The Eroc-verse is a varied and chaotic place. My Universe includes all of the RPG's listed, Player Characters and Items can and will cross-over to each other. Some of these games occur upon a single planet in the vast Eroc-verse, while others share.

Dungeon Crawl Classics:
The current default Fantasy RPG, and serves as the core of the current campaign.
Location: World of Eroc in Q44.

GAMMA WORLD 4E: lurks in the dark shadows, it has made one cross-over appearance in the DCC campaign and could return again soon. The Flori-Duh campaign runs under this rule set.

Location: Earth Prime, and various parallel dimensions.

Metamorphosis Alpha:
This is one of my favorite fall backs, for one off and short mini campaigns. This is on the schedule for 2015.

Location: Somewhere deep in space, possibly in Q44.

Boot Hill 3rd Ed.: 

Location: Earth Prime

Encounter Critical:
This game is responsible for most of the Scientific Facts that hold the Eroc-verse together.

Star Frontiers:
Great Sci-Fi RPG that is rules lite.

Location: In and around Q44.

Star Trek, Attack Wing:
This game will be responsible for all major galactic conflicts over the fate of Quadrant 44.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards!:
Completely responsible for all the aetheric disturbances that plague Q44. These time-locked bad-asses repeatedly fight a never ending war for nothing more than the title of LAST WIZARD STANDING!!!!

Basic / Expert D&D:
This game does everything I want when I just want to play no frills monster bashing, dungeon exploring fun.

Location: Fantasy Earth Prime

Labyrinth Lord & Advanced Companion:
This is a modern clone of Basic/Expert D&D and the Companion adds in all the Advanced D&D without all
the crap nobody used (weapon speed).

Location: Fantasy Earth Prime

Marvel Super Heroes RPG:
This game rocks and you will never sway my opinion. My brother and I have
logged enough hours with this RPG to qualify as Astronauts. When comic book style Heroes need to arise it is to this game we bow!

Location: Earth Prime, and other dimensions....

Mutant Future:
Basically this is a cleaned up Gamma World 2e that is able to cross-over with Basic/Expert
D&D or the clone Labyrinth Lord.

Location: Earth Prime

Starships and Spacemen:
This one is another retro-clone, but takes on the Sci-fi side with a D&D mentality. It can also cross-over
seamlessly with its brother games Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord.

Location: Across the Eroc-verse

Horror in the Eroc-verse:
Chill and Transylvanian Adventures

Location: Earth Prime

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