Artifacts & Relics

Each artifact or relic is an item of possibly potent (magical) power and even strange side effects.

Whatever befalls the possessor of an artifact or relic, or the effects caused by the ownership or usage of said items, is permanent and usually irreversible except by the most powerful of magics or even deities. Exception being an item a Deity had a hand in creating, may be able to somewhat control the effects upon mortals.

Following is a list of some Artifacts & Relics that await you in the Eroc-verse.

The Brother's Blades:
 This matched pair of Erocian steel blades are a bane to Evil and Chaotic men / creatures. This short sword & dagger set are considered Holy relics by the clerics of Sashu and the Warrior order of Scarlet Tigers. If only one of the set are discovered the found blade will lead its current owner to the other blade.

There is a legend that these weapons were actually owned by the elder brothers; Keary and Alban of  Saint Tyrrian.

The "Lucky" Rock:
 A fist sized rounded piece of natural rock. One half is stained darker from the blood of enemies that have had their skulls bashed in by it. Those who wield this item seem to find themselves the recipient of a supernatural store of Luck upon which they can draw to aid themselves in times of need. It is rumored that when used too often for self serving reasons this Luck can quickly swing the other way. Over the years their have been recorded instances of those who believed they had the "Lucky" rock in their possession only to discover they were truly holding what has become known as "Lars Curse".

Banquet & Tetanus:
 This pair of short swords are legendary around halfling dinner tables. The primary weapons of the greatest chef since Pansy Broadbelt before him. It was said that Moep not only used these swords in combat but in the kitchen as well.

[more to come]

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