.

All Sathar should be considered hostile and dangerous. Citizens of the Frontier who encounter them are required by law to report the incident immediately. If escape is impossible, citizens are advised to attack on sight.

Sathar are also known to employ agents of the peaceful races to overthrow colonies, terrorize citizens and disrupt trade. Like the Sathar themselves these agents are extremely dangerous.

*NOT a playable race.

Rill (aka Banshees)
The Rill are a strange hyper-space threat. Commonly referred to as Banshees by spacers because of the high pitched wailing they emit. These creatures are only encountered while traveling in hyper-space where they
latch onto the hull of a ship and tear their way inside attempting to devour any and all living organisms. Very few ships have escaped the attacks of a Rill and still much is unknown, however a defense for Rill attacks is being tested on many ships throughout the Frontier.

Spacer lore postulates that many ships that have been lost in hyper-space were actually victims of Rill attacks. Some even say the Rill drag the ships back to a hive that floats in hyper-space itself where hideous things are done to the surviving crew. None of this has ever been proven and the scientific community at large discounts this as nothing more than pure superstition.

*Mar Kr' Ab:
The Mar Kr' Ab Empire was an powerful star-faring race that once spanned the Eroc-verse. They were
Mar Kr' Ab
rumored to have pyschic as well as bio-organic technology. The average lifespan of 3,500 years is greatly offset the extremely low reproductive rate which was barely able to sustain the race. It has been estimated that the overall population in the Eroc-verse to be less than 200,000 individuals. They mutate greatly during the last third of their life cycle and often spend decades in near hibernation solving esoteric mathematical equations or mental challenges set by their Communal Chronal Intelligence.

At the height of their power (calculated to be some 300,000 years ago) they suffered an unknown cataclysmic disaster. Since that time they have lurked at the edge of the Frontier making brief sometimes peaceful contact with many other races.
*NOT a playable race.

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