Modron; a guide.

HEX: 3615 MODRON (Large Walled Town):
Predominant Alignment: Lawful
Top 5 Deities: Sashu, Trameron, Mesha, Umannah, & Modron
God Factor: 3% cumulative chance Sashu will manifest each time his name is invoked. BEWARE!
Tech Level: 9 (fireworks, glasses, Erocian steel)
Population: 5,000; Mixed (human 79% [mostly Tharbrian, Alryan,Skandik], halfling 9%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, other 4%
Resources: Market, Sea-Port, Colosseum
Authority: King Anoethin, male Alryan.
Important People: Shalot, High Priest of the Temple of the Gods;  Sonniboot, Tharbrian (noted local pirate); General Modronel (head of the Modron Sea-Guard); Duke Kralanor, male Alryan (king's cousin in charge of the waterfront); Count Lars of the Spire, the Kings Champion.
Town Streets:
Brain-Basher blvd. / Ferry road / Northern March / Old South Street / Palatial Parade / Rampant Real / Setting Sun road / South road / Struttin' Stretch / Waylay Walk

Open Market: Held the first and third weekend of each month in the town square. Vendors from all over the city as well as merchants from ships ported at the docks bring wares to hawk. The square becomes quite crowded on these days and is alive with all sorts of activity.

Shops & Such:
Stadium: (1) South end of town along Setting Sun Rd.
 Gladiator games are held here the third Starday of each month. Participants are chosen from those arrested in the past month, as well as traveling Fighting troupes that appear. Prisoners who win are set free and charges are dropped.

Lamplighters Guild House: (5) corner of Setting Sun Rd. and Ferry Rd. just inside the town walls
 "Bignose" Baety; Elf
Baety runs a score of lads that light all the street lamps at dusk and extinguish them again at dawn. Baety himself has been seen to do the job by simply snapping his fingers.
Rumor: The gnarled walking stick "Bignose" carries is a powerful magic rod.

Fox Tail Inn: (6) South end of Struttin' Stretch
 Phaerter Fox; Tharbrian Innkeeper
The cheapest accomadations in Modron. Rooms are 3cp a night, 1sp a week, locks additional charge.
Rumor: The Inn has a terrible rat problem.

Wicks & Sticks: (10) shop off South Rd. down alley
 Taferty Taumbul; Alryan
Seller of all types of Lanterns, torches and candles.
Rumor: Taferty's shop has never been robbed.

Expeditions Inc.: (11) back alley off Old South St.
 Yousef of the Yellow Turban; Gishmesh
Yousef organizes expeditions to anywhere in this world or the next, for a price.
Rumor: Yousef is a slaver and his customers never return from "expeditions".

Palm Reader & Medium: (12) shop, South Rd.
Sota the Seeress; Halfling Gypsy
Madame Sota can forecast the future for gold. She also employs a halfling medium known as "little" Decky, that can contact your dearly departed relatives.
Rumor: The old gypsy will curse others for a price as well.

Stadium Stand: (13) Large Tavern, South Rd. across from the Stadium
  Horace Short-boot; Alryan
This business capitalizes on its prime location. Menu: roast pig 5cp, whale liver 1sp, horse 3cp, mead 2cp. All entree's come with bread and vegetable of the day.
Rumor: Horace runs numbers in the back room.

Mist of the Morn: (15) Shop, corner of Rampant Real and Old South St.
  Shertup Sol; Alryan
The largest variety of wine, ales, mead and whiskeys from other lands.
Rumor: Shertup has been to known to get "specially" treated bottles for certain customers.

Grin Reaper: (15) Tavern/Club, south end of Rampant Real
  Samm Widebrow: halfling
Local hangout for the dwarf and halfling population. Entertainment varies, ranging from dog-fights to striptease. Dwarf Stout, a potent brew (x2 normal effect) 2sp a mug.
Rumor: Non Dwarves & Halflings are only allowed in by invitation.

Archimedes School of Alchemy: (16) Boarding School, Old South St. across from Town Sq.
  Argon Archimedes; Alryan
Tuition is 500gp a year including room and board (bldg. 17), he also teaches one-off courses at varying prices. Argon lives in (18) at the east end of the block.

Engineer Warehouse: (19) North end of Struttin' Stretch
  Sloke; Tharbrian
This very secure warehouse holds all the repair parts for the cities artillery, walls, gates, docks etc. Large disassembled siege engines are housed within as well. Sloke has been known to take side jobs (house & tower building, castle consultations).
Rumor: Sloke is a gambler, a poor gambler.

Sorcerer's Stone: (21) Shop, Palatial Parade
  Dubious Deletter; Alryan
A shop of some repute and the only in the region. Dubious promises if he can't make it, he can get it or tell you where one is.
Rumor: Dubious and Argon have a running feud.

The Drawn Sword: (22) Inn/Tavern, north end of Struttin' Stretch by the Main Gate
  Rockrory Red-leg; Dwarf
Quiet, nice Inn with the best reputation in town. Rockrory is a good listener and there is a high chance he is aware of anything going on within the town limits. He has two halfling wives that help him run the place. Rooms 5sp a day, 2gp a week. Five meals a day served promptly at 6am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, prices vary but rarely exceed 2gp.
Rumor: Rockrory is the only survivor of an encounter with the Green Dragon of Bustling Bog. No trace of the other twenty three townsfolk was ever found at the alleged site.

Tai Lee's: (23) Open air Kitchen, Struttin' Stretch
  Tai Lee; Karak female
The kitchen serves two meals a day at 12 & 6pm. If you're seated you get served, otherwise you'll be waiting for the next one. Menu varies but chicken is always served on Gods day, 1gp for all you can eat (except halflings: 3gp)
Rumor: Tai Lee can heal afflictions with needles.

Sundries Unlimited: (24) shop, Town Sq.
  Deraillor Humm; Alryan
All general equipment can be purchased here. There is a 30% chance per week, that he has unusual weapons/armor that have arrived from far off locations.
Rumor: Deraillor has underworld contacts.

Cartwright: (25) shop, Rampant Real
  Sigur Longtongue; Skandik
Sigur has crafted most of the wagons and carts in Modron. He is shrewd and his skill is well worth the price.

Dealer's Delight: (26) Gambling House, Rampant Real
  Shifty Sixfingers; Alryan
This place offers Knucklebones, Pasteboards, Roulette, Craps, Darts, Over/Under, and "Numbers" on Stadium days.
Rumor: Shifty is high ranking in Modron's Thieves Guild.

Inn & Out: (27) Resturant & Inn, north end of Rampant Real
  Hornrik Stepto; halfling
They specialize in takeout service, delicacies include: Honeyed bear-feet 3cp, fried rat's tails 2cp, eel in a bun 1cp, swerting tongue 2 for 1cp. Most of the constabulary eat here while on duty. Rooms here are built for Halfling and Dwarven comforts.

League of Ordinary Gentlemen: (29) Halfway House, Palatial Parade near the Main Gate.
  Dose Dode; Alryan female
Dose seeks to keep thieves and beggars off the streets by finding them jobs. PC's can hire short-term help here for various underworld or wilderness adventures.
Gentlemen Rates:
Cook: d4 hps, dagger, tinder box, iron pot, spices. 6sp/day
Porters: d4 hps, dagger, strong backs. 5sp/day
Lantern Men: d4 hps, 3 flasks oil, Lantern, 6ft pole. 4sp/day
Torch boys: 1-2 hps, tinder box, small sack, 6 torches. 2sp/day
City Guide: 1-3 hps, may have discounts,  5cp/day
Widerness Guide: d4 hps, Staff, knows area up to 10 miles. 1gp/day

Thumbold's Blades: (30) Shop, Rampant Real
  Thumbold; dwarf
This shop rolls D30 on the "Weapons for Sale" chart (see GM). Given proper materials, Thumbold can forge Erocian steel swords and Dwarf Axes at triple cost.
Rumor: Thumbold is wanted for an unknown crime.

Shambley's Armor: (31) Shop, Rampant Real
  Shambley; Tharbrian Armorer
Shambley excells at crafting shields of all shapes and sizes. He sells a specially treated chainmail that will not rust for 180gp.

Kellarbari House: (32) Tavern, Old South St. and Town Sq.
 Slone; Alryan
Slone runs a quiet clean business. Private rooms for business or parties available upon request.
Rumor: Slone has a grudge against Snaketooth and the WSC.

Rugs & Tapestries: (33) Shop, Old South St. and Town Sq.
  Dinn Dundee; elf artisian
Dinn sells items of highest quality, many portray scenes of historical or whimsical nature.
Rumor: Dinn has a captive Djinn that weaves his wares.

Town Hall: (34) Government bldg., Town Sq.
  Andru the elder; Alryan head clerk
  Moree the lesser; assistant clerk
This squat reinforced building is home to all city records and more, stretching back some 300 years. The clerks live out back in a tenement (35).

Waterfront Storage Co.: (36, 37, 38, 41, 47) Business, along Brain-basher Blvd.
  Snaketooth Tode; Alryan, and his sons: Farle, Desiradel and Toudel
Owner and operator of the WSC, Snaketooth is both greedy and powerful. Constantly at odds with the government and Temple about taxes and levy's on goods.
Rumor: The WSC fortune is second only to the Temple of the Gods.

City jail: (39) Government Bldg.: South end of Rampant real
  Sheriff Saft; Tharbrian
Saft is a hard man and has never taken a bribe. People convicted of crimes that aren't sent to the Stadium end up here.
Rumor: The Jail sits atop an old entrance to the ancient dungeons of Old Modron.

Good Bellows: ( ) Smithy, two doors down from a pawn shop off Brain-basher Blvd.
   Tyrrian; Tharbrian
Known for excellent work on all common metal worked items. The young smith will not take orders for arms or armor. His fair prices and quality work are praised by the common folk of Modron.
Rumor: The smith secretly forges weapons for the King only.

Treasures & Secrets: (48) Pawn shop, just off Brain-basher Blvd. across from the docks.
  Dolan Ogo; Alryan Tarek; Tharbrian
Fair deals and fair prices, safe boxes are also available to rent.
Rumor: Ogo and his thugs were devoured by spiders from hell.

Gemcutter: (51) shop, alley just off Brain-basher Blvd.
  Pallus Durstin; Tharbrian
Pallus cuts raw stones into gems and is known for his work.

Waterdown Tavern: (52) Alehouse, Brain-basher Blvd. across from docks.
  Slakeon the Simple; Alryan
A favorite of sailors and dokworkers, this place is as rough as they come. It is posible to get news of sea-going and river affairs here.
Menu: shark 3sp, octopus soup 1cp, river eel 2cp, salt water beer 1cp.

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  1. So Sashu favors this city, that's excellent. And sources of Erocian steel. This must be paradise.

    Tarek: I really need to get an invitation into the Grin Reaper. And probably spend some time and coin in Dealer's Delight.

    1. DM: You'll have to get either Moep or Garotte to get you in the Grin Reaper. The Dealer's Delight welcomes you with open arms!

    2. Tarek: I think I may have to ask Moep to get me into the Grin Reaper - I think he might be up for that. I can always offer him a little pipeweed as an enticement...

  2. I wish to speak with Thumbold and Shambley about Erocian Steel, as well as share some of the knowledge I learned from my father. I also want to see if one of them, preferably Thumbold, would allow me to rent some space in his forge to craft a sword for Tarek, now that I have my materials I ordered.

    Also, now that Ogo is gone, who is the next best Jeweler? I know Pallus is a gem cutter, but does he or someone else make jewelry? I want to commission two necklaces, one for me and one for Tarek that use some materials that we've collected on our adventures. It would be a ruby for me and an emerald for Tarek, both of which are set in the middle of Mountain Basilisk Claws with gold chains.

  3. Tarek: I still need to get Moep to invite me into the Grin Reaper for some spirits. Also, I want to take a trip to the Mist of the Morn. I would like to purchase some exotic whiskey and ale that I can enjoy both at Marcus' villa and in the future as we travel away from Modron. Also, want to do a little more information gathering in the Dealer's Delight about the Guild. Of course, all this must wait for me to get my speech back...

  4. Tarek: Yes visit Treasures & Secrets - perhaps you wish to part with your unwanted treasures, purchase someone else's unwanted treasures, or keep your treasures secret in one of our safe boxes. Let one of my talented and lovely staff assist you.

    1. So a smuggler, a fence, and halfling walk into a bar...

  5. I wish to visit Thrumbold's blades and buy 14 Erocian Steel daggers, 1 Sabre, 2 short swords, 2 hand axes, 1 battle axe, and commision 1 katana and as many arrow heads as he can make me. Lars does this while everyone else is out playing with the hounds.

    1. If Thrumblod can't make a Katana, I try and buy one from Deraillor if he has one for sale.

    2. Thumbold: I do not waste Erocian steel on arrowheads. The katana cannot be forged by me. Only the eastern Karakians know the secret of those blades. The rest I can do for 400gp, half up front, the rest when the weapons are done. What say you manling?

    3. Keep checking Sundries each week to see of Deraillor has a katana, a double crossbow, and any exotic light armors and shields that Count Lars might want.

  6. I wish to buy a nice bottle from Shertup Sol.

    1. Shertup: How much are you looking to spend?

    2. I would say it depends on how "special" the vintage is.

    3. Well a "special" vintage with a non-permanent after effect is a few silver more. Those with a lingering effect a bit more. Finally those of a permanent or instant effect could triple or more. Availability of ingredients and time are factors.

  7. Lars wishes to present a gift to the King Anoethin. Can we get an invitation to any engagement with the King? I would love to be presented and be petitioned for a small honorific or title for saving the city.

  8. Sally would like to learn a potion or 2 while we are out of town. Some type of healing or strength potion if possible.

    1. Is it possible with enough down time to learn mild healing potions from either Argon Archimedes or Dubious Deletter? Gentle inquiries will be made before deciding who to aproach first.

    2. Dubious will not teach anyone, he will make it if you order it or for a lesser fee will either discover where some are for you to "procure" on your own or make a special order.

      Argon offers you the class, including rental of the lab and all ingredients. There is no guarantee you will make a viable potion, but you will have the knowledge to keep trying... for a small rental fee of course.

      Healing Potion Class: 180gp per session, 1d5 sessions
      Strength Potion Class: 340gp per session 1d5 sessions

  9. Start with the healing and then move on the the Strength once she makes a working healing potion.