A "Decent" Marketplace

Welcome my friends, let me show you what wonders I have for you........

 I bring you wares, baubles, trinkets and more! From the far eastern city of spice Tarantis at the edge of the world, to western City State of the World Emperor. From the Holy cities of the desert dwelling Mycretians in the south to the ice bound city of Valon in the north. I my friends, am the only merchant that can offer you these items at discounted prices!

GM: ( orders for Marcus may be placed in the comments section, also listings of items for sale will be placed on this page. If you see something you want ask about it and Marcus will make you a deal.)

Current Items for Sale:

Moep's treasure divining pole: this sturdy yet slightly pliable 10'oak pole was used to plumb the depths of the mystical "Portal under the Stars" and can lead the wielder unerringly to gemstones and veins of precious metal. It can be yours for a mere silver piece! SOLD

Twin monster taming tridents: This set of paired forks tame vile man-beasts! Protect your family and home with these tested and true items for a mere 4 silver pieces. Sold only as a set!  SOLD

1 Man-beast Spear: forged by the dirty bloodstained paws of the hell spawned, this twisted vile tool fit only for dealing death should not even be sold for ANY price. Yet, the hand of fate stepped in and this spear alone was turned against its creator and slayed him. Now you can fight evil with evils own creation for a measly 12 copper! SOLD

Tincture of Virility, as used by the Green Emperor himself in the Ritual of the Ecstasy pits.SOLD

Hand carved stout ash Staff: this home spun item was hand crafted by a dearly departed citizen of Eros. Yours for 2 silver, and some of the proceeds go to the orphans of Eros fund at the Temple of Law.

Deer pelt: sturdy enough for soft new boots, or bedding. The ladies will love it.  One Silver and a half.

Items on Order:

Customer/ Tyrrian
Items: 2 jade stones, of about 1/2 inch diameter and 1/4 inch thickness each
1 Cat's eye stone, about 1 inch diameter and 1/2 inch thickness.
Metal ore, preferably the toughest, strongest, and lightest ore that is available - enough to forge a short sword blade. Mind you, the ore must be able to be forged and tempered like iron, take an edge like iron, but be swift like wood.
Iron ore from the Western peaks, enough to forge a rapier blade.

Villa de Marcus in Modron

1. Entry Hall                                 8. Bedrooms
2. Guest Rooms                            9. Servants quarters
3. Inner Patio                              10. Servant Entrance
4. small pool                               11. Large Patio
5. Dining Hall                              12. Large pool
6. Private Lounge                        13. open kitchen
7. Salon


  1. Tyrrian I am working out a price for you now, I will need only 3 gold as a down payment to get started on tracking down your wares.

  2. Marcus, you are very Decent, and I will agree to your deposit of 3 gp.

    Tarek: "How much for that Tincture? Ritual of the Ecstacy Pit? Where is that and how can I sign up for one?!"

  3. My friend one does not simply "sign up" for the ecstacy pit, you must be invited, and vetted in a rigorous... well never mind that. Where you need to go is the Plaza of Profuse Pleasures my boy. It is in the City State of the Invincible Overlord. I will be traveling there soon. Perhaps you might persuade some of the others to make the trip with me.

    The bottle is 5 silvers, and you nor your ladies will regret it.

  4. Tarek: "5 sp, sounds like a bargain to me, I'll take it. Plaza of Profuse Pleasures you say? City State of the Invincible Overlord you say? I'm in! We just have this little matter of an Emerald Wizard, but after that... "

    "I'm sure I can convince a few others to come along, as well."

  5. Now Tarek remember, only a single drop in a glass of wine or mug of ale. You will experience every sensation smell, taste, touch and sight with an unbridled sense of wonder and flush of pleasure, feeling every aspect of life as if through new eyes. Too much at once requires ever more extremes of sensation to feel the same bursts of pleasure to experience every sensation. Ultimately, even death itself becomes an experience of immense pleasure, both dealing it out and in the end, undergoing it oneself, a final moment of orgasmic pleasure before the soul is absorbed in the Immaterium. But I believe you have the stamina for it.

    Have fun my friend, very, very much fun.

  6. Tarek: Marcus, you are pretty Decent, afterall. I will heed your instructions on the usage of the Tincture, and I do believe that I will try it first after dealing with this pesky little green guy - there is, afterall, a damsel in distress that will most likely need much comfort...

    And I will discuss a trip to the City State of the Invincible Overlord with the rest of the group to see if anyone else would like to accompany us.

  7. Tarek: Now that the damsels in distress have been rescued from the Emerald Wizrd, perhaps I will have a chance to try out a drop or two...

  8. Does Markus require 5% of this haul or did we complete that agreement when we arrived?

    1. Marcus is our host now, the job was done.

    2. The 5% was only concerning the overland trek.

  9. Replies
    1. Has Marcus found our Horn blades? (switch blades)

    2. How about a Katana/Wakizashi or pair of Wakizashi from the far east?

    3. Marcus: Horn Blades, Wakizashi? Hmm, I would start at Thumbold's. If the dwarf doesn't have them then try Old Humm over at Sundries Unlimited. If you come up dry there I will see what I can procure from my next trip to Tarantis.