Appendix L: Eroc - speak

This is a listing of all Languages available to PC's in the World of Eroc Wilderlands DCC game.

Human Dialects:**
1) Orichalan - spoken only in the Moonraker Moors region and by the Roglo Riverfolk, alphabet [no]
2) Altanian - spoken only, alphabet [no], slight variations by tribe.
3) Amazon - alphabet [yes]
4) Antillian - alphabet [yes], spoken in Antil and throughout the Antillian penninsula.
5) Avalonian - spoken by people of Valon, alphabet [yes, Aquan]
6) Dunael - spoken by the woodsmen of Dearthwood, alphabet [yes, elven]
7) Ghinorian - spoken in Rallu, Tlan, Lenap, Chim & Damkina, alphabet [yes, dwarven]
8) Gishmesh - spoken in region of Tarantis & Karakhan, alphabet [yes]
9) Skandik - alphabet [yes, dwarven]
10) Tharbrian - spoken in the regions of the City State & Viridistan, alphabet [yes]
*) Tlalic - language of the Invisible City, alphabet [yes, Draconic] *
11) Viridian - spoken in Viridistan region, alphabet [yes]
12) High Viridian  - Viridian Nobles only, alphabet [yes, Infernal]

** All starting languages are Spoken only, to be literate you must take or roll the language a second time.
* Tlalic cannot be rolled as a starting language

Additional non-human languages are on page 441 of the Rule Book. The following entries have been changed:
Chaos,Law,Neutrality - Roll on Human Regional Dialects
Goblin - Swerting
Kobold - Pygmy
Orc - First Men

Advancing from 0 to level 1:
Elf, dwarf, and halfling: at level 1, demi-humans learn one additional language beyond the regional Human, their racial language, and any earned by Int modifiers.

Thief: automatically learn thieves' cant at level 1.

Warrior, cleric: do not earn any additional languages when advancing from 0 to level 1. However, they may learn more due to magic or improved ability scores.

Wizard: automatically know two additional languages per point of Int modifier when advancing from 0 to level 1 in addition to any languages they knew at 0 level.


  1. At level 1 Alex had a 12 int, no bonus. Now that he has advanced past level 1 and has a +1 bonus, would he be able to learn any new languages? What languages would be available to learn?

  2. He can roll %dice on the chart on page 441 under the Wizard column for a random language. Or he could choose a Human dialect, if he doubles up on a language he can read/write not just speak it.