This page will briefly outline possible Patron choices for Characters in the World of Eroc. The Information
Art by Frazetta
listed is only what the character would have to make his choice!


 The Demon Lord of amphibians, demands his servants protect frogs, toads, and salamanders; spread chaos; and revere the dark swamplands. To form a bond, a week long putrid ceremony must be completed in a slimy lair of the Toadfiend. After any assistance, Bobugbubilz demands minor acts of fealty, usually related to slaying snakes and other creatures that eat his amphibious thralls.

Azi Dahaka
  The Demon Prince of storms and wastelands, Azi Dahaka is anything but subtle. He is the blasting sandstorm, the deadly asp, and the desiccated corpse in the scorching sun. He expects his followers to bring ruin wherever they go. His ceremony must be conducted in a desert at high noon where the caster has imbibed no liquid for one day and one night before. He demands much of those who seek his patronage.

  The wickedest of wizards to ever plague the Wilderlands, Sezrekan the Elder was born a peasant and cursed with knowledge of higher worlds. Those who claim him as their patron are expected to follow in the Master's footsteps, sacrificing kith and kin in the single-minded pursuit of mastery of self and thereby the multiverse. The Old Master has little regard for those that cannot help themselves, offering aid only to those of proven dedication and talent.

The King/Queen of Elfland
  Masters of the verdant realm glimpsed only through the groves, they rule all elf-kind from their throne of silver mist. Fierce once roused, the regents keep watch over the dreaming land, protecting against incursion. They grant fearsome powers to their champions, but can seem fickle and sanguine, neglecting affairs not immediately pertaining the the faeries.

The Three Fates
  Beholden to neither god nor man, the Three Fates weave the destiny of the universe upon the loom of time. As wardens of order, they strive against the diabolic powers, wicked gods, and forces of the outer darkness. Their anathemas are fell magics and the chaos-born corruption these magics unleash; supplicants of the Fates must exercise great discipline lest they become the monsters they seek to vanquish.

  This Daemonic Lord of Crawling Things is heard in the evil chirpings of crickets in lonely places at night, and his will made known through the unnatural voices of bugs. Hizzzgrad manifests through all manner of creatures that creep and crawl - serpents, lizards, crabs, spiders, beetles etc. There is much he knows of corpses and the dead, and those who would wield Arts Necromantic seek his patronage.

Halgaz Bekur the Witch King
    Halgaz ruled for a thousand years over the Elphand lands through foul sorceries and conjured armies of fire, ice, and stone. Three heroes eventually faced him and ended his reign. Helgaz was not destroyed, and his foul soul lives on as a wraith granting power through its lust for vengence upon all living things.

Hecate, patron of Witches
    Since ancient times, Hecate has interfered in human affairs for unknown reasons. It is certain, though, that she intercedes on behalf the witches of the Court Marshes and those who call upon her. Hecate prefers females to males, and women receive a greater boon from her.

Chrontics Vault
A sentient mecha-organism from a dimension beyond time &space, Chrontics is a collector of arcane lore and a harvester of power. No one can say whether it is an obsessive librarian, a tyrant in waiting, or something stranger.

Sky Demons from the void between worlds. Markrab has many gifts for those who would help them achieve their goals.

Frik-chaka, Duke of Dimensions
 Seekers of secrets beyond the black, the philosophic ramblings of the Tyrannosaurus logic find the phasic mysteries and powers bestowed by the Duke of Dimensions to sear their cerebrum with hot mind fires and send them screaming to oblivion at the head of the line immortal in time!
*See Unknown Gods page for more info on this Patron.

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